Engineering Crew


Rank Name Position Age Race BIO
y-o2.png Yukiko Mitsuhiro Orbital Engineer 28 Human/Trill NPC
y-o1.png Tehamia Warp Core Specialist 26 Kriosian NPC
y-o1.png T'Maekh Khev Engineering Officer 23 Romulan WikiKhev.png
y-w2.png Ahmad Rasoul Systems Engineer 36 Human NPC
y-w1.png T'Bay Warp Core Specialist 75 Vulcan NPC
y-c3.png Fenton Boyce Computer Specialist 21 Human NPC
y-c4.png Lililuo Kalani Environmental Engineer 20 Human NPC


Rank Name Position Age Race BIO
y-e8.png Mustapha Ibrahim Assistant Chief Engineer 39 Human NPC
y-e7.png Vrass Engineering Officer 42 Denobulan NPC
y-e6.png Heather Oakley Computer Specialist 23 Human NPC
y-e6.png Toldar Systems Technician 36 Benzite NPC
y-e5.png Kal-El Kowalski Systems Technician 26 Human NPC
y-e5.png Bilara Wakeel Electronic's Engineer 28 Napean NPC
y-e5.png Brian Stewart Environmental Engineer 26 Human NPC
y-e4.png Christine Wallfram Systems Engineer 28 Human NPC
y-e4.png Bayal Paven Computer Technician 33 Bajoran NPC
y-e4.png Edded Towak Engineer's Mate 31 Bajoran NPC
y-e3.png Lydia Mangwane Engineering Crewman 26 Human NPC
y-e2.png Delano Mills Engineer's Apprentice 18 Human NPC
y-e1.png Dom Maintenance Engineer 20 Ferengi NPC
y-e1.png Benjamin Hyde Pierce Engineering Recruit 21 Sigma Iotian NPC
y-e1.png K'thar Engineering Recruit 23 Klingon NPC
y-c0.png Three Systems Tech 1st Class 8 Borg PNPC
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