Crew Application

Officer Application
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Player Information

Player Name:
Player Age:
Valid E-mail Address:

Basic Character Information

Character's Name:
Character's Race:
Character's Sex:
Character's Age: (In standard years)

Character's Appearance

General Appearance: (Include Hair and eye color, height, weight, and and body size and shape.))
Distinguishing marks or features: (This can be anything owing to his race, or something he may have picked up along the way such as a scar or implant.)
Character's preferred dress: (When out of Uniform)

Character's Family History


(you may also add any Grandparents, cousins or other extended family as you see fit. It's much better if you've got a good solid family history. Who was your mother; father? what did they do? where does your family come from?)

Character Bio

Any unspecified information about your character goes here. Where did he grow up? How did he grow up? Notable events in his/her life and so forth.
r-o1.png Officer Specific Section r-o1.png

Rank Desired: (You may chose any rank up to the grade of Lieutenant. Your sample post, as well as the information provided in this Application will lead the admin team to determine your initial rank.)//

Starfleet Academy

Years attended: (Current year is 2384)
Major Area of Study: (This ought to be department specific i.e. Helmsmen would study flight mechanics, navigation, Flight simulation etc, while Security officers might study hand to hand combat, tactics, and criminal justice.).
Minor Areas of study: (you may have up to two minor areas of study.)

Starfleet Service Record

Prior Assignments: (Rank-Year-Year-Assignment)
Ex. Ensign-2382-2383- U.S.S. Smurfette NCC-1000 - Operations Officer
Notable Career Events. (Commendations, Awards, Incidents.)
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