Occam's Razor

"F**k that."

It was Javier's answer to Nils' revelation that they were trapped in the mirror universe. "I haven't made very many friends here. I think we should leave."

"I don't think its a question of.." the captain of the USS Hawking started to say.

"I have a ship," the engineer said, then added, "well my ex has a ship, I hope she has a ship..it's this ship's Aerowing. She and Seth Andeerson are hot-wiring it." He started to rise to his feet but pain slammed into him with the force of a tidal wave. Javier slid back down the wall. "Now we just have to reach the Aerowing before they leave us here."

"Why would they leave us?"

"Because I told them to." Javier sighed. "The way they were talking people don't usually walk out of this room alive." He dug around in the pocket of the Alliance uniform he was wearing and produced a hypo. "Found this in sickbay and hit myself with a shot of it there, numbed the pain," the engineer explained, "may need another."


"That feels good," Javier exhaled, as the pain-reliever began to numb his pain receptors. The intense pain ebbed away as the medicine ran its course. It left a dull throb in its wake. I guess that's okay, it will remind me to get up and get moving…Jesus! Get up and get moving! Javier passed the hypo to Nils and struggled to his feet. The creepy religious decor had vanished and no the room was full of the horizontal and vertical lines of a dead holodeck program. When did that happen? I must have passed out..

"I like this design better than the temple motif," Javier admitted freely to the others. He reached down and grabbed Harry Finn by his shirt and pulled the unconcious man up. Javier got his shoulder positioned near Harry's stomach/waist then took the weight of the man on his shoulder as Harry slumped over it. The XO wasn't heavy but Javier's aching muscles didn't want to shoulder the burden and the movement of the shuddering deckplates didn't help either. "Come on Javier, this is the easy part," he told himself.

The other Torrik was suddenly beside him, helping steady Javier. "Thanks, help your bro..help Nils and maybe we can get out of here."

"How are we going to get there?"

"It's only one deck over, we'll take the turbolift," the engineer decided. "Grab my phaser and lets get going, the less time I spend on this ship the better." He staggered forward carrying Harry out of the remains of the holo-temple. A light feeling came over Javier as he moved through the doors, stepping around the unconcious acolyte that lay on the deck. "That medicine is better than I thought..or this ship is losing atmosphere." The engineer weighed all the possibilities and was reminded of how much the mirror universe sucked. "Okay, so it's probably the ship losing atmosphere but Harry just got a lot lighter."

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:: IAS Hawking ::
:: Corridor Deck 9 ::

Alert klaxons blared as the refugees from the Temple forged their way through the sparsely populated corridors. The attention of the IAS Hawking’s crew appeared to be more focused on keeping the ship together than the three Starfleet Officers and the First taking a stroll through the corridors. Nils noticed as well that anytime they passed someone they quickly averted their eyes. Apparently the High Priest had one hell of a reputation. It did manage to provide more than sufficient camouflage, however, so he didn’t complain.

“This way,” said the First Acolyte as he ducked into the Aerowing berth.

“We know,” both Nils and Javier said in unison.

Two guards lay unconscious (or dead – Nils didn’t bother checking) at the entrance to the shuttle. Evidently Javier’s friends were already on board. Javi ducked into the entry, making sure not to slam Harry’s head into the bulkhead. The two Bajoran’s stopped at the entrance and faced on another.

The Nameless One broke the silence. “I don’t have much official pull, but I’ll do what I can to buy you some time. If the portal holds for a few seconds you should…”

“You can’t stay here,” Nils interjected, placing his hand on the young man’s arm. “Your brother will kill you.”

“Most likely. But where will I go?” He seemed to know the answer as he asked, but also looked positively afraid to hope he was right.

“This is no time for long goodbyes,” came Javier’s cry from inside the shuttle.

“Come with us, Jachin. You can have a good life on our ship – a new start. I think that…” Nils paused and then grabbed his quasi-brother by the wrist and pulled him aboard. “We’ll discuss it later.”

