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USS Hawking
Saunders/Anderson Quarters

“Jen?” Darby Saunders, stood in the entrance to their cabin and stared, “what are you doing?”

Jenny, released from medical custody at last, sat on her bunk, in her cabin and continued to concentrate on the work at hand, “Knitting,” she said calmly, counting out the alternating knits and purls in her head. It had been… God, probably over three years since she’d picked up the needles.

“Ooookay,” Darby watched, curious, as the almost liquid texture of blue yarn moved across the needles to become something solid. “Wow, that’s like, so retro!”

“Mom taught me,” Jenny responded absently. “She always swore it relieved stress… when Dad was on a long assignment, she’d crank out afghans and sweaters and scarves by the shuttle load… the local birthing center never wanted for baby blankets.” Even after the divorce, the daughter had noted, Megan had gone into knitting frenzies when Seth Anderson went offworld for any length of time.

Neither mother nor daughter had engaged in the old-time craft since Seth’s funeral.

Darbs considered the rapid motion of her roommates fingers… the swatch of fabric was increasing quickly, “Soo, I guess you're feeling a little stressed?”

Jen paused at that, looked up at the blessedly clueless young woman, “A little,” she confirmed, then, as the last stitch came off the left needle, her lips turned up at a distant memory, “and when Mom wasn’t around, Dad showed me another way to relieve stress.”


Darby looked at the wall, and the knitting needle vibrating out of it. “Whoa.”

Jenny rose from the bunk and retrieved the killer tool. “Yeah,” she held up the hardwood size 11, “if we ever run into any vampires, I’ll be all set.”

“Totally,” Darby went to the dresser to dig up her pj’s and Jenny returned to her stress relief. Neither girl brought up the Constitution or anything that had occurred in the past several weeks. Except for…

“You know,” Darbs commented, running a brush through her hair, “I’ve been trying and trying to get Kal-El alone, to, like, chat or whatever and, he’s like totally impossible to find!”

Jenny had to search for an appropriate response but all she could manage was, “Gosh.”

“Right?” Darbs plumped herself down on her own bunk, “but no worries. Now we’re back on Hawking, I can track him with his combadge.” She rolled over, sleep already pulling her to dreams of herself and Kal-El, alone on a desert island or… no… better… alone in a high class resort with lots and lots of pink furnishings! Yeah… “It’s good to be home,” she sighed, drifting off.

Jenny, adding another row to the scarf-to-be, had to agree.

Featuring NPC's Darby (Look out Kowalski!) Saunders and Jenny Anderson
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Cargo Bay/Triage Unit
USS Hawking

Bent over adjusting the height of a biobed suddenly all the hair on the back of T'Shaini's neck stood up. Quickly rising and turning it was instantly clear why…through the doorway, being aided by Kal-El, but otherwise sound, was Javier. Moving as quickly as she could and still retain some semblance of dignity (the cargo bay was relatively crowded after all) she headed for him. The counselor could feel the smile overtake her face as relief and joy bubbled up in her heart. Stopping directly in front of him, T'Shaini smiled inanely for a second, Who needs dignity…then closed the distance to wrap her arms around his neck and let her mouth slide over his. Between kisses she breathlessly expressed how grateful she was that he was unharmed…then something about his response had her pulling away to look at him perplexedly.

Oh my god, she's kissing me!! he thought as the woman literally threw herself at him. Maybe this is how people on this ship greet each other? Javi thought as he looked over at Kowalski, wondering if he should have greeted the engineer in the same manner..And told him how good it was to see that he is, I'm not doing that..I'll get on a new ship if I have to do that. Wait, I bet she's their Personnel Officer.. She stopped and pulled back to let her eyes search his face. "Thank you, I'm also glad you are not hurt," Javi stated. Then looked at Kal-El and said, "Your ship has an awesome Personnel Officer."

