Department Heads

On board Hawking, being a department head is more than just a title we throw out to a cadet who has just completed training. Members who've proven themselves by involvement, loyalty (length of membership), OOC contributions (graphics, plot development, administrative support) or a combination of these things are those who are considered for Chief positions. The purpose for this reasoning is that Departments Heads are responsible for managing a department. The way for more people to have fun is to spread out the work so that everyone does a little to ease the burden. And the more rank and title you bear, the greater that share of effort becomes.

Department heads are expected to help manage NPC rosters and biographies for their departments. In other words, The Chief of Engineering manages the NPC list for the entire Engineering department. This includes assigning rank, title, and position. Along with this comes the option of how NPCs are created. Certain department heads may have more rigid guidelines than others and that is their choice. Department heads need to make their position on NPC generation and the process they prefer to implement be made known to the crew at large.

Hawking Handbook

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