Harry Finn - Executive Officer

Physical Description:
1.89 m (6’2”)
72.57 kg (159.9 lbs.)

Place of Birth:
New Hope, Pennsylvania, Earth
Date of Birth:
November 11, 2338

Family Information:
Jack Ezekiel Finn - deceased
Rosa Shea Finn
William Edward Finn
Anna Elizabeth Finn Hastings

Graduate - Solebury Institute, New Hope
Graduate - Starfleet Academy - Tactical/Security Specialization
Advanced Tactical Training Course, 2362

Graduate - Megiddo Station Officer Training 2383

Service Record, Starfleet:
2360-62 -
USS Asimov
2362 -
Temporary re-ass. SF ATTC (see above)
2363-70 -
USS Asimov
2370-73 -
Special Investigations, Starfleet JAG Confidential Operations
2373-75 -
Redeployed to USS Chimera, joining 7th Fleet
2376-81 -
Special Investigations, Starfleet JAG, Confidential Operations

Service Record, Judge Advocate General, Confidential Operations:
*Eyes Only* - Clearance level 10 Beta or above, orders Starfleet Special Operations, refer queries to Fleet Admiral Nechayev’s office.

May 2381 -
Lieutenant Commander Harry Finn placed in custody, accused of: Negligence; Dereliction of Duty; Involuntary Manslaughter and Fraternization with a Subordinate Officer. General Court-martial convened with Lieutenant Commander Finn being found guilty on the charges of Fraternization and Negligence. On the weight of previous service, Lieutenant Commander Finn granted a suspended sentence, receiving a Dishonorable Discharge from Starfleet.

January 2382 -
As per orders Fleet Admiral Alynna Nechayev, Harry Finn reinstated to Starfleet, contingent upon successful completion of SF Medical Rehabilitation Course for treatment of Alcohol abuse.

July 2383 -
Cadet Harry Finn assigned to USS Hawking out of Megiddo Station, Gamma Quadrant.

March 2384 -
Ensign Harry Finn tendered resignation and debarked at Outpost Jericho-Samaria on Kendrassi.

July 2384 -
Harry Finn reinstated to Starfleet in the rank of Lt. jg, promoted to Executive Officer of the USS Hawking.

NOTE: [During Mr. Finn's stay in the Habitat, he initiated what was termed a rogue mission by Admiral Nechayev of Spec. Ops. However, the end results of his endeavors were sanctioned by Lt. Commander Vail of Starfleet Intelligence, who not only instigated a successful extraction of Mr. Finn from what surely would have been a fatal encounter but also pushed through a promotion/transfer, putting now Lt. jg Harry Finn in the XO position of Hawking.

Lt. jg Finn's actions while on Jericho-Samaria have been deemed classified and only Lt. Commander Vail seems to know what level of clearance would be high enough to access them.]

Personal History of Note:
Harry Finn’s father, Jack Finn was found murdered in 2347, at the age of 43. His throat had been slashed and left eye removed. This crime is most notable due to the fact that the killer was never found, nor any motive ever uncovered. It was Harry Finn, then 9, who discovered the deceased’s remains in a small cavern on the family property. Case notes on file with the Buck’s County PD, Earth.

To this day, though he knows the trail has gone dead cold, Harry continues to search for his father's killer.

After Jack Finn's death, Rosa Finn’s aunt, Sadie Shea, moved in with the family. Her early career as a theatrical performer may have had some effect on Harry as he grew, evident in Harry's regular use of aliases and disguises when in the midst of an investigation.

From the age of 10, Harry trained in the Terran martial arts forms of kung fu, tai chi and boxing, which were supplemented in the Academy by Klingon Mok'bara and on the line and in JAG by the what he terms the 'School of Hard Knocks'. There is, as far as Harry is concerned, no such thing as cheating when fighting for your life.

Medical History:
On file, USS Hawking's CMO Jillian Munro; cc to Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, Earth

Ordered to undergo counseling by Dr. Danu Hsu, Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, seconded by Fleet Adm. Nechayev. Psych evaluations on file; refer to Lieutenant T’Shaini, Chief Counselor, USS Hawking.

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