EBA Broadcast 2

Good evening, Earth and the Federation at large. This is Chris Garcia coming to you from the USS Constitution, as she draws ever closer to her destination- The Space Station Megiddo. Our journey thus far has been smooth as silk as this vessel, a reminder to us of the original tenets and foundations of the UFP, departed Sector 001 and made a month long trek to the furthest reaches of our galaxy.

In less than one standard day, our ship is scheduled to dock with the Space Station in the Gamma Quadrant for resupply and a crew reshuffling. These brave young souls, who’ve piloted her out this far, are barely out of their teens and further from home than they’ve ever been. This quadrant of space is not as tame as where they come from, and their fear is palpable. After all, the region they’ve most recently guided the ship safely through is the birthplace of the Dominion. Which sounds dangerous enough, but in terms of violence and conquest, this area of space has much worse to offer. Yet still we maintain holdings so far from home…

Reports indicate that many of the other vessels participating in the race have already set up on the starting line. One can only wonder what thoughts go through their minds as they prepare to take on an antiquated relic of early exploration. I can say however, that although this ship is old, she does inspire a sense of awe and wonder.

These ships soared through the empty reaches of space for the soul purpose of exploration. They sought out new worlds and new life, and expanded our idea of just what might be out here. They challenged our long held notions of right and wrong. And they birthed in us a sense of hope. One can only hope the present fleet will be exhorted by her rebirth to return to the golden years of space travel, and the ideals that guided it.

The race will limit all participating ships to a maximum speed of warp factor seven. Published documents state that this ship’s cruising speed is warp factor six, with a maximum safe speed of warp eight. An anonymous engineer from right here on board has doubts that she can maintain any speed above six point five for longer than twenty seven hours. This seems to put the Constitution at a disadvantage. The chief curator of the traveling museum declined comment. Though she did seem rather put out when approached for an interview.

Time will tell how this drama will unfold. Will the newest and fastest of the fleet redeem the tarnished reputation of the “galactic police force.” Or will a throw back to a simpler time prove that some things are best left unchanged. EBN will be right here, keeping you up to date with any late breaking developments.

From the distant Gamma Quadrant, this is Chris Garcia Reporting.

Originally Posted 4/6/08 by Torrik Nils

The Megiddo Regatta - Yesteryear

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