Inside were two individuals Nils had did not recognize, but they had the ship running and seemed as intent on leaving as he did so he didn’t bother with introductions. “I’ll take the science station,” he offered, and dropped into an auxiliary seat.

“We’re through the security protocol, but the docking clamps are a problem. They need to be released from the Bridge,” said the man sitting in the pilot’s seat.

“That is a problem,” Nils said. “Here’s another… The gravimetric sheer inside this rift is going to make flying a shuttle near impossible. Without starship grade stabilizers this ride will be…” He shook his head unwilling to announce a death sentence. “The good news? I’m reading a subspace fracture ten thousand meters off port. In other words," he added with a sly smile. "We still have a way out.”

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-IAS Hawking-

"Why aren't we taking off?" Javier called from the back of the large shuttle where he was strapping Harry Finn into what passed for the auxiliary medstation.

"The docking clamps have to be released and we haven't come up with a good reason to ask.." Seth replied before he was interrupted by Javier Costala for what seemed like the twentieth time. Will he ever let me finish a sentence?

"Rip them out! We don't have time to make a collect call."

"That would damage the structural integrity of the Aerowing," Cat told him. We won't survive the fluctuations within the rift."

The idea to hijack the Aerowing was beginning to look like a bad one. "We'll have to take our chances," Javier said as he moved forward. "If you can't do it, get out of the way, I can fly us out of here." The engineer stopped beside Anderson believing the man would relinquish control of the craft's flight systems.

"I was flying ships before you were a twinkle in your daddy's eye Mister Costala," Seth answered. "Sit down and strap in, this is going to be rough." He left no doubt that he could and would be flying the Aerowing out of the Intrepid class ship.

"No, it's not," a voice said, causing Javier to turn to face the newcomer, who had either been hiding in the shuttle or just arrived and stealthily boarded the vessel. "Computer remove docking clamps, over-ride command code Paven Alpha Alpha Tango Six Three." Callan Vail spoke in a calm voice before taking a seat in one of the empty chairs. The statement was followed by a loud clack and the shuttle drifted downward as Cat closed the hatch.

"Confidence is high," Javier said glancing at the Ops console.

"I hope that means something good," Seth commented as he eased the Aerowing out of her berth inside the Hawking's hull.

"It means we're good to go, now get us moving," Javier said as he tapped his console and activated their shields, manually entering a string of code that would change the shield patterns once they broke free of the IAS ship's shielding. "I'm changing our shielding to mimic our Hawking's, but with some subtle changes."

"We're clear!" Caterina called out. The small craft bucked and jarred then did a cartwheel as if it was smitten by the hand of god. For a moment the inertial dampeners failed and the internal gravity went offline. Javier slipped out of his seat then slammed back down as the Aerowing's sytems compensated and gravity was restored.

"Steady!" he called out as the engineer crawled back into his chair. He opened a channel to the USS Hawking. =^=Costala to Hawking, we could use some help, I don't think the Aerowing will make it on its own.=^=

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USS Hawking

The further they entered the rift, the higher the intensity of the fluctuations, which caused T'Shaini's grip on the railing to be more of necessity than security. Well, I suppose that is something. Lights and alarms flashed in the background, but the Vulcan's concentration was solely for the ship she could see rising before her on the viewscreen. "Jada, have you located them?"

"The interference is…remarkable," O'Keefe answered as she scanned her telemetry. "I can isolate individual biosigns but it's going to take a while to determine who is who. I need ten minutes…"

"We may not have ten minutes. Ops, status on reinstating tactical." T'Shaini snapped.

"Until we determine the source of the saboteur's destructive interface, we do not have many options," T'Preen responded. "Multiple teams report hostile engagements are interfering with the search. Some of the Engineering crews have subdued intruders and have returned to the search. As soon as they have something I will inform you." Her Vulcan calm made the announcement sound almost common place.

"Any losses amongst our crew?" She looked to Tenanji. "Do you have any word on whether we have any casualties?"

