Javier Costala - Chief Engineer

162 lbs.
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Javier Timetao Costala, was born in Oporto, Portugal, Earth. He is the third child in a family of seven children. His father is a starship mechanic at the civilian port in Lisbon. His mother is a teacher at the Academy of Art in Oporto. Javier’s childhood was happy even though he was over-shadowed by the accomplishments of his older siblings. Satisfied with letting his older brother and sister make the family proud, Javier was a loner who spent much of his time reading, playing the piano and taking classes at the Casa da Musica in Oporto. He is quiet, thoughtful, loves to read and often can be found singing to himself softly while working on a task.

Upon graduating he began to work for the star-port in Lisbon as an electrical technician. While working there Javi met and began a relationship with Caterina Encarnacion. The two would have a child together but complications in their relationship forced them apart. After Caterina left him for parts unknown, Javier ended up joining the SFMC and he sent his daughter, Lia, to live with his parents in Oporto.

Academics & Training:

Casa da Musica, Oporto, Earth (January 2382)
Civilian Technician Grade 1, Lisbon Starport, Earth (March 2382)
Megiddo Marine Boot Camp, Megiddo Station. (November 2382)


Electrical Engineering

Service Record:

Alpha Platoon, Megiddo Marines (September 2382 - December 2382)
USS Presidio (January 2383 - February 2383)
Delta Platoon, Megiddo Marines (February 2383 - April 2383)
USS Hawking (May 2383 - Present)

Medical Record:

Condition: Healthy
Status: Cleared for Active Duty
Dr. Richard Greene, SFMC, Lisbon Processing Center.
September 16, 2382

Condition: Stabilized
Status: Restricted to Quarters, 24 Hour Suicide Watch
Dr. Saniya Asculto, USS Sentinel
October 8, 2382
Notes: Pvt. Costala was severely dehydrated and delusional when admitted to sickbay. He refused to eat and openly professed that he had tried to take his own life. The Captain has ordered that he be restricted to quarters and have a marine suicide watch. For the duration of the mission the patient has been remanded to my care.

Condition: Healthy
Status: Inactive pending a psych evaluation and performance reports.
Dr. Kelly Ripken, Starfleet Medical, Megiddo Station
November 16, 2382

Condition: Healthy
Status: Cleared for Active Duty
Dr. Kelly Ripken
December 1, 2382
Notes: PFC. Costala has made a remarkable recovery. After reviewing his progress I am recommending he be reinstated to active duty.

Condition: Stabilized
Status: Inactive for a period of two weeks. Restricted to sickbay.
Dr. Terrah Yates, CMO, USS Hawking
Dr. L'mek, Civilian Physician, USS Hawking
May 5, 2383
Notes: Crewman Costala was admitted to sickbay with a projectile lodged in his lower abdomen. I removed the projectile in surgery and then placed him in L'mek's care. ~Dr. Yates.
Crewman Costala has been stabilized and is recovering well. He is visited by the ship's counselor almost every day and T'Shaini assures me Costala is healing in a satisfactory manner.~Dr. L'mek.

Condition: Stabilized
Status: Inactive for one week. Restricted to sickbay.
Dr. Zora Cabbits, Medical Officer, USS Hawking
Dr. L'mek, Civilian Physician, USS Hawking
August 3, 2383
Notes: Petty Officer Costala sustained a rather nasty injury while planet-side. I prepped the patient then had Dr. L'mek treat him. ~Dr. Cabbits.
Javier related that he had been injured in the Aerowing crash during which a piece of shrapnel had lodged in his left side. He had received brief medical treatment on the planet but had opened the wound again while in battle. I closed the wound successfully and ordered that he rest and recover. The patient discharged himself against doctor's orders. ~Dr. L'mek.

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