Civilian Manifest
Rank Name Position age Race Bio
t-blank1.png Dr. L'Mek General Practicioner age Romulan Lmekbio.png
t-blank1.png Dr. Glorm Neurosurgeon age Ferengi NPC
t-blank1.png Dr. Feres Chanh Cardiology Specialist age Pawhka-Thanh NPC
t-blank1.png Dr. Hern 230 Pediatrician age Hermat NPC
Rank Name Position age Race Bio
c-blank1-1.png Pahthet Geologist age Horta NPC
c-blank1-1.png Leonard Brams Botonist age Human NPC
c-blank1-1.png Linvoy Primus Xenobiologist age Human NPC
c-blank1-1.png Edded Baya Archeologist age Bajoran NPC
c-blank1-1.png J'prohas Cultural Anthropologist age Excalabian NPC
c-blank1-1.png M'al Historian age Vulcan NPC
c-blank1-1.png Dr. Kerrin Schaeffer Xeno-archeologist age Human NPC
c-blank1-1.png Lincoln Purcell Cosmology age Human/Vulcan NPC
Other Occupations
Rank Name Position age Race Bio
b-blank3.png Owen Freeman Freelance Journalist age Human NPC
b-blank3.png Fedek Reporter [Glactic News Network] age Vulcan NPC
b-blank3.png Samantha Quincy Reporter [Earth Broadcast Agency] age Human NPC
b-blank3.png Horace Cook age Denobulan NPC
b-blank3.png DeMarcus Green Cook age Human NPC
b-blank3.png J.J. Mayweather Barber age Human NPC
b-blank3.png Selena Raphael Hair Stylist age Human NPC
b-blank3.png Darhk Proprietor age Ferengi NPC
b-blank3.png Chris Volek Teacher age Human NPC
b-blank3.png Katie Ibrahim Day Care/School Teacher age Human NPC
Name age Race Bio
Three of Seven Age 8 Borg *Protected NPC*
Anthony Miller Age 10 Human *NPC*
Fentis Choag Age 7 Benzite *NPC*
Edded Feeya Age 9 Bajoran *NPC*
Tyson Brahms Age 12 Human *NPC*
Jimmy Cho Age 16 Human *NPC*
Samuel Cho Age 5 Human *NPC*
Kadence Quincy Age 2 Human *NPC*
Autumn Quincy Age 4 Human *NPC*
Eli Ibrahim Age 3 Human *NPC*
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