"Reports are incomplete at this time," Usher answered, his own calm on par with the Vulcan to his left. "However, I believe our security forces are holding their own. All decks are still under our control and no major systems have been tampered with since we were boarded. I'd consider that a victory thus far."

"Victory indeed, thank you."

"Commander the stability of the rift on both sides of this… This… Nowhere space is erratic and dwindling," Jada called from the science station. "Whatever's been holding this rupture open seems to have lost its steam. Polaric ion energy is decreasing everywhere and I'm losing the doorway back to our space. I think it's starting to collapse."

"Reading a support craft launching from IAS Hawking," Tenaji said, his voice only slightly more emphatic. "Trajectory is wild and it's traveling no apparent course. It looks…out of control."

T'Shaini's breath caught. "Lifeforms? Can we get a reading?" Now she knew she was jumping to conclusions, but who else would be flying away from the IAS in the middle of the rift? Please, please, please.

"I'm reading seven life forms on board…" Lt. O'Keefe answered quickly. Even the jaded Chief of Science sounded hopeful. "Humans… Bajorans… And an El-Aurian. And that's not all, the IAS Hawking just suffered a massive explosion in their engineering section. It appears the magnetic plasma containment system just failed on that ship in a big bad way."

"Things are blowing up? That sounds suspiciously like Javier…" T'Shaini felt a smile tug at the corner of her mouth. "Can we get a tractor beam to pull out of the rift?"

"Initializing tractor emitter," T'Preen said. "I can boost output to compensate for the rifts anomalous behavior and that should enhance beam cohesion."

"Commander," Tenanji said quietly. "Is it wise to allocate our limited resources to a rescue operation that may or may not be our own crewmembers? We've yet to locate them on the IAS and boosting power to the emitter array will draw significantly from the sensor pallets. The Aeroshuttle could infact be a diversion… Or even escapees from their recent problems in engineering."

=^=Costala to Hawking, we could use some help, I don't think the Aerowing will make it on its own.=^=

Tamping down the urge to let a most unvulcanlike smugness cross her face, T'Shaini stared straight ahead. "T'Preen, initiate tractor, and open a channel." Once she had received a nod from T'Preen she continued. "T'Shaini to the Aerowing…Javier, we are going to tractor you out of the rift…and, if I may ask…who else is with you?"

"Papa Smurf, my Ex, Cappy, Cappy's little Bro, Harry the Argonaut, the guy from Section 31and yours truly," Javier answered then added, "And it's damn good to hear your sultry voice Vulcan Temptress."

She could see from the bewildered looks across the bridge that no one but her seemed to understand 'Javispeak'. "It is good to hear your voice as well…" T'Shaini was far too grateful for their survival to even have the slightest tinge of embarrassment, with a quick look to T'Preen to be certain the tractor was engaged T'Shaini gave a nod. "Mr. Warof, get us the hell out of the rift…if you please."

JP with the tech god to end all tech gods….Mr Torrik Nils (playing a myriad of npc's) and a cameo by the irrepressible Javier Costala
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USS Hawking
Deck 5, Sickbay

“We got another one,” a medic yelled as the entrance to Sickbay opened. Tatiana took a quick look over her shoulder to see the mirror of Luke Getty stalking to her with a lithe squirming body in his arms. He was followed by Frank Rintala and another who had phasers pointed at his back.

“What happened?” she asked as she approached the party.

“There’s something in her eyes,” Luke explained. “Your people saw fit to throw an explosive object in our direction.”

Tatiana pointed towards a free biobed, “Lay her down.” She followed the helmsman and gently took hold of her mirror’s wrist. “I need you to move your hands. I can’t fix what’s wrong unless I can see it.”

The woman slowly dropped her bloody hands, twisting the hem of her uniform as a way to cope with the pain. Amos joined Thorne, “The other patient has been taken care of.”

