New Crew

Hopefully we will always be adding more crew. While experience and understanding of 'how we do things' is important, new people joining is ultimately the life blood of the sim. Some people may join and realize they don't fit. That is completely ok. Some people may join, not fit, yet choose to stay anyway. And as long as no violations of the Megiddo or Hawking Handbook occur, that is their choice. It is important that existing crew take the initiative in integrating new people. And while the 'old timers' can't write for the new member, encouragement and guidance should be the norm. No one can learn our ways if they are not trained into them. And any expectation otherwise is unrealistic.

New Recruits-
New recruits are those who have just signed up at Megiddo. Either they just completed officer training or they are enlisted and choose Hawking as their Sim home. At the time of registration they choose which department they would like to join and while they may choose to transfer out at some point, it is Command's job to make them fit where they have signed up.

Transfers are those who've been members of Megiddo previously, but are new to Hawking. There is more latitude that can be applied here. It is best in these cases to find empty 'holes' on board the ship which may be best filled by an experienced Megiddo simmer. And while some characters will always be doctors or scientists, some have varied enough backgrounds to fit available holes in a more maneuverable fashion.

Hawking Handbook

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