Chain Of Command

In character, Chain of Command works at face value. But out of character, those distinctions become fuzzy. There always must be a clear decision making process so…

Sometimes there are interior disputes… we are only human (pretty sure about that, anyway) and worse, we are humans who can't hear each others voices or see each others faces when we communicate. There is no 'sarcastic' font and sometimes misunderstandings occur due simply to misreading something which another crew member has written. The disputes may also come about due to IC interactions not working well or OOC commentary. The rules for OOC behavior are in the Megiddo Handbook and are the bottom line. Follow those rules and when in doubt fall back on basic courtesy towards one another. Snark happens… But please keep it to a minimum. Abuse however is when that line is crossed. And there is a strict no tolerance stance on abuse aboard this ship. Any member caught abusing another will be colonized immediately.

Abuse can be defined as, but is not limited to: racial slurs, personal attacks, vulgar name calling, stalking (IM, PM, telephone), vicious attacks on writing (not including courteous, constructive criticism), sexual harrassment, etc…

IC disputes should be handled in PM or chat and if necessary, the appropriate dept. head and/or the CO and XO should be made aware. While they are not miracle workers, a neutral 'ear' in many occasions may spy solutions which are hidden from those directly involved. Be aware that any decisions or suggestions made by the command staff will be made for the good of the crew as a whole and the continual purpose of keeping the Hawking an enjoyable place to spend time.

Hawking Handbook

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