Tatiana nodded, “Good, thanks by the way. I need you to clear away the blood, I can’t see around it.” While Amos cleared away the blood, Tatiana took count of the instruments nearby. They would all be useful in helping her treat her mirror.

“There’s visible Iridodialysis in her left eye…damn,” Tatiana cursed. At Luke’s alarmed look she explained, “Her iris has been torn away from the ciliary body, the…uh,” she looked towards the ceiling as she thought of a simpler way to put it, “tissue on the outside of the eye. Don’t worry; I’ll take care of it.”

“Have you done one of these before?” Luke asked.

“No, but I know the procedure. We’ll go in and remove the shrapnel first. After that’s done we’ll suture up the cuts, and repair the Iridodialysis. Once all of that is completed we’ll monitor her to make sure there are no complications.”

Getty took in the explanation, and folded his arms. He nodded before asking, “Where’s your CMO, I’d like to get her opinion.”

“I don’t know,” Thorne answered honestly. “But Tatiana can’t afford to wait; until Munro gets here I’m your best bet.”

“Dammit Lucas, just let her do it!” Thorne’s mirror yelled from her position, “Hurry, it hurts.”

Luke stepped away to allow Thorne and Amos to begin their work. “Hey,” Tatiana said with a touch to Tatiana’s shoulder, “I’m going to anesthetize you now, you won’t feel pain for much longer.” Once the anesthesia had been applied, Tatiana applied the tools that would keep her mirror’s eyes open wide enough for her to do her job.

“Pass me the tweezers please,” Tatiana asked, and gently pulled the thin metal from out of the Vitreous Humor. “That’s one.” She continued on, removing metal that varied in length and width and dropped them to the tray beside her. “How are her Optic Nerves?”

“They’re undamaged,” Amos read from the tricorder. “The Hyaloid canals are both intact, both scleras are fine, the right and left eyes had a few blood vessels burst upon impact and her Suspensory Ligament in her left eye has been severed.”

“Okay, her left eye took quite a beating,” Tatiana acknowledged. “The ligament can repaired, so can the blood vessels. It’s still the Iridodialysis that worries me. Submicron Suture,” she requested and nodded her thanks to the nurse before using the instrument to close the wounds to her mirror’s eyes. She then repaired the blood vessels and the ligament. Tatiana stepped back from her patient and ran a hand through her sweaty hair. “I’m trying to think of the best way to do this. Mattress sutures,” she said suddenly. “There was a technique a few centuries ago where a double-armed suture with straight needles was used to fix Iridodialysis by using mattress sutures. It won’t have her eyes back to 100%, but once it’s attached I can use the tools I have right here to fix the rest.”

Luke straightened, and glared at Rintala’s trigger-happy stance, “What does that mean?”

“It means that I’ll go into her eye with the needles, and pretty much sew the iris back in place. She’ll be fine. Her right eye is great, it’s the left that we’ll have to keep watch over at least until you’re back with your people.” she assured him.

“There’s no such thing as quality care on our ship. Just do what you can for her. She’ll just have to learn to deal with having one working eye,” Luke responded harshly. He stood quietly before speaking graciously, “Thanks for doing this, with what’s going on I didn’t expect you to help.”

“It’s no problem; it’s my duty to help,” she said. She looked down at her mirror curiously, “Did…did she kill anyone?”


“Good,” she sighed in relief. “Good.”

“We’re not saints, but all of us aren’t as heartless as you think. We just did what we were ordered whether we agreed with it or not. If you lived in our world, you’d realize that following orders is preferable to not.”

“Yeah, she told me something to that effect earlier,” she saw a movement out the corner of her eye and turned to see it. “Amos is coming; I need to get back to work.”

So, this is another moment in Sickbay with Thirteen…er, I mean Tatiana Thorne featuring The Getty’s and the Faceless Amy Amos.

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USS Hawking
Corridor - Deck 8

"From what I've heard," a cold, cultured voice cut through the fog of death around the woman, "this was a better end than he deserved."

