R R Space Station Megiddo

Harry Finn
01-7-2008, 08:44:04 AM
After months spent wandering previously unknown regions, the USS Hawking slid into her waiting berth at SS Megiddo, as easily as if the many trials she’d undergone in traversing the expanse had left her unscathed.

But of course, that couldn’t be true. Burned by enemies, drained of supplies, bereft of far too many crew, the vessel which came to port was a scarred beauty, left the wiser for her many strange encounters; sadder for her losses.

Home, now, her crew could make a space, short but earned, to breathe in the pleasant knowledge that the next breath would follow without struggle. Hurts would be healed, families reunited and for some, the winds of change would blow, taking them away from the home they knew… taking them to a new place, where new adventures might be found.

It was a time for recovery, a time of transitions, a time to look forward. And for some, a time to raise a parting glass for those who hadn’t made the long voyage home.

Mostly, though, it was just time and that was gift enough.
Javier Costala
01-7-2008, 09:49:19 PM

Scotty wagged his tail and ran around in a circle barking excitedly. The little dog was a bundle of energy and Javier was thankful that they had the use of the shuttle bay to expend some of the zest for life that Scotty displayed. Javier shifted the well-chewed tennis ball to his right hand and threw the ball towards the other end of the bay, making sure it skipped along the deck in low bounces. Scotty was a blur of white hair as he chased the ball down. The terrier ran the ball down very quickly then sprinted back towards where Javier and Nils stood. In his excitement, the dog lost the ball, scrambled around, recovered it and ran back to the engineer. Scotty deposited the wet, slobbery tennis ball into Javier's hands and frisked about as the engineer complimented him.

"Good dog, good boy," Javier said as he petted Scotty. "See, he loves it. If you do this with him a little every day he'll love you," the engineer stated, looking up at the science officer. "Here," Javier held out the ball to Nils, "you give it a try.."

Nils looked skeptical; the fact that the tennis ball was covered in slobber did nothing to reassure him. He cautiously took the ball trying to grip it on the parts with the least drool. Scotty ran around him in a circle barking madly which made Nils' trepidation worse and caused Javier to begin to chuckle.

"Just toss it. Try and skip it so he can get it without it going the length of the.." the engineer advised, "didn't you have a dog as a kid?"

The question made Lt. Torrik's eyebrows furrow dangerously close to each other and Javier remembered that the science officer never talked about his childhood. "No problem," he said in a matter-of-fact tone, soothing the savage eyebrows, "Scotty doesn't mind…just throw the ball before he accosts you." The little dog began to half-jump towards Nils almost like he was going to try and leap up the man's leg and grab the tennis ball.

In a move born of panic and the need for perfection, Nils launched the ball across the bay. Scotty rocketed after it.

"Wow..that was quite a throw," Javier commented as he watched the ball fly through the air. It began to tail off to the right towards one of the shuttles. In that moment, Jessica Trasker stepped out from behind the shuttle.


The slobbery ball pegged the shuttle mechanic in the side of the face. "Oh snap," Javier uttered. "Prophets," he heard Torrik say.

"What the ****!" Trasker declared, before Scotty descended upon her, grabbed the ball and tore off without so much as an apologetic glance. He carried the ball straight back to Nils, who along with Javier, was grimacing in the shuttle mechanic's direction. Trasker was distracted by the tennisball-sized red spot on her cheek. Scotty was too quick for Trasker and wove in and out of the parked shuttles almost as if he sensed the need to ditch the mechanic. He deposited the ball in Nils' hands and licked the man's fingers.

"See," Javier said, his voice low, "he likes you already." The Bajoran hesitated then began to pet the dog. Scotty promptly jumped up in the science officer's lap. "So can you look after him for me while T'Shaini and I go camping?" the engineer asked his roommate.

Jillian Munro
01-7-2008, 11:47:56 PM
Jillian sat on the table. She took a deep breath and slowly began to lower herself down into the prone position. This was the worst part about needles; the anticipation. The needle piercing the skin really wasn’t that painful, it was the control she was giving up that bothered her. Here she was letting, nay, asking a complete stranger to stab her multiple times with a needle.

“This is a mistake”, she said under her breath as she began to lift herself up. She felt a soft hand rest on her shoulder blades.

“You came here knowing this was what you wanted to do. Lay back down”, the hand slowly pushed Jillian back down.

Jillian turned her head around so that she could look into the eye of the sadistic artist, “The thing is…I don’t like needles. Never have.”

The artist, named Sui Lin, sat back in her chair, while gracefully flipping her long black hair over to one side, “Well, it’s up to you. But, I’d appreciate it if you made your decision quickly. I have another client waiting in the other room.”

“Do you have anything to numb the pain?”

The woman rolled her eyes, “You want the tattoo or not?”

Jillian sighed, “Yes. I want the tattoo”, she laid back down, “Your bedside manner could use some work, you know.”

The sound of the machine switched on – it was a steady buzz that sent chills up Jillian's spine, she flinched immediately.

“If you want this to come out saying what it’s supposed to, I would recommend not squirming around.”

“Sorry”, was all Jillian could say. She felt a little ashamed. She had just escaped death twice: once from a knife wound to the chest, and just recently a deadly zombie virus. It obviously hadn't toughened her up. Here she was; on the verge of tears because of a little needle.

“I was surprised when you walked into my parlor. You don’t seem like the type of woman who would want to get inked.”

Jillian clenched her jaw as Sui made her first few needle strokes to Jillian's right shoulder blade, “I guess…" she managed to stammer out while trying to control the urge she had to jump up and run out the door, "Though, I’d say most people don’t expect me to do anything crazy.”

Sui Lin snorted, “I’d hardly consider getting a tattoo crazy. Plus, you’re a doctor – if you don’t like it, you can just remove it with a dermal regenerator.” Sui paused to wipe the ink and blood off Jillian's skin, “So, what does it mean…these symbols?”

A smile escaped the corners of Jillian’s mouth, “They are the words of a great Bajoran writer, it translates into: 'I am like a falling star who has finally found her place next to another in a lovely constellation, where we will sparkle in the heavens forever.'”

“Interesting. So you’ve found your place in space?” asked the surly tattoo artist.

“Not so much space…I mean, I've never lived anywhere but space. Born and raised. But it's literally been years since I've felt like I had a home."

"So you found your home within the stars?"

Jillian chuckled, "Sort of. But it's so much more than that. I mean, I've found a place to call home, I feel like part of a family, and the best part is, I get to share it everyday with a man that I love. It doesn’t get much better than this…” Jillian could feel her eyes watering, “…I want to remember this time in my life.”

“Ah" Sui stopped for a moment, "…then I take back what I said.”


“You are the perfect type of person to get inked.”

Jillian smiled.
Tatiana Thorne
01-8-2008, 02:10:31 AM
The bitter black liquid burned a trail down Tatiana’s throat, she jerked forward, coughing and gasping as she choked on her drink. Her log entry was interrupted, and she struggled to stop her unconscious actions. When she finally stopped, she leaned back with watery eyes to continue her log.

