Try to limit threads to no more than 19 posts. At right around 20, a new page is created and for ease, simplicity, and archiving purposes, it is best to keep a thread to one page. There will be times when it is best to break a thread after much less than 19. If the scene has changed dramatically or if we have agreed to break things up into Acts it may be appropriate to cut off much earlier and that is ok.

There is a “Previously on Hawking” thread in OOC. This is a bullet points blurb which will round out the MAJOR events up to this point so that it is easy for those who are less active, or who are returning from LOA, to keep up with current mission events. “Previously on Hawking” is kept current by senior crew members.

In addition to the “Previously on Star Trek: Hawking” the new thread will receive a title. See our archives for examples, but generally try to keep the titles within a set theme. For instance, during the Megiddo Regatta, the titles were all common phrases from racing. There is latitude here for creativity unless previously specified, so go to town.

The Holodeck forum is for any In Character posts that fall outside the current running mission continuity. These can range from side stories between missions, to old history that define parts of the characters background. The Holodeck is a place to flesh out your character and flex your creative muscles. There really aren't many guidelines on what can and can't be written here (within reason.)

Side missions or B plots which take place in continuity with the current main mission are welcome to be posted within the framework of the main mission.

Creativity is a boon. A post that’s all dialogue is rather boring and difficult to react to. Just be creative in what you say and do. Whether it is humorous, serious, or grave, then just elaborate. It’s not all that difficult to post a good amount when you’re creative about it. Just tell us what your character feels, sees, thinks, etc., and reacting to what the other character(s) in the thread is doing is always entertaining.

Blatant fluff is ok as long as it tells a story. If you don’t know how to get involved with the main mission and have tried bouncing some ideas around, or if your character is in a place where they truly cannot interact with the primary action, it is ok to post some random fluff. Try to give it some ‘meat’ by adding character development aspects, or providing some reaction to other things going on. Once again…posting is important.

Hawking Handbook

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