Jillian Munro Chief Medical Officer

Name: Jillian Munro
Place of Birth: Crater Korolev (Earth's Moon)
Date of Birth: May 11, 2354
Species: Human/Borg
Gender: Female
Father: Darwin Munro
Mother: Arwen Munro
Date Joined: May 1, 2379
Rank: Lt. Commander

Additional Information:

Jillian Munro began her career shortly after being rescued by the Borg. She was assimilated at a very young age, and unfortunately, due to a malfunction while removing her borg implants, she does not remember much of her early childhood. She did, however, retain a great deal of knowledge about the Borg and thousands of species all around the galaxy.
Using this to her advantage, Jillian graduated from Starfleet Academy with a degree in robopsychology (the study of personalities of artificially intelligent machines; Cyborgs). She devoted all of her time to the victims of the Borg, helping them regain their memories and finding their long lost families.

Five years later, Jillian decided to expand her knowledge of human psychology. She enrolled back into Starfleet Academy and obtained a second degree in Humanoid Psychology.

Jillian can be described as a highly driven woman, focused on her work and completely obsessed with the inner workings of the mind. Jillian has one sister, Natalie, and a brother, Bradley.

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