Oh no…not again. T'Shaini felt her cheeks darken as she looked over Javier's shoulder to Kal-El who nodded sadly. "Actually, I am the Counselor, but close enough." Stepping back out she looked over to Nordin for an official confirmation.

Nordin drew T'Shaini to the side and began to explain. "Ensign Costala is experiencing memory loss. He has some head trauma and Kowalski informed me that when the ship was fired upon, the Chief was thrown head-first against the mix chamber. His brain activity is fine except for the loss of memory. I'd like to keep him in sickbay though until it returns."

"Yes, I am certain that is wise." Hiding behind the mask of Vulcan impassivity, T'Shaini managed to keep her voice even. "Do you have any way of estimating how long that will be?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't Lieutenant T'Shaini," Nordin said apologetically. Anyone who had been on the Hawking for very long knew of the Counselor and Chief of Engineering's relationship. "It could last a few hours or even a few days. Has he ever had this happen before?" Maybe there's a pattern to this? the nurse thought.

"Yes, just before the race began he was struck in the head which resulted in a very brief loss of memory."

"Did he seek medical treatment for that?" Nordin asked almost automatically, wondering if she had missed something in the engineer's file.

"No, we were on the Constitution at the time and he…well, I guess he did not…" T'Shaini felt the mask drop as her stomach plummeted. Perhaps all those Dosi visions were prophetic. "I should have suggested…"

"Don't blame yourself Lieutenant, it was just I didn't find anything in his file so I thought it might have been incomplete.." Her voice trailed off before she realized how dismal she sounded then raised her level of cheerfulness. "We'll keep him overnight, I'm sure there's no need for alarm..oh, do you remember what triggered the return of his memory?"

I am not bringing up the lift to Nordin, I am not bringing up the lift to Nordin… "Well, yes…me. Which considering what you just witnessed, did not work a second time." T'Shaini responded, her hand creeping up to rub at her rapidly clenching stomach.

Stephanie Nordin glanced toward Costala as she spoke, "There may have been one or even a couple 'triggers' that he responded to the first time. I'm not a specialist in this field but we do have Dr.'s just I haven't seen him since the.." The nurse's voice trailed off. The nearness of the tragedy that had almost befallen the crew of the Constitution became more poignant to the young medical professional with the realization that she had not seen or heard from some of her colleagues.

"From all reports we were extremely lucky, I am certain he will be here before you know it." T'Shaini laid her hand on the nurses shoulder. "As for Javier," She looked back at him and smiled, how could she not. "he is resilient, I am sure it will not be long."

Bending her head to confer further with Stephanie, T'Shaini missed the formidable figure of Minerva Cutsforth, now not only recovered from her 'episode', but clearly determined to eradicate any possible show of weakness to the lesser beings as quickly as possible. Her supercilious glare swept the room before resting (with no small measure of satisfaction) on the unsuspecting Javier. Sweeping across the room she landed before him, hands on hips and looked down the bridge of her nose. "What exactly do you have to say for yourself, you irresponsible wretch?"

"I'm so glad you are not hurt?" Javi said before enveloping Cutsforth in a bear-hug.

"How dare…I should think…what in the world…" Tirade completely derailed the older woman struggled half heartedly in the young engineers rather over zealous embrace. After he let go, she fumbled in her ever-present handbag for a handkerchief, blotted her pink cheeks, then in a flurry of confusion thwacked him on the shoulder with the aforementioned handbag before bustling away, muttering incoherently to herself all the way to the door.

Having witnessed the end of the Costala/Cutsforth encounter T'Shaini just smiled at Stephanie. "What is that old Terran phrase? 'Another one bites the dust?"

JP with the irrepressible Javier Costala
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-Main Engineering-
-USS Hawking-

The sound of someone clearing their throat politely alerted Mustapha to the officer that stood in the doorway of the Chief of Engineering's office. His attention went from the warp core specs he had been studying on the console to the officer, then to the two hulking security guards with the officer. "May I help you Sir?" Chief Ibrahim said as he stood to his feet. He noticed all three men were armed with phasers at their sides.