“…The virus was one that I had never seen before, and despite the horrific effects of it on the infected, I have to admit that it impressed me. The creator may have been insane, but the effects, if tweaked to be rid of the imperfections could be a scientific marvel that worlds would salivate just to be in the presence of.

If I were a bigger person, I could claim to not be curious, but I can’t. People say that curiosity killed the cat, but since I am not a cat, it’s not dangerous. Heh…well in my dreams anyway.

One day though, one day I’d like to take part in research of a virus on the scale of one we just encountered. It could further my medical knowledge in ways I’ve always hoped it would, but at the same time, I have to ask myself if I will be willing to see another world eradicated just for the satisfaction of knowing more?

Anyway, we’re currently on R&R and I’m thinking of heading down to the colony. I thought, I had enough of land, but I’d like to see a town, not packed full of individuals who are willing to tear me and mine apart…”

The door chime rang and she broke off her sentence to yell out, “Computer end log. Come in Steph.”

The red-head enlisted officer entered and Tatiana rolled off of her bunk into a stand.

“That’s how you’re going?” she asked in greeting.

Tatiana looked down to see her black outfit, “Yeah…so…?”

“You look like you’re going to a funeral. That’s no way to pick up men.”

“Maybe I want the man to know, I bring death to all who dare take me on,” Tatiana said with a smirk. “I don’t want you to be permanently marked as a black widow and have your reputation shot to hell for the rest of your days. Oh the self-proclaimed invincibility of the young,” Stephanie responded.

“Silence, wise one, you’re lucky I’m going just to convince men you aren’t as evil as they heard,” Tatiana commented as she moved towards the exit, “just don’t look them directly in eye or they may see the fires of Hell burning within yours.”

“Ha, you’re not funny,” her friend responded as they exited the quarters.
Anthony Trann
01-8-2008, 08:43:41 AM
Anthoyn woke up, panting, kick and screaming, a scratchy bag he was in, his hands cuffed, his feet tied. He felt like he was floating, the sound of wheels was present so he was being pushed somewhere, he felt himself fly in the air, then crash on the hard floor, where he was he didn't know. The distinct sound of starship was heard, then nothing else, just the silent hum of a starship in space.

Light flooded his eyes as the sack was torn open, there stood two romulans, clad in civilian ware.

"Sarjek" said one of the romulans, she nodded her head towards him, awaiting an imediate reply, which Trann did not give, he was to busy trying to undo his hand cuff.
"We know your real name, Sarjek, not this, Anthony Trann rubbish you've been going by" Said the second romulan, he walked over and sat down at the small craft's control panel.
"Sarjek, the Tal'Shiar is wants you back in service, we will take you back, there you will be brainwashed then pressed into service" Said the second romulan again.
"How did you get me out of my own cabin?" Asked Anthony, the romulan laughed.
"A Tal'Shiar agent should be allowed much more luxry than a cabin" finshed the Romulan, just as Anthony was about to wriggle out of the cuff, the romulan slammed a fist against his face, knocking him on the floor. Then a hypospray was pushed against his neck, and dark embrace was what he felt next…
Torrik Nils
01-8-2008, 10:05:52 AM
:: USS Hawking ::
:: Shuttlebay ::

"See," Javier said, his voice low, "he likes you already." The Bajoran hesitated then began to pet the dog. Scotty promptly jumped up in the science officer's lap. "So can you look after him for me while T'Shaini and I go camping?" the engineer asked his roommate.

A long characteristic sigh burst from the Nils chest, as the little ball of canine energy waited in anticipation of the ball’s next journey into the unknown. “Costala, I actually have a lot to do,” he uttered with an almost apologetic tone. “Captain Benjamin’s request for me to take the Chief of Science position leaves me a lot to consider. And I can’t even consider it until I’ve determined the fate of Sentinel.” Commander Echelon, whom Nils had been overjoyed to find on Hawking, had filled in the details of what occurred on board the Nova Class following the ill-fated survey mission. “And I’m behind on several…”

Costala didn’t speak. His expression mirrored that of the little white dog waiting patiently in Nils lap. Another sigh filled the shuttlebay.

“Fine,” the Bajoran hesitantly agreed. “I’ll watch… Scotty.”

“Thanks a lot,” Costala replied with a broad smile. “And nice curveball,” he added, gesturing to Trasker who was still staring daggers their way.

“Have fun on your trip,” Nils said without an ounce of sarcasm. He’d grown comfortable with the engineer since Halcyon. In fact, he’d grown rather comfortable with Hawking. The crisis on that doomed planet seemed to lay any misgivings between the Sentinel and Hawking crews to rest.

But Nils still couldn’t give up on his old ship.

“For now, I have a meeting with Starfleet Operations. I’m not fully satisfied that Sentinel’s day is done…” He nodded to Costala and tossed the tennis ball once more, making certain to aim its trajectory far from Trasker. “Sorry about your face,” he called out sheepishly across the bay. She only shook her head in disgust and got back to work. The Bajoran shot Costala an “uh-oh” cringe and made his way to the transporter.
01-8-2008, 10:21:36 AM
.:… I will show you something different from either
Your shadow at morning striding behind you
Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;
I will show you fear in a handful of dust…

… Harry Finn is its name…

What are you thinking of? What thinking? What?
'I never know what you are thinking. Think.'

I think we are in rats' alley
Where the dead men lost their bones.

Ask Finn about the murder of Alden Pierce Ryan

… an old man in a dry month.

Ask him. Ask… or do you dare?:.

T'Shaini stared at the screen…if she had found this in her office it would have been one thing, but here in her quarters….

=^=Harry Finn, T'Shaini=^=

=^=Finn, go ahead=^=

=^=I need to see you, now if possible.=^=

There was a brief pause, =^=I can be available in about twenty minutes, Lieutenant. Where?=^=

=^=My quarters, if you do not mind.=^=

A somewhat longer pause, then. =^=Copy that. See you in twenty, Finn out.=^=

Not wanting to disturb the message before he arrived, T'Shaini took out her PADD and ascertained that the words were from T. S. Eliot, but since he was nothing but a name to her she would wait for Harry to arrive to see if he could shed some light on the matter. Within the proscribed 20 minutes her door chime sounded.

"Please come in"

Not sure what to expect from the counselor's communication, Harry entered the room somewhat cautiously, stopping less than a meter into the spacious berth. There had been a level of tension to the call, as there was to the woman now waiting, that set him on alert. "You rang?" he asked, his eyes belying the humor of the query.

"Yes, I apologize for the brevity of my request, but I believed it was something better taken care of in person." Without another word she led him over to the screen by her desk.

His eyes narrowed, hard lines formed on his face, reading the message. Finn looked up at the waiting Vulcan, "So," he said, quietly, "are you going to ask?"

Her face impassive, she looked to the message that was clearly meant to unsettle then back to the man who it was clearly pointed to. "I do not think that is the point. You may tell me what you wish to, but I am more interested in the purpose behind sending me this."