T'Shaini started as the voice intruded on her conflicted thoughts. "Yes." Then looked up at the stranger. "But it seems he was also given less of a chance than he deserved." As much as she knew this to be true, she still could find nothing but an empty echo of cold pity in her heart. "Does the pain that was inflicted on him counterbalance that which he inflicted on others?"

Lt. Commander Vail spared one last glance for the man who had, though it shamed him to admit it, fooled them all for far too long, "It's not my place to say," though Callan's tone indicated his opinion, nonetheless. Then Vail looked down at the corpse of Zal Malkat, at the blood staining the Starfleet uniform. He was almost certain, but not quite, "Is that one mine or yours?" If it were Govan…

"He is from the IAS Hawking." T'Shaini could not bring herself to affiliate herself with him even in death. "though attempting to pass for some reason as one of yours, my failure to recognize that is what brought about their deaths." She scrubbed her face with her hands. "In a way, I did exactly what I had set out to do…"

Callan nodded. Though it had gone ill enough for those he considered his own crew, on both vessels, it was clear, from this T'Shaini's actions and those of his counterpart in the resistance, that the Alliance did not have as complete a hold as they believed. Not that it mattered to young Brennek, or their own Finn who, the other Vail had been quite sure was also lost. Mister Costala, missing and presumed dead… "I would congratulate you but there are still too many IAS forces loose," a sudden trembling in the deck indicated that all was assuredly not well, "and your… Captain Bayal may just be laying down fire."

T'Shaini pushed herself to her feet, readying her weapon. "Where to next? Have you any ability to scan for IAS?"

"Not at present. The USS crew has gone 'ghost'" he smiled at the term, "Com badges have been discarded lest the invaders take control of the internal scanners. This protects the crew from becoming easy targets but also makes it difficult to distinguish the enemy," he took another look at the deceased, "particularly when they have only to put on our uniform to pass."

"Of course, well then…between the two of us we ought to make some educated guesses." T'Shaini's eyes lit. There was little to stay for…it was unlikely she would make it home, why not go down fighting for something you believed in?

Vail, phaser drawn, was about to suggest he lead a sweep of the deck when the decision was taken out of their hands. =/\=Attention all hands, the IAS Hawking is lost in the rift… all IAS forces are ordered to lay down arms. Repeat, repeat, the IAS Hawking has been lost in the rift…=/\=

Callan raised his brows as the message continued but, then…

=/\=…'Shaini… please respond… Anderson to T'Shaini…=/\=

It took a moment for the stunned Vulcan to react. =/\=T'Shaini here…Seth?=/\=

=/\=Thank God!=/\= In his relief, Seth forgot that he'd given up on God, back when the Dolios had been destroyed, =/\=T'Shaini, I'm in Bayal's aerowing… got Catarina with me and, you'll never believe, but Intendant Vail… he's one of us… I mean, the resistance… shit, it's complicated. Anyway, we're about to bug out before the rift shuts down for good… got to transport some USS folks back but, well, thing is… do you… I mean, are you… that is….=/\=

=/\=I am in=/\= There was a wealth of meaning in that one word. =/\=Take me home.=/\=

=/\=That's our T'Shaini! Stand by while we send their people over… Now you look after Jenny… I know, I know… she's a Starfleet officer but she's still… you get me, Costala.=/\= the gleeful Anderson didn't seem to care that his instructions were being broadcast to all and sundry…

With something akin to a smile, the Vulcan glanced toward Vail. "I am almost disappointed we did not get to go hunting….almost."

Callan's eyes gleamed as the premonitory shimmer of a transporter began to surround the woman, "You've done your share," he told her, with a glance down at the dead surrounding them, "it falls to me to make up the numbers."


As she felt the deck firm beneath her feet, T'Shaini almost immediately was enfolded, strong arms…many arms, crushing the breath from her. "Mmmph…mmm…mmm" Pulling herself free she drew a deep breath. "It is good to see the two of you as well."