"I need to speak with Lieutenant Costala," the Lt. Commander, a short Oriental man with a buzzcut stated. "Is he in Engineering?"

"The Chief is in Sickbay. He was injured during the race, after the Constitution was fired upon," Mustapha explained, his calm voice holding a slight edge. The recounting of the actions of one particular CO was enough to push the reserved demeanor of the African man to a state of irritation.

"I suppose I should speak to him.."

"He has no memory of who he is or what task he performs on this ship," Mustapha added, "I am the Assistant Chief however, is there a matter I can assist you in?" He wanted to know who the officer was and what his intentions were, and why the two hulks standing behind the officer were armed.

"Yes you can Chief, I'm Lt. Commander Nyugen of the Starfleet Council of Justice. I have a warrant to arrest and detain Crewman Benjamin Hyde Pierce of the USS Hawking," the officer explained. He handed Mustapha a PADD with the warrant displayed on it. "You can assist us or stand aside, any attempts to hinder the arrest of Crewman Pierce will lead to.."

"That ain't necessary," Pierce said as he stepped into the office, "I saw you coming and I know what you're here for..just get it over with." The engineer held out his hands, wrists close together and one of the hulks snapped a pair of handcuffs on him.

"The paperwork is in order," Mustapha said as he glanced at the PADD before setting it aside, "but your actions and the manner in which you perform your duties is despicable. You should have notified the captain or the XO.."

"Thank you for your advice Chief," Nyugen said as he turned to leave. He had his prisoner, the assistant chief's problems with how he did things was of no concern. The two hulks followed with a restrained BHP in the middle of the small posse. "We have a nice cell waiting for you on Taylor-Kane, Pierce," the officer told the man.

BHP glared at the back of the man's shaven head then laughed and said, "Really? How secure is it?"

Featuring NPC's Mustapha Ibrahim and Benjamin Hyde Pierce
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.:: USS Hawking :: Chief Helmsman Quarters ::.

The door opened, revealing a darkened room. Vince stepped inside, and breathed a sigh of relief. He had just spent what he thought to be way too long on the antique ship, and he was ready to be surrounded by current technology again. He reflected back on the turbo lift ride to the deck he was on, how effortless it was, compared to him getting stuck on a deck, yelling at the computer to move the lift, then have someone come in and have to show him how to use it. Everything within his eyesight was controlable, just by his voice.

He was happy to have had the oppurtunity to serve on the classic ship, and there was nothing in comparison, but there was also the sense of getting back home, to what you know. He had stood in the same places as legends of Starfleet, and used the same equipment. He had also melted a treasured piece of the past, but that just added to the realism as to what they were doing. He stepped further into the room.

" Computer, open music player, and play file Staind." Vince threw his bag on the floor, and walked over to his desk.

The computer complied and started to play the file. Vince had always liked the music from back in the 21st century, and used it quite often to calm him, but on the Constitution had none of these files, so he had nothing to listen to. As the music played he filed through the stack of PADDs laid out on his desk. They had documentation of all the repairs that had been done to the ship that effected his department, and crew changes that had been made, and too many other things for him to really want to worry about them now.

He stood up and streched, walking towards the bathroom. He stood infront of the mirror, looking at himself. He grinned, thinking about all the things he had done in the short time he'd been alive. There had been plenty of bad things that had happened, but the good was out doing the bad. The faucet turned on and he leaned down, cupping water in his hands, then pressing it to his face. He leaned back up, wiping his face off, and walked back out into his quarters. He looked around, and widened his eyes…..

" Well, now to cause trouble at home, and find myself a good time……."

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:: USS Hawking ::
:: Bridge ::

He’d had every intention of taking some time off. In fact, he’d made it as far as the crew lounge before he’d been recalled to the bridge. Feeling utterly flustered and completely out of his element, Torrik Nils sat, still uncomfortably, in the Captain’s chair aboard the Hawking. The viewscreen displayed a bird’s eye view of Outpost JS’ Central Complex. From this distance, nothing even looked amiss.