"Right," he crossed his arms over his chest and considered the screen for another moment, "I could tell you it's just a joke… a member of the crew having some sick fun at my expense," he looked back at her, "but I won't tell you that." And then, briefly, the shell cracked: Harry's frame slumped and his hands ran over his face as if he could scrub away some invisible layer of filth. Dropping his hands he faced T'Shaini once more, "The only reason I can think of for you receiving this is that it might… make things harder for me."

The counselor in her was gratified at his willingness to show weakness, however, it was not the time or the place to explore. "I assumed it was some distortion of facts meant to throw suspicion on you. I just cannot comprehend of what use that would be to anyone." She sat down to think. "Would acquainting me with the facts be elucidatory?"

"I'm sure it would," he said, crossing away from the accusatory terminal, "but I don't think you'll find much joy in the knowledge," then he stopped, remembering that joy wasn't a sensation to which Wendy currently had access.

"I am more concerned with finding reason than joy."

"To find that, you'd have to accept a lot on faith."

A hint of what might be interpreted as a smile brushed her face. "Harry, I know you do not want to hear this…but it would not occur to me to doubt you."

He had to look away for a moment, then because of course she was right. He didn't want to hear it. But what he wanted and what he needed were by now very different issues. And the tool was pushing, harder now. Since the 'Huston' call there'd been more digs. Music popping up in the middle of the night or messages left on stations he was manning during shifts. Torrik hadn't been able to dig as much as he'd hoped because the Hawking's systems were still suffering from exposure to Tennyson.

And it was beginning to feel like time might be running short. Still on the opposite side of the room, Harry finally spoke. "Alden Pierce Ryan was Shaun Ryan Acker's grandfather," he looked over to the waiting woman, "And I killed him."

JP Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole
Harry Finn
01-8-2008, 10:26:20 AM
'Listen to him lie', clearly, whoever it was who left the message was not all that well acquainted with Harry Finn. "In the line of duty."

"Not quite… I mean, yes, we were in pursuit of Acker, a suspected felon, at the time but to get onto Ryan's property I had to… it was an undercover op and I didn't get clearance first…" Harry waved that off, "things went pear-shaped and Ryan ended up dead."

"I still do not see what endeavoring to make me suspicious of you will accomplish."

"He's isolating the target," Harry told her.

Not particularly well acquainted with me either. "As if I would be so easily manipulated." Hmm. "He who?"

Right… she had no idea. He'd been thinking about enlisting her aid since they'd made the return from Halcyon, often enough that he'd briefly forgotten T'Shaini knew nothing of the trials of the past several months.

"The agent Acker placed on Hawking," Harry responded, watching the Vulcan carefully. "The one who's been harassing me since almost the moment I arrived on ship," he started to pace her quarters, "At first it could have been anyone," he shrugged, "someone on the crew who knew about the Anarasi… someone who needed to make a statement or likes making trouble but then it started to get damned personal," his eyes hardened recalling the tormented 'message' from Sara. And then, "At one point he, they - whatever - left a 'gift' for Schaeffer with a note only I would understand. And lately, whoever this is has been coming up with a lot of intelligence that… I swear… it's been sounding less like an agent and more like, okay I know this sounds nuts but this," he pointed back to the desktop, "this sounds just like him. It sounds like Acker."

"Who is dead, correct?"

Oops. "No. He's alive," too many secrets for such a small ship, "He's the reason I was pulled back into the 'Fleet. Intelligence I received last July indicated he was at Jericho-Samaria but…"

"Whether he is there is immaterial, clearly you are a target." She stood and crossed over to Harry. "What do we do to find out who is his contact on the Hawking."

Looking into the serious gaze of the Vulcan, he felt a sort of pinging, as if a metal band had been constraining his lungs and just now snapped, "Have you ever performed a forensic profile?"

She tipped her head to the side to think. "Only once or twice since I have left the academy." Fascinating.

Gears were turning, slowly, grindingly.. the rust of over two years of solitude had to be worked free but, with the counselor's simple acceptance, Harry began to feel the old processes finding their rhythm. "That's enough," he said, thinking aloud, "Enough to figure out if we're dealing with one person, or two." Unconsciously moving into his pace, he continued to think, not noticing the telling 'we' which had fallen out of his mouth. "In addition to that, Torrik is digging through the sensors and who knows what other multi-syllabic technical trails but," he paused, glanced back, tested his instincts some more, "there might be some footprints in the hardware… something that an engineer would notice?"

"Javier? I think both of us can vouch for his reliability."

"Well, as long as he doesn't start singing 'Secret Agent Man' while he's looking through the systems," Harry acknowledged with a grin. The smile fell away as he remembered how much of this conversation might be heard. "I should warn you, if you get into this, there's a chance you'll become a target, too… you and Costala."

"If receiving this message is any indication, I am already involved…and that being said, I can say with certainty that if I am a target, Javier will be affected. And he will be far more effective as an active participant.

He had a brief vision of the quiescent counselor laying dozens of walking corpses low with a crossbow, and Costala, ridden with the virus, taking down a cadre of drones on his own. The vision led to another thought and that thought was, maybe it was time to push back a little. "True enough" he replied, "And you know, really, compared to Tennyson, this guy's probably about as threatening as vanilla custard: a whole lot of whine but no spine," he dredged up the smile, once more, "I mean, if playing 'Always' in the middle of the night is as tough has he gets… well…"

Carefully watching the shift into snide, T'Shaini assumed there was a chance they were being watched…in my own quarters…horrifying, and that the tactic now was to provoke. She raised one eyebrow at Harry. "T. S. Eliot and terran big band music…are you certain this is a threat, or is it simply your grandmother trying to get you to call her?"

Harry's own eyebrows raised a smidge at the vision of Wendy doing "cocky". "Well, just to be on the safe side, how about I drop all the pertinent data by your office?" He had the original profile on Acker, from the first investigation, along with notes on the shipboard incidents. Hopefully it'd be enough to form a piece of the puzzle.

Nodding, she closed the message. "I will get to work on it as soon as it is delivered, it may be a day or two before it is completed as I am to go camping with Javier…I will inform him of your request during that time."

"Camping?" Ah, right, shore leave… people were starting to filter off the Hawking in search of whatever it was that didn't feel like work. "That sounds… restful?" He considered the cool, classy Vulcan. Not the type he'd picture in a tent. Now Kerrin, her he could see in a tent. Or a cabin. Or a hotel… gah. "I'll just get that data to you, then," he began to exit the chamber. "And, you know… have fun… and," the door whooshed open, "watch out for spiders!" On that dire warning, the door closed.

"Spiders…he had to say spiders."

more from Boris and Natasha
Nathan Benjamin
01-8-2008, 11:32:32 AM
.: Megiddo Station | Ray's Toy Chest :.

A thoughtful frown creased his brow as Nathan Benjamin eyeballed the rather extensive selection before him. Action figures of varying sizes and genres posed for the young captain in their respective packaging, each adorned with colorful advertising lauding the accomplishments or misdeeds of the individual inside. There was of course the "Legends of Starfleet" collection, packaged in a box on the bottom shelf, complete with Jonathan Archer, Robert April, Chris Pike and James Kirk. Each came with weapons, and a few other accessories. Remembering his Fleet History course from his Academy prep classes, Nathan wondered if Kirk's Orion Slave Girl was sold separately, or if they made a separate box set for Kirk's various "interests".

