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The Megiddo Regatta
By Chris Garcia

(Megiddo IV; Megiddo System; Gamma Quadrant) The Space Station Megiddo hosts the first ever Megiddo Regatta, a race between starships terminating at the Outpost Jericho-Samaria. The two entities, nestled deep in the Gamma Quadrant, are considered by some to be Starfleet’s failed attempt to gain a meaningful foothold in that far off region of our Galaxy. The region has been plagued by a string of bad fortune ranging from alien incursions to all out assaults even to a criminal underworld rife with graft and corruption.

In what is viewed by many as an attempt at “public relations reparations” and what is also being hailed as a “bold move” by others, the original Starship Constitution (NCC 1700) has been transported through the Bajoran wormhole and to SS Megiddo to participate in the regatta. For over seventy five years the ship has served as a memorial to the Fleet’s first deep space missions and a traveling museum visiting not only Federation outposts and planets, but also foreign governments such as the Klingon empire and most recently the Romulan Star Empire in cultural exchange programs.

“Having the ship participate in such an event is an homage to the time honored traditions of the fleet and the earliest days of our exploration of the galaxy,” said Admiral Hardy in a released statement. “She’s a fine ship, despite her age.”

Critics call the move a blatant attempt at recruitment by Star Fleet, whose numbers have dwindled over the past five years. “Entering a relic from the past into a race in which the latest and greatest models of starship are participating is a slap to the face of our intelligence,” said Grazin Bar of the Lunar Union. “It stopped being about the race and started being about a government's warped agenda.”

In response, defenders claim that renewed interest in the Megiddo project and the fleet in general is always a good thing. Although many say a restored NX class vessel would have fit the role of “homage to the past” more accurately if that were the true goal.

The curators of the USS Constitution will be joined by over forty representatives from the Starship Hawking (NCC 30938). The crew of the Intrepid class ship will man the century old stations and do their best to chart a winning course from Megiddo to Jericho-Samaria. Due to recent undisclosed circumstances, the USS Hawking will undergo repairs during the race and will not participate. Her unusual Captain, a teenage boy restored from the Borg collective could not be reached for comment, as communication through the wormhole is often unreliable.

“I wish the crew of the Hawking the best of luck,” said the President of the Federation in a recent address. “Though I know the crews of all the participating vessels will do us proud. Godspeed.”

This reporter will be joining several others with journalistic interest in the race and also the deeper political agenda of such a stunt. Over the course of the race such questions of motive and desired outcomes will be asked of the ship’s crew and compliment. One wonders why ships from the Fleet tasked with defending and protecting Alpha Quadrant interests, not to mention exploration of unknown regions are being granted sabbatical to partake in games played by children.

Originally Posted 4/2/08 by Torrik Nils
The Megiddo Regatta - Yesteryear

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