“Any change?” His voice was weak and tired. Though he never took long breaks for sleeping, this moment had him wishing for his bunk.

“Not at…” “This juncture,” The Binars said in tandem.

The red alert that had drawn him back happened to be one of the most frustrating he’d ever experienced. There was no enemy to fire on. There was no anomaly to scan. An explosion had rocked the Ops Center of the Outposts main complex and as of yet, there was no report on damage or casualties. All ships in the system were on alert, but no orders were forthcoming.

“Keep a close eye on all ships entering and leaving orbit. Get clearance on each one if possible,” Nils said before sighing. “Anything remotely odd…let me know.”

“Aye…” “Sir.”

The Bajoran let himself sink into the chair, fighting the urge to dose off. Regardless of what came next, he’d have to relieve himself of duty if he couldn’t stay awake. And the sooner Jillian could get the Captain back together the better.

This entire experience had brought him to a crisis point concerning his career. And without a doubt he knew he’d made a tragic error in accepting the promotion to First Officer. The moment Nathan returned to duty, Nils fully intended to resign the position and get back to the lab. Assuming there were no lasting repercussions from his disastrous first command. He still expected to hear from the Admiralty concerning disciplinary action for all of his mistakes.

“Sir…incoming transmission from a…” “Bolian transport.” The Binars were fully engrossed in their forward console. “They request permission…” “To beam aboard a passenger.”

“A passenger?” Although it was a question, he could barely bring himself to care. “Who is it?”

“Information is classified…” “We do not have proper clearance.” They seemed unphased. “The request does have proper…” “Authorization from Starfleet.”

“Transporter room 1,” Nils said hauling himself out of the chair and lumbering to the turbolift. “Uh…” he mumbled turning around and taking a few steps backwards. He shrugged, “You guys have the bridge…I guess…” The two Binars responded with blank stares. Nils shook his head and left.

~ Moments Later ~

:: Transporter Room 1 ::

The familiar glow and hum of the transporter started up and coalesced into a Starfleet officer who was completely unfamiliar. When the transport was complete the well built man surveyed the room and smiled at Nils. He stepped forward with a smile and an outstretched hand.

“Lt. Torrik, I take it.” His voice was deep and accented, although Nils couldn’t place the accent.

“That’s correct,” Nils said suspiciously. He cautiously took the man's hand and shook it. “I’m afraid you have me at a loss.”

“Sorry,” the man continued kindly. “Lt. Commander Vail, Starfleet Intelligence.”

Ah damn… Here we go… “I suppose you’re here about the Constitution?”

“No actually,” Vail said appearing completely at ease. “Although I was sorry to hear of her loss. I remember her hay day quite well.” For a moment his eyes glazed over in memory. He shook himself back into the present and asked, “How is Captain Benjamin?”

“Dr. Munro is doing what she can… I’m sorry, if you’re not here about the Constitution, what are you doing here?”

“Harry Finn,” the man continued without hesitation. “I want to find him.”

“I’m afraid he’s not here. He left the ship before the race and we haven’t heard from him.”

“I know,” Vail said with a nod. “I’m actually just here as a courtesy. I wanted to make you aware of my … Well let’s call it an investigation for the sake of simplicity.”

The Hawking’s First Officer got it immediately. They were hunting Harry and this visit was nothing more than a ‘stay out of the way we’re doing what we want’ from the higher ups. And frankly he was too tired to care. “I see. Well then, please let me know if there is any way we can assist you.” That wasn’t exactly the sentiment in his heart, but he couldn’t see any reason to rock the boat. Captain Benjamin would be back soon enough and he could deal with this.

“Actually, I just need your blessing to tool about…” The guy was so amicable that Nils found it hard to retain any hard feelings.