Then again, this store had a wide selection of plush toys as well. Teddy bears, Teddy S'helats, and a few animals that the teen couldn't readily identify. But what if Three wasn't really into Action figures or plush toys.

Having seen the inviting nature of the store's colorful window, Jenny Anderson had immediately detoured into the well-stocked cubicle, thinking that it wouldn't hurt to show up at her new (new… first!) post with a peace offering… or two… or twenty. She sighed as she studied the racks and bins and stacks of toys scattered about the shop. There were high tech toys and oddly-shaped alien toys (well, alien to Jenny, who'd spent most of her young life on Earth); there were three-dimensional puzzles and something that looked suspiciously like the 'Transformer' Uncle Harry had bequeathed to her when she'd reached the ripe old age of nine. That might do the trick. Picking up one of the 'action figures' she contemplated the effectiveness of the small item as an olive branch.

"Riiight. Who do you think you're kidding, Jen?" When Harry got wind of her presence in the Gamma Quadrant, much less on the Hawking… well, she doubted an entire suitcase full of toys would calm him down. Maybe they sold tranquilizer pistols somewhere on the station? Chuckling a little at the prospect, she turned towards the desk to pay for the toy (couldn't hurt, might help) and plowed straight into another patron. She then stumbled back to avoid a complete disaster and landed, bum first, in a pile of faux tribbles. "Yipes," she squeaked before her eyes traveled back up to the face of the guy she'd slammed. Wowza.

Shaking off the shock of running into someone, Nathan didn't get a good look at the person until her backside was firmly planted in the tribble bin. After adjusting the stocking cap that he wore- they always kept the station so cold!- He extended a hand. "Sorry." He offered. " I didn't see you standing there."

"Oh," she accepted the hand up, necessary as the tribbles kept shifting under her weight, "it was my fault. I wasn't looking where I was thinking.. going… I mean… I was thinking of someone… thing…" Stop… breathe… continue "I'm sorry," Jenny said brightly and trying to get past the inherent distractiveness of the guy, "I'm usually much less uncoordinated."

Having had the opportunity to take stock of things, Nathan was very impressed. Of course, shoulder length Strawberry blond hair to him was a strong selling point. Combined with the rest of her obvious attributes, it was the proverbial icing on the cake. "Good thing those Tribbles were there." he noted, going with the first thing that came to mind. Stupid! Shaking off the little admonishing voice, and seeking to figure out what to say next, he once again resorted to the first thing that came to mind. "So you live on the station?"

Wishing she could halt the blush infusing her cheeks at the apparent interest the young and exceedingly striking (striking, right, he's hot) young man was displaying, Jenny almost missed the question. "Live? Oh, no… I'm just waiting to report to my assignment. I'm in Starfleet," she waved at her casual clothing, "just not, on duty right now… umm… how about you? Do you live here?" Yeah, there's a reason you've been on all of five dates since… there the thoughts went askew because, really, she hadn't thought much about dating, or boys, or much of anything for a long time after her dad had died.

"No," Nathan shook his head. "I'm just in here getting a birthday present." The truth? He decided right away that it would be a bad idea, seeing as he already knew that she was in Starfleet, he saw no need for that to be their topic of discussion. Besides, how often did he get back to the station anyhow? And surely this one chance meeting while their ships were docked at the same time wouldn't happen again for who could know how long. "For my little brother." he explained finally, having reached his decision. "He's turning eight."

"OH," Jenny held up the Transformer clone she'd glommed onto, "This might work. I mean, I really dug stuff like this when I was nine but, it's not like it's advanced physics… see?" she started to turn the small figure into what looked to be a small attack vessel, "it's a floor wax and a dessert topping!" she grinned at the expression on the boy's face, "something my uncle liked to say, when stuff did more than one thing," she explained. Belatedly, it occurred to her that it might be nice to think of the guy as something other than 'the hottie' so she held out her hand, "I'm Jenny," she said, "Anderson."

"Nate." he replied simply, neglecting to add his last name. " I don't know though. I think he doesn't play with a lot of toys though. He's pretty active. You know, always running around and getting dirty." Nathan suddenly saw what he ought to get. And how convenient that the very store where this item could be found, just happened to be located next to the "Broom Closet". the old earth style diner that served the best burgers in the quadrant. He wondered if Jenny had been there before.

"I think maybe I ought to get him a baseball glove." He informed her finally. "I think he would like that better. You got any little brothers or sisters?"

Placing her action figure in front of the cashier (how lame was she, trying to pawn off a gift for Harry to impress a guy?) Jenny dug into her jacket for the appropriate credits, "No. Only child." And given her parent's stormy relationship, she'd often wondered how they'd agreed on anything long enough to manage that.

So, now that they were both obviously finished in this store, how would he go about getting her to accompany him to the next? Or to the Broom Closet for that matter. Perhaps, he thought, the direct route might be best.

"Have you had lunch yet?" He asked hopefully.

Squeee! "Nope," and then she grinned because, really, if two negatives made a positive than surely two awkwards should totally equal a comfort zone. "And I'm starving… and I really need a chocolate shake… and… it's no fun to sit in a restaurant alone," and with that she gave Nate (great name!) a playful elbow, "I'll buy the fries," she told him, blue-gray eyes sparkling.

So, attempting to look as though having hot chicks run up on him in Toy stores every day, (( Ahh.. unexpected success!)) Nathan followed Jenny out of Ray's Toy Chest and into the busy promenade section of the station.

A collaboration between a chick named Harry and a dude named Benji.
Nolan Marc
01-8-2008, 12:38:29 PM
Working furiously with his crayons, the small cyborg was steadfastly pouring out a creation on the page that was rapidly becoming a colorful work assemblage of broad strokes and ambiguous blobs that could only be art. After several minutes of quietly playing on the floor, the boy popped back to his feet to pad his way over to the tall, dark haired woman that had been selected as his caregiver for while Benji attended to routine matters elsewhere. Holding up the drawing, the miniature Nathan Benjamin seemed eager for her to take it. "I made an artistic rendering of our meeting," the little Borg stated, as though quite pleased with himself.

Dayton, it appeared, was a red stick figure with squiggly lines for hair.

Taking the pad from the boy's hand she looked over the picture. Stick figure with brown hair. Smiliing she turned back to Three. "Thank you so much for this render." She replied back in his usual terminology. It was halting for her but with Ashli around it seemed easier. Her eyes looked over Three. It was odd how much he looked like Nate. Even though they were the same, she was still surprised. Pointing to a bluish blob near her feet in the picture Dayton asked, "what is this?"

"That is your violet blooming species of Rhododendron," Three replied simply, turning to point over to the reddish-blue flowering azalea Dayton had in her office. With a firm nod, the boy glanced back at his drawing well pleased with his capturing of the plants visual appeal. Shifting topics, in a way that only a child (or Tanner) could, the boy glanced up at the admiral and asked, "My Benji said that you were a doctor, but your function is clearly in command of the maintenance and material of this station. Isn't that chaotic?"