"As touching as all this is," all three turned to see the coolly amused Callan Vail, "our thrilling exit will be rather less thrilling if the portal closes before we even get to the door."

At his words the trio split and ran for stations. Settling between the two, T'Shaini felt a bubbling in her chest…was this happiness? What had she to be happy about? Without thinking she reached out to brush her hand across Caterina's hair, then smiled at Seth, who returned her smile with a slightly puzzled one. As she could feel the aerowing begin to pull away from the USS Hawking the Vulcan nodded to herself, then spoke the thought out loud. "I have a very good feeling about this…"

JP with NPCs voiced by Harry Finn
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:: USS Hawking ::
:: Science Lab, Deck 6 ::

"Drop your weapon!"

Jill slowly backed away from her patient while lifting her arms in surrender, "It's a tri-laser connector…" she waved the little device in her hand, "Not a weapon."

"Drop it!" He repeated.

The doctor slowly turned around to face two security officers with weapons aimed straight at her. She sighed deeply and pulled the surgical mask down past her chin, "Alright, it's yours…she'll probably die in the next 30 seconds, but since you both seemed to have assessed this situation so well…I'm sure you'll figure something out," she tossed the laser connector at the female officer, who caught it mid-air without a flinch. She glanced down at the device, "She's telling the truth - not a weapon."

The male officer motioned towards Jenny Anderson, who lay helpless on the lab table, "Mellon, check on Crewman Anderson."

The Bajoran/Cardassian officer rested her index and middle finger on the young woman's neck, she immediately felt a heartbeat, "…her pulse is…strong."

"Rapid! RA-PID!" Jill corrected, "Want to know why? Because you've interrupted me…" Jill crossed her arms and leaned against the wall, "Poor, girl. She was going to tell me all about dear old Harry Finn when she woke up, but now…" she shrugged, "…Guess I'll never know."

Cadet McMennan locked eyes with Mellon, they both exchanged a quick nod, "Finish what you were doing," McMennan ordered while lowering his weapon.

Jill snatched the laser connector from Mellon's hand, "Federation…so incredibly predictable." She mumbled under her breath.

=/\= Computer, re-activate steri-field =/\=

Once Jill was certain that the surgical site was completely sterile again, she re-position the laser connector and joined the remaining nerve connections.

"Will she be alright?" Asked Mellon Astyr.

"I think so. She'll have to stay off her feet for the next few days, but other than that, yes, she'll be OK."

McMennan nodded, "Good, then let's get you to the Brig."
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Vincent sat in a chair, surrounded by darkness, only a single light shining down from above him. He stared forward with the one eye that remained, the other one of the many prices that he had paid for his treachery. His chin rested on his folded hands, emotion stripped from his face, and ultimatly his mind.

Before him, slumped against the wall, layed the remains of his brother. They were twisted, and ripped apart, the blood drying underneath them, his head laying on the floor, staring back at him. He had watched as the men that beat him, tortured him, had ripped the life out of Fain, then tore him apart, leaving the remains in the room. Vincent lowered his head, looking to the left, the resting place of yet another victim of his greed, and stupidity.

His wife's body layed lifeless inside a cryo tube, her chest shattered from the phaser blast that nearly cost her life, but she was put into the tube, as a reminder to the man, of what happens when you go against the Alliance, or try to. He stood up, limping to the side of his wife, the bones in his leg, cracking and splintering under his skin. He grimiced from the pain, hiding the feeling, staring down at his wife. He dropped to the floor, putting his head on the device, then smashing his fist on the observation glass. He repositioned himself, with his back to her, then pulled a picture from his torn uniform.

" For 9 years I treated you as I had only treated those I deemed above me. Never did I use force against you, and all I wanted was for you to be a part of what you should have been," He held the picture up, looking at it with the glow of his wife's, coffin, or resting place," Now you have become the vechicle to my revenge. You have offered yourself to the Wraiths, and what wrecthed beliefs they have poisoned your mind with," He crumpled the picture, throwing it to the remains of Fain, blood soaking into it," Now I will kill you, and exact my revenge on all that hinder me. I will have this ship, and I will have their lives……….."