“We’ll stay out of your way then,” Nils said hoping the conversation was coming to a close.

“If I’m not mistaken, Lt. Tenanji has been handling security since Mister Finn’s absence, yes?”

Nils nodded, not even pretending to smile.

“I find it’s generally best to talk to security in situations like this. Mind if I make my way to the Security Suite?”

“I don’t mind at all… Unfortunately, our ship is on alert so I have to return to the bridge.” And in Nils mind that truly was unfortunate. More bridge time was the last thing he needed at the moment.

“Yes… The attack on the Outpost. I was apprised on route. Nasty mess, that is,” Vail said, his eyes again looking far off. “If I were not otherwise engaged I certainly would like to assist in that investigation.”

Nils nodded. Any investigation whatsoever held no appeal to the Bajoran. All he wanted to do was sleep.

“Well, I won’t keep you Lieutenant. I appreciate the…cooperation. And I will definitely keep you apprised of anything I come across.”

That part surprised Nils. He fully expected to be left out of the loop. But maybe this guy was only just saying that…

“I’ll be on the bridge,” Nils answered, his irritation seeping into his tone. The two men exited together, but turned opposite ways in the corridor. The First Officer was sure there was more required of him in such situations. Protocol was probably very clear about visiting officers, but he’d be damned if he knew what it was. Best to just let things play out. Soon enough the Captain would be back…and this nightmare could end.

Featuring NPC Callan Vail
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.: Hawking :.
.: Sickbay :.

Bramley’s eyes opened slowly, and then he looked around the room. “Am I a Borg?” His voice was hoarse, but he seemed in good spirits.

“Technically not anymore,” Jillian answered stepping close to her patient. She scanned him briefly to evaluate his progress. “Though there is some debate about the psychological effects of being assimilated.” She smiled down at her nurse and rested her hand on his arm. “How ya feeling?”

“Like hell… Captain got me didn’t he?” Bramley tried to sit up, but his aching head made it difficult.

Jillian nodded and held him firmly to the table. “You’ll need a little more recovery time before you try that. Fortunately you were here in sickbay when the nanoprobes started altering your cellular structure.” A slight pause. “And I have some experience with nanoprobes…”

“Didja get them all? Cuz the thought of those little buggers crawling around in my veins sorta sicks me out.” Bramley pressed his fingers into his eyes trying to relieve some of the pressure in his skull.

“You just completed the sub-dermal distortion phase of your transformation when we got you ‘settled’. Implant expansion was only just beginning so I don’t think you’ll suffer any lasting effects.” Waving the medical wand around Bramley’s forehead she continued, “I wasn’t sure of what would happen with the Captain himself being cut off from the hive mind, but we’ve been treating you with a neural suppressant just in case his nanoprobes were attempting to construct a mini collective here on the ship. That’s the reason for your headache.”

“Well it’s a loo loo…”

“As soon as I’m sure the probes are all inert, we can get you off that suppressant and treat the headache. Until then you’ll have to stay here and rest up. Assimilation is no joke.”

“Who’s laughing,” Bramley groaned. “Hey, how’s the Captain?”

“Still a little out of it, but he’s stopped trying to assimilate anybody who gets within reach. We’re keeping him sedated until we’re sure he’s fully recovered,” Jillian said, sounding a little sad. “Plus there are a lot of injuries from the incident with the Sag and our resultant evacuation.” Her mind seemed to wander. “But you, Nurse Bramley,” she offered trying to sound more cheerful, “should make a full recovery in the next couple of days. I’m suggesting light duty shifts after that until you’re back working on full thrusters.”

“Not exactly how I expected to spend my vacation…”

“It never is,” retorted Jillian, her voice sad once again. Until the ship was back to normal she refused to deal with everything that happened on the last mission. There were still more patients to see to.

Featuring NPC Joseph Bramley
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The Megiddo Regatta - Yesteryear

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