Everything in the Collective had its place and function. It was odd to Three how many times people versed in one function were off doing a different task.

"I guess it is chaotic." Dayton replied, her smile widening. "But I can still be a doctor when I need to be. Just right now I'm needed more for my leadership skills. What is your function on the ship?" She inquired as she put the pad up on the wall behind her desk with the drawing Dylan and Ashli had made for her.

"I go to school," Three answered in the same even, matter-of-fact tone. "I'm told I'm obnoxious and it is good socialization," the boy added nonchalantly

Dayton couldn't help but laugh at the comment. "Yes school is where you learn to socialize … have any friends in class?"

"I do not comprehend the chaotic activities of many of my classmates. There is no order to our Collective; however, I have several friends on the ship. There's Javier the Cake Man. And Counselor T'Shaini… she has dust bunnies under the sofa in her office… and Mister Harry. He lets me play with phasers on the holodeck," Three reported happily.

"Sounds wonderful." Dayton said happily. "It's always good to have friends." She replied as she stood from her desk and crossed the room. "How about drawing another picture?" She said as she sat down on the floor next to her coffee table and pulled out two more clean pads. "Maybe there is order in their chaos." She replied to the earlier statement.

Dropping to his knees and scooting along the floor over to where the admiral sat, the boy picked up one pad as though mulling over its clean surface for a moment before he looked up at Dayton and asked, "What would be the object of another picture?"

"Anything would make a great picture. As long as it interests you." The simple reply came as Dayton picked up a blue crayon. She was never a good drawer but she was determined to have fun. Her brows furrowed as she tried to think of what to draw.

"My interests are varied. There is cake, engineering, Chomper, Benji…." Three mused aloud, listing off several obvious choices as he thought about the task. Setting that thought aside for a moment, the boy asked, "Do you know where Benji went?"

"On routine errands in which he didn't want to be disturbed." Dayton replied as she started to doodle lines. "I didn't really ask, just said that I would hang with you in my office for a bit. Why do you ask?"

"I believe he has deactivated his Borg locator node," Three noted, realizing that he could not sense Benji's location for himself. "It has severed my connection with him."

"Well I'm sure he'll be back soon. Maybe it's a surprise?"

"Spontaniety would be unsurprising from Benji," Three noted, before sinking down on his rear and drawing a red crayon. "I believe I shall depict a four isotope dilithium shard as a fractal using a ten-based numerical system…" the child reported aloud as he began working on the paper.

No Crayons Were Harmed in the Writing of this Joint Post Between:
Javier Costala
01-8-2008, 03:19:19 PM
"It would appear..that the nanites Dr. Munro injected you with to help combat the virus have completely re-built your damaged ocular tissue," Doctor L'mek commented as he studied the results of Javier's tests. "The nerves and even the eyes themselves have healed at a surprising rate." He looked at the engineer then continued to study Costala's eyes with a medical instrument. "How is your sight?"

"Better doctor, I think it's even better than it was before I was infected. I..I can see better in the dark too," Javier said hesitantly, then clarified the statement, "I mean I can see in deep shadow and even pitch black doesn't keep any secrets from me.."

"You've tested your vision in those environments?" L'mek inquired.

"Yes, on the holodeck and in Main Engineering," Javier replied. "I think those nanites went 'above and beyond' in my case." He sighed then said, "I don't suppose we could keep this a secret could we? I mean I feel pretty normal, or at least I'm starting to feel that way again but this..nuisance," he really couldn't call it an ability, "will just make people more uncomfortable around me. I want to put Halcyon behind me Doc."

"Have people been treating you differently?" L'mek asked as he scanned the engineer and uploaded the information to his tricorder. He was making 'small talk' but also actively listening to every word Costala said. Since the man had been compromised by a virus that could wreak havoc on a large scale and was still under medical observation, L'mek was duty-bound to report every word and result to the CMO and Counselor. He would also have to submit a report to StarFleet Command but that would come later, first he was concerned about his patient.

"The paleness doesn't help," the engineer remarked, "and by now pretty much everyone knows that I was infected. And somebody..someone has been telling people that I started killing the other team members down there.." Could Torrik have read my thoughts while he was in that other suit? He wouldn't have told anyone..would he?

"Well I know that's untrue, I was down there, you never killed any of us," L'mek responded in disgust, "People will say anything to get attention Costala. I would just ignore the rumors if I were you." The doctor finished studying the tricorder information and looked up at Costala. "You have a clean bill of health but if anything feels wrong or you have problems don't hesitate to come see me. Unfortunately the nanites will remain in your system unless you want to have them removed via an operation."

"They seem to be doing good, as long as I don't start sprouting implants they can stay where they are," he answered as he moved towards the door. He heard Scotty barking outside the door. He had left the dog with Bramley, who was on break and could watch the small dog since animals weren't allowed in the sickbay. "Thanks Doc." he called out before leaving the room.

*T'Shaini's Quarters*

"I got us these backpacks," Javier explained as he dropped the hiker's packs on the floor near the couch, "so we can carry our clothing and necessities in them. Then I'll pack a separate duffel where we can store our food. After we make camp I'll cache the food so we can leave most of it and only take what we need while exploring the surrounding area. So that's two backpacks, a sleeping bag, food-stores, a tent, canteens, two survival knives, my e-tool, and a small phaser just in case."

T'Shaini stood behind the couch surveying the array of equipment with a vague air of bewilderment. Camping was not something her family had done so she was unfamiliar with every aspect. She felt herself nodding as if she understood the use for everything he was showing her even though there were some things she had never encountered…e-tool? Will we have e's to fix? Looking down at the very small bundle he had referred to, T'Shaini looked at him quizzically. "One sleeping bag? Would it not be customary to bring two?"

Javier paused, awkwardly, then felt his face grow flush as he found a loose strap on one of the packs that needed to be fixed at that moment. "It's..uh..sometimes customary to take two.." The strap was easily adjusted and he straightened up to find T'Shaini looking at him curiously. "But then two people who are..close..can share one and be close..closer." His face felt hot.


Well that was stupid, now she had created an awkward situation. Although, if she felt a hollowness where her emotions used to be, she was, at least, free from embarrassment. T'Shaini stepped from behind the couch and wrapped her arms around Javier. "Of course, obtuse of me."

"No, not at all, I assumed that we could..would want to..err.." Javier replied quickly, then faltered and just hugged T'Shaini. He was still unsure about how much her emotional shut-down affected her feelings toward him. "Should I pack another sleeping bag?"

"No, I think in order to ascertain how to recover my emotional pathways I need to be willing to explore every available avenue…" She shifted her body so that they were eye to eye. "and that seems a likely one to reap substantial benefits."

"I love the way you talk dirty." Javier blurted out before he thought about what he said. "I mean..since it's for counseling purposes we should leave no stone unturned." The engineer felt his face begin to heat up again. "So, any food favorites you want me to pack?" he said, changing the subject, "I'll pack some MREs but I can also get the kitchen to cook us some nicer meals for in the evening if you'll just tell me what you would like."