Vincent laughed aloud from inside the cold room. Nobody to hear his pointless bander, insanitycreeping it's way into the mind that was once so promising. Only one thing filled his mind now, revenge………….

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Fenton eased Kal-El down on the biobed trying not to further injure the man, he'd only been shot three times afterall. "Can I get some help over here?" he asked in a loud, worried tone. The engineer had taken over care of Kowalski from Darby Saunders, who was busy scouring the ship for the last of the IAS crew. The sickbay was beginning to fill up with injured ship's personnel. The sneak attack had gone well for the Alliance in the beginning and many people had been wounded or worse, killed in the initial onslaught. Now that the ship was under the control of the Federation crew, the wounded began to trickle in from all over the Hawking.

"I'm..fine..Fenton," Kal-El tried to say in a tone that was as normal as he could manage. "I got them..didn't even see it..coming." And then Kowalski was slipping into darkness, but not before he got a glimpse of Bramley by his side.

Fenton Boyce watched as Nurse Bramley assessed Kowalski's injuries, working quickly and efficiently. He looked around the sickbay then asked, "Where's the CMO?"

"No idea," Bramley replied. "He needs surgery," the nurse said in reference to Kowalski, "two of the wounds are minor but the one to his chest has caused internal damage..he'll have to wait though.."

"What? Why?" Fenton asked in disbelief.

"We have three surgeons. Dr. Ayre is with a patient. Dr. Munro is MIA. And Dr. Thorne," Bramley motioned toward the opposite side of the room, "has decided that treating the Alliance wounded is more important than taking care of our own people."

"She's what?"

"Perhaps she takes her medical oath to a higher degree than the rest of us," Bramley said as he began to make Kowalski as comfortable as possible, "or perhaps she feels closer to the Alliance people, one of them is her twin."

"Maybe when we drop them off at the station on their way to prison, she'd feel more comfortable going with them then too," Boyce commented, his mind set on filing a grievance against Dr. Benedict Arnold. The engineer turned his attention back to Kowalski's plight. "Is there anyone who can see to him? C'mon Bramley, if you can do it just start, forget about the qualified surgeon routine..from what I've seen you're worth two of anyone left here."

"No I can't but someone else can. This is right up Stuart's alley," Bramley admitted, "he's a combat medic that we have on loan from the 26th Rangers. He went out where the action was as soon as the fighting started. Stuart doesn't have to play by the same rules as I do and Rangers receive intense training. I'll comm him…"

"No need for that Sunny Jim," Sergeant Stuart Saxe-Goethe told Bramley as he stepped up to have a look at Kowalski. "The patient I was attending to was brought back to sickbay and is resting peacefully. Ah yes this lad will need surgery and lucky for him I can do that." The combat medic immediately began to work on the engineer. Bramley rushed off to treat other patients and Boyce found himself listening to one of the captured Alliance officers complaining about the Hawking crew defending themselves.

"Hey, asshole, you and your Alliance buddies did attack our ship and start killing people..did you expect us just to roll over and let you have the ship?" Boyce said in a tone rife with sarcasm. The man stared at him. "Douchebag." Fenton said, almost wishing he would make a threatening move so Boyce would be justified smashing in the Alliance officer's face.

NPCs galore with Fenton Boyce keepin' it real.
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:: USS Hawking ::
:: Captain’s Quarters ::

Captain Torrik Nils sighed and leaned back on his bed in a vain attempt to relax and maybe even sleep. He’d never been one for sleep, as other things always needed doing, but never missed it much. In his first assignment on board Sentinel the adrenaline of every engagement and the intoxicating possibilities of new discoveries had urged him to his Ops console and then the Science Labs. The Nova Class survey ship had afforded him the opportunity to redefine himself and though it didn’t always feel joyful it had always given him certain sense of accomplishment.