Ignoring for the moment his shift in subject matter she cupped his reddened face in her hands. "Though I do not feel the way I did, I know you are of utmost importance to me. I needed to make that perfectly clear." Leaning in she gently brushed her lips across his. "As for what to eat…it matters little to me. It is the time away that is paramount."

"I agree with that completely," he said. Javier had never wanted to get away from the ship so badly, but Halcyon had left a bitter taste in his mouth and the engineer wanted to go somewhere to rest, think and be with T'Shaini. He pressed his lips against hers once more. Some seclusion will be sublime.

JP by the soon to be Happy Campers
Harry Finn
01-9-2008, 09:18:27 AM
USS Hawking
Deck 14 - Main Security

“What are you doing here?”

Harry looked up from the pile o’ PADDs which he'd tossed over the main office desk, “I think it’s called ‘work’,” he informed Lieutenant Vanona Hawthorn, “otherwise known as, ‘no one on the last shift filed their duty reports’, so,” he lifted the nearest technological transgression, “I’m slamming them into the system before our cheerful and smiling Chief finds out.”

“That is an uncharacteristically kind thing for you to do,” Hawthorn narrowed her eyes. “In fact, one might suspect that you requested,” she peered down at the assembled pile, “Peress, McMennan, T’thianco, Saunders and Darvin to leave these with you, thus sparing yourself from taking your required leave time.”

Harry sat back and stared at the striking officer, “Now, Lieutenant,” he said, mildly, “where would you ever get an idea like that?”

She smiled, briefly, “Your mistake was in asking Saunders. She is to secrets as a sieve is to water.”

“Point taken,” he leaned forward, selected another PADD which Hawthorn immediately snatched away. “Ahhh…”

“Fortunately for you, however, the ruse is uncovered and you will take the appropriate time off.”

“I had time off…”

“To recover from a serious injury… injuries,” Vanona shook her head, “Now we are berthed and it is time to enjoy that long ‘Fleet tradition known as ‘shore leave’.” She tilted her head at the enigmatic officer, “And you do know why they call it shore leave, do you not?”

Harry sighed, “Because you’re supposed to…”

“…leave, yes.” Hawthorn straightened. “You were assigned the next 48 hour rotation, which departs from Transporter 2 in,” she glanced at her chronometer, “twenty-three minutes. I suggest you be there, ready for departure, in nineteen.” When he made no move to go, “You could consider this an order.”

He tilted his chin up, unable to resist the challenge, it seemed, “Why?”

“Because it is.”

Finn popped up like a Jack out of the box, “Right,” he indicated the assembled reports with one hand as he stepped away, “I guess I’ll just leave you to it, then?” Superior officer or not, sometimes a guy had to get a little of his own back.

“Harry,” he turned to see the younger officer shaking her head, a strange smile on her face, “I know it goes against your grain but, do try to have a good time.”

Finn replied with a short nod before he exited the office. He should leave a note for Gorsky, who had lately developed a suspicious need to be kept apprised of Harry’s whereabouts (which might just have something to do with Alex' sudden popularity among the female crew and a shared cabin) and collect a small kit.

Minutes later, duffle over his shoulder, Finn entered the transporter room, forty-eight hours… what the hell was he supposed to do for forty-… “Schaeffer?” He stopped, just inside the doorway, surprise and a dangerous surge of pleasure arising at the sight of the archaeologist… in that red sweater. “You’re going planetside?”

Thank you sweet baby jesus for listenin to mah prayahs. She tried to maintain her composure, but she felt something like a flush starting to darken her cheeks. "Yup, dying to get out…no idea where, what or who yet, but I am going." Here kitty kitty…

Keeping his tone light, impersonal, "Well, I can't say I know the Colony all that well, but I hear tell of a boardwalk… and there's this really nice weapons shop…"

"Kinky…how could I possibly say no." Do NOT do a little dance, do NOT do a little dance.

Just then the transporter tech initiated the sequence bringing back eight.. no, nine (Drelen was leaning on Boyce) rumpled, spent and slightly debauched members of the 'Fleet.

"Next round," the tech called and, gesturing in the classic, 'after you', Harry followed the very nice view of Kerrin Schaeffer onto the transporter pad. When the twelve Hawking crew were in place, and he felt the wash of translocation taking over, Harry finally allowed himself to smile.

"Hey, you just decimated a planet of zombies… what are you going to do now?"
Torrik Nils
01-9-2008, 10:44:59 AM
:: SS Megiddo ::
:: Office of Operations ::

“I’m not asking for any Sigma Nine level information, I just want to know the status of…”

“As I’ve told you Lieutenant Torrik,” the Ensign at the Operations front desk repeated for what seemed like the eighth time. “All information regarding the Sentinel is classified until such time as the judiciary committee and panel of Federation diplomats release the information.”

“But I’m assigned to the Sentinel,” Nils said raising his voice. “I’ve received no orders changing that assignment and until I do I feel it imperative that I report in to my current assignment. You don’t seem to realize…”

“I realize,” the interrupting Ensign said, “that I’m under orders to discuss the USS Sentinel with no one but the Admiralty. Your pips indicate to me that you are not admiralty.”

“Your pips indicate to me, Ensign, that you should watch your tone,” Nils growled, his voice cool and quiet. His furrowed brow displayed the severity of his mood.

“Yes, sir,” the ensign offered with little more than obligatory politeness. “But that doesn’t change a thing… What I can do is submit a request for your updated assignment. A lot of the Sentinel crew were lost in the shuffle and…that’s odd…” The young ensign’s eyes scanned the display in front of him. “You’re listed as MIA.”

Nils sighed and brought his hand to his forehead. He massaged his hairline to relieve the stress. “That is part of what I’ve been trying to tell you. During a survey mission, my shuttle was pulled through a… Never mind. Obviously I’m not MIA. I’m standing right here and I’d like to report to my ship.”

The ensign, only just beginning to see the depth of the problem, nodded. “If you’ll have a seat I’ll see if I can’t find out where you should report in.”

~ An Hour Later ~

“Lt. Torrik,” called a voice from the main desk. The male ensign Nils had been speaking with previously had been replaced by a female one. “I have some information for you.”

“Good,” Nils said snapping from his seat.

“Your status has been changed from MIA to Unassigned, pending identity confirmation. Following your…”

“Identity confirmation,” Nils repeated in awe.


“Of course your identity will have to be confirmed before you are reassigned. You’ll report to Megiddo Medical for a full mitochondrial work up. As I was saying, following confirmation you will report to Operations for a full debriefing concerning Sentinel’s final mission.”

There were so many things wrong with that statement that Nils didn’t know what to respond to first. What bothered him most, however, was the fact that Sentinel’s most recent mission was considered her final one by the brass.

“I… I…” Emotion threatened to seep into his voice. With a quiet resolve he crushed it and continued his plea. “I am Torrik Nils. I’m standing right here.” The young lieutenant paused to let his pronouncement sink in. “And I’ve been fully debriefed on board the USS Hawking. I submitted a full report and I feel certain all of this should be explained in Captain Benjamin’s logs.”

“I’m not privy to any Captain’s logs, so I can’t comment on that. But what I can tell you is that you need to report to medical for a full DNA scan and pending the results Operations will contact you for an appointment concerning your debriefing.”

“This is absurd,” Nils said angrily throwing his hands in the air.

“You’ll find Medical on deck…”

“I know where Megiddo Medical is,” Nils spat venomously. He spun on his heal and stormed toward the exit. “I’m sleeping with the former CMO…” he added in quiet frustration. The angry Bajoran set course for his next appointment, which he was sure would be just as fruitful as this one had been.
Anthony Trann
01-9-2008, 12:11:26 PM
Anthony awoke, rubbings his eyes, a strange dream he had just had. He noticed that his hands were uncuffed, and so were his legs. But now he was in a holding cell, awaiting whatever fate that lay before him.
"Its good to have you back Sarjek" Said a voice, a Romulan stood outside his cell, just out of reach of the containment field.
"How do you know that name?" Said Anthony, he stood up and sat back down one of the benches.
"And you don't even know who you really are, Sarjek, Agent of the Tal'Shiar?" Said the Romulan, Anthony could recognize her voice, but couldn't pinpoint from where, her question he gave no reply.
"We'll talk later" Said the Romulan, a sad note in her voice.

Anthony scratched his head, where was he?, The hum suggested that he was being held in a Romulan Bird of prey, the hum could always be mistaken for a force field hum, of which he could be in a romulan outpost, or worse, Romulas. He streched his legs, then searched the cell for any means of escape, a small ventalation hatch could be his salvation, but they were whatching, he would have to wait for the changing of the guard or anything of the nign, a time period he did not know.

Either way, he had to stay put for the moment…
01-9-2008, 09:07:55 PM
"And on the third day at 0900 I transport you to…" the transporter chief's voice died down as T'Shaini entered the room. Javier thanked the man one last time for helping him with the pre-arranged plans and then put the last of he and the counselor's gear on the transporter platform. It's going to be three wonderful days.. the engineer thought to himself as he lifted the backpacks, food storage duffel, sleeping bag, tent pack and a long wooden case onto the platform. "The chief said we need to take our commbadges with us since our leave could be recalled if there's trouble," he told T'Shaini as he handed her the small silver and gold emblem then attached his own to the marine webbing he wore.

"That's right lieutenant, it's the Captain's orders ma'am," the transporter chief stated, backing up Costala's story and fighting off the urge to wink at the engineer as they put their plan into action.

Nodding at the instructions T'Shaini stepped onto the transporter pad absentmindedly pinning her commbadge to her clothing while looking over what seemed to be an enormous amount of equipment. "Perhaps I should have asked this before, but where are we going?"

"Down to the colony, I remember you saying you had been to the urban sector before but we'll be heading out to the rural areas," Javier replied before giving the chief a smile and a nod of his head. Light wrapped around he and T'Shaini's forms and their molecules were caught up in the transporter beam. When the light faded they found themselves standing on a grassy plain that was near the foothills of a small mountain range. A dirt road led up into the foothills. Beside them was an Argo vehicle, fully fueled and ready to start the first part of their journey. "I commed a friend in the marines and he let us use this," Javier remarked as he packed their luggage into the back of the vehicle. Glancing around as he placed the backpacks in the Argo's storage racks, Javier nodded towards a glint of sunlight in the distance.

"That's the colony. We're probably five or six miles away from the outskirts. I've never actually been to it before..heard alot about it from marines on leave though, apparently it's quite a town," he said.

"I have always enjoyed any time spent there." Inwardly grateful that they would not be carrying all of their equipment to the campsite T'Shaini took a deep breath of the fragrant air and looked around at the verdant landscape. "Green, it is very…green."

Javier finished packing the vehicle and slid into the passenger seat. He glanced over at T'Shaini, "I hope you know how to drive."

A slight frown creased her brow. "I do, is your vision not fully returned?" T'Shaini climbed into the driver's seat and knelt facing Javier so she could take his face in her hands as she searched for signs of infirmity. "If you are unfit we can always find an alternative activity."

"No, I just always worked the gun on this," he replied and turned to tap the empty carriage where the .30 cal would be attached on the roll bar, "so I never learned to drive it very well. And I've always heard they are fun to drive so I thought you might like to." He pulled away from her grasp. "I'm fine, really," Javier reassured T'Shaini, "the eyes are good, the body is good..needs some sun but I can get that the next few days. The doc gave me the 'green light' so lets go." He took a map from the side-pocket of the khaki cargo pants he was wearing and unfolded it on his lap.

Perhaps jumping to conclusions is a good sign… "Ahh, I apologize for my overzealous response." Settling herself into the Argo she familiarized herself with the operations, engaged the engine and started forward. "Seeing as this is the only road I will assume we are to proceed in this direction." After approximately thirty minutes of travel, Javier signaled for them to pull off the road. Once the packs were secured on their persons (thank goodness Javier knew what he was doing) they hiked another thirty minutes until they reached a clearing. Ringed with tall trees of the coniferous varietal and bordered by a small tributary who's melody underscored the beauty of the site T'Shaini felt as if she were lightyears away from the past several months. So engulfed by the allure of the surroundings, she stood as if turned to stone.

As T'Shaini studied their surroundings Javier dropped his pack and the food duffel to the ground. He had secured the wooden case to his backpack and checked it to make sure it was sealed. The seal had not been compromised so he laid it to the side and approached the counselor from behind. He lifted the pack while she undid the fasteners then took her pack and set it on the ground. "First of all we need to clear a space on the ground for our tent and fire. If you'll pick up the branches, I'll sweep the area clear," he said before breaking off a couple of low branches from a nearby tree.

Not having the slightest inkling as to what they were supposed to accomplish and content to drink in the unfamiliar setting, T'Shaini gathered every limb, branch and twig she could find and flung it as far from where Javier was cleaning as possible.

While sweeping the area clear, Javier heard T'Shaini grunt in exhertion a couple of times, figuring she was picking up large branches he didn't bother to look up until he remembered there weren't that many large branches on the ground. A loud crack caused him to look up from where he was sweeping the ground clear of twigs and leaves. The counselor was hurling the branches into the woods. "We could always use those for the fire instead of throwing them away," he suggested.

"Oh." Thought it was warm enough mid day, it made sense that in the evening they would need a fire. I am considered to have a modicum of intelligence, perhaps I should use it…or at least admit my deficiency. She cleared her throat lightly as if to make a pronouncement. "I should make it clear…if this has not already done so, that I have never been camping and it is likely that I will have absolutely no idea what to do even if give clear instructions." With that she began to gather up the wood she had tossed away.

Javier smiled and stopped sweeping the ground so he could walk over to where T'Shaini was collecting wood. "I'll gather up the wood. If you could find us five or six large stones, we could use them to make a crude fireplace of sorts. Try and find at least three or four with a flat top so we can set the coffee pot and pans on them for cooking," he instructed as Javier took the wood from her. "And remember there are no prerequisites for camping," the engineer said before swooping in for a quick kiss.