Lying in his quarters following his most daunting mission to date, he only felt tired. And for the first time he could remember he just wanted to sleep.

“Computer, initialize log,” he said somberly. It would be his final entry on a great many subjects - at least until they reached their destination and the debriefings began. The prospect of sitting across a desk with some brass interviewing him about Jillian’s death…

The Bajoran wouldn’t allow himself to go there. Not yet. He had a ship to get back to station. He wondered at his newfound ability to tamp down feelings and save them up, like so many broken pieces of glass crammed into a burlap sack. Is that better than obsessing over every emotion that crosses my Pagh? He knew, at least, that it allowed him to be more productive.

Captain’s Log – Stardate 61885.4

We’ve been ordered to redirect from Megiddo Space and put in at Deep Space Nine, in the Alpha Quadrant. Any questions I’ve submitted as to the ‘why’ and ‘when’ and ‘what the hell is going on’ have been summarily ignored. Even Callan Vail seems to be in the dark with what’s made our home station off limits to us.

For now we’re making for the Celestial Temple…
“Computer, strike last sentence,” Nils said wearily. It was called the Bajoran Wormhole, and muddling up his official log entries with faith based terminology seemed somehow inappropriate. But he did consider the idea of venturing into the Celestial Temple as somewhat of a comfort.

He’d not traveled through the dwelling place of the Prophets since his arrival at Megiddo. And that trip through had been colored by his own callousness. His Faith had been dead or dying and he’d focused on the seatback of the shuttlecraft until they exited the wormhole. Like a pouting child, he’d refused to look out a viewport to catch a glimpse of the Temple’s inner workings. This time would be different…but no better really.

Nothing seemed better. In fact, everything seemed gray and empty.

One more time, he pressed that broken piece of glass down into his belly and ignored the pain he didn’t feel equipped to deal with. “Resume log…”

For now, we’re en route to the Bajoran Wormhole where we’ll cross into Federation space, proper. DS9 has been briefed and prepped for receiving the inhabitants of our ever filling brig. Both Kamaal Bedie and the last holdouts from the mirror universe will be turned over to the authorities for…processing.

Some crew members of the IAS Hawking… I’ve been considering what to do…
“Computer, pause entry,”
the CO said as he rubbed his eyes with his hands. He still didn’t know how to explain the First Acolyte’s presence on the ship. Officially he’d made a bad call. Pulling someone out of their universe to live in this one not only flirted with breaking regulations, it also broke some laws of nature. And the Nameless One wasn’t the only IAS personnel who’d expressed interest in staying aboard. There were others. Ultimately, he’d leave that up to Starfleet Command. Perhaps he’d file a recommendation…when he knew what he wanted to recommend. “Delete last… Resume…”

Starfleet Command will decide what to do with the prisoners and defectors from the IAS Hawking. For myself, I only hope the handful that returned to their dimension after coming to our aid are successful in their revolution. There are good people in that universe too. They proved themselves in benevolent action and deserve a world worth living in.

Once we reach DS9, we’ll be taking on new crew to replace… They will replace… To fill empty spots in our roster. We’ll also affect repairs to the ship. Damage is minor, and most of it will be put right before we reach the station. Indi Corin, Jeremy Eight, and Tarro Jolan located and removed the Adaptive Interface the IAS saboteurs used against us, and all systems are back online. I’ll request a full diagnostic once we’re in port to make certain any malicious programming has been purged from our core.

It will be good to get this mission behind us. We lost some good… Our crew performed meritoriously in difficult circumstances. It is humbling to work among heroes. End log.
Another sigh, marked Nils refusal to rise from the bed. His actual duty shift waited for him, but he fully intended to stay in his quarters. If anyone needed him there were combadges for that. A shift of trying to look alright while driving a starship home from hell did not appeal to him. So he rolled over and pulled his sheets up to cover his bare shoulder.

“Computer, reinitialize log…”

Captain’s personal log.

Jillian Munro is dead… And it is all I can do to keep breathing…

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