Being bordered by a stream, finding the requested masonry was easily done. After having formed them in what she believed to be the proscribed arrangement she turned to see that Javier had already regained all the firewood she had lost. He set the wood beside the circle of stones and built a small pyramidal structure of the smaller branches, some dry moss and leaves. Leaving this to light later, Javier unpacked the tent and took it to the larger area he had swept clean in the clearing. "The guy I bought this from said it would practically set itself up," he said as he flung the tent outward. Instead of popping up into a small bubble-like nylon structure, the tent belly-flopped to the ground amid a rattle of poles and loose fabric.

"Aww crap!" Javier proclaimed. He looked in the tent pack for a set of instructions on erecting the temporary shelter but found nothing. "I'm gonna kill that guy." He looked at the pile of fabric, with the poles sticking out of it, it looked like a porcupine that was having a bad hair day. Frowning, he began to spread the fabric out while taking time to remove any poles from it and trying not to tear the tent.

"Is it supposed to function in that manner?" The glare she received from Javier told her that it was not. Making her way over she began to carefully assist in extricating the long stick like objects from the material on the ground.

I will not get mad. I will not lose my temper. I will stay in good spirits until I see Private Tollet..then I'll break his arm..that grifter. Javier told himself as he pulled one of the poles from the tent, with its exit came a deep ripping sound. Javier growled as he looked at the pole and rope which still had a metal tent stake tied to it. "Honestly! What kind of idiot packs up a tent with the stakes still tied to the lines?"

"Err…" Since it was as if he were speaking with out a translator to her she had no idea what her response should be….but she gathered that ripping noise had not been good. "A big idiot?"

"Precisely," Javier replied tersely as he continued to remove the poles. After five minutes of pulling out poles, untying rope and removing tent stakes it became obvious that the tent would never function as its creator had originally intended. The former marine stuffed the stakes back into the tent pack along with the bent, useless poles then took out his e-tool, a small shovel/axe and began looking at the trees that ringed the clearing. "I'm going to build a shelter using some branches, the rope and that fabric as a tarp," Javier explained, "I always wondered if taking survival training was worth-while..I guess now it's paying off."

"Would it be advantageous if I…" T'Shaini's words drifted toward Javier's rapidly retreating (and rather grumpy looking) back. Unwilling to play the helpless female but not sure of what to do because there was absolutely nothing in her skill set that would be to their advantage she began to poke at the offending assemblage of textile with her toe, as if prodding it would some how cause it to leap into the correct form. Squatting down beside it, she tipped her head and looked down thoughtfully. "Would you care to discuss anything?" The tent remained silent. "I can assure you this sort of thing happens to everyone sometimes."

JP Lewis and Clarkejawea
Harry Finn
01-9-2008, 09:32:36 PM
USS Hawking
In the Shadows

In the glass there was another face… on top of his or lurking beneath… it was hard to say. He only knew that it wasn’t his and it carried a soul of its own, with separate duties and unique designs and so cared nothing for his own needs.

Less than nothing.

Worse, this other aspect… being… held (pushed, shoved) him down, drowning out his words, masking his deeds and had only in sleep allowed him the briefest opportunities to breathe, to see, to act as himself.

But it wouldn't last. Every day, looking into the mirror, he saw more of himself and less of the other. Every minute brought his desires closer to the surface and subsumed the other’s more. Soon it was the pretender who would look, helpless, into their reflection and know what it was to live inside this prison of flesh.

Hurry up, please, it’s time

Tilting his head to better catch the shadow of his remembered features, the two countenances melded briefly, side by side and it was Janus, the two-faced god, symbol of change, who occupied the looking glass. Neither himself nor the other, but the culmination of both.

And seeing this image, these stratified expressions, he remembered words from before, from his other life…

“There will be time, there will be time
To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet;
There will be time to murder and create,
And time for all the works and days of hands
That lift and drop a question on your plate;
Time for you and time for me…”

It would have been difficult to say which of the two reflected in the mirror was more surprised that the words had been spoken aloud.

*Shhhhh, it's a secret
Harry Finn
01-10-2008, 11:38:33 AM
"I thought it was fascinating how the bone mass of the Klingon skeleton corresponded almost exactly to the…." Kerrin's flood of enthusiasm was stemmed as she looked at the unholy shade of green that Harry had turned. "errr, or that the bundle of nerves located at the junction of the neck of the Vulcan specimen explains why they developed the nerve…pinch….regardless of how effective it is on other…races…." Face screwed up in apology Kerrin led Harry over to a nearby bench. "I am guessing you weren't as thrilled with that as I was."

Harry now understood just how Kerrin had gotten her squishy sense of humor… she was a natural for the haunted house/splatter film trade. "I was good until we got to the working example of the Pakled digestive system," he told her, truthfully enough. After all, he'd only spent how many hours blowing out rotten brains on the planet from hell… what were a few multi-colored, overly-slimy, artificially preserved organs compared to… "Ohh boy," he leaned back on the bench, eyes closed and waited for the quease to move on.

Tactical error… "Ermm…well yes, that freaky extra organ that secretes the bile for the…" At those words she saw Harry swallow convulsively. Shut up shut up shut up.

Opening one eye, he noted the imminent panic on her face and forced himself to get a grip… as it happened, the grip he got took her by the hand, to which he offered a gentle squeeze before he straightened and considered the reality of the woman next to him. "I'm glad you wanted to show me… I'm not glad I saw it… but I'm glad you wanted to…"

She had to bite the inside of her cheek as he struggled to be supportive. Who knows what sweetness lurks… "I am sorry, it never even occurred to me that it would be gross, well for you…I mean I know it is gross…but I figured you were in security so you had seen it all." Dumbass She dropped her face into her free hand and mumbled out the next words. "Which is why it is so gross for you…not just a clinical observation."

"Come on," he tugged the hand he felt unwilling to relinquish and rose from the bench, taking Kerrin along for the ride, "let's walk." As he started to move he began to feel more himself… which was generally the case. "It's not so much because of what I see in action," he commented, "more that, in action, there's usually too much going on to be distracted by the, ah, bits. Adrenaline helps, too," he added before glancing to his left and seeing something that might be promising. Pausing in front of Serendipity's window he looked down at the assembled chocolate sculptures on display, "I think I owe you a heart."

Stumbling a bit at his phrase she regained her footing when she saw what he was looking at. "Ha…no, you don't owe me anything," What is wrong with you! Yeah, stomp on him when he is being nice…no wonder you never date. "but you can never go wrong with chocolate."

Looking at her, he felt an overwhelming urge to kiss away the nerves playing across her features but his conscience made a coward of him before he could give in. They weren't on ship, true but in the store's window he'd noted the reflections of people, strangers, glancing their way and he felt again the fear of history repeating itself. He'd kept his relationship with Sara a secret and still it had killed her… and the rest of them. Where did he get off, doing the same thing now, just because he was attracted… beyond attracted… what if…?

He was staring at her…had she said something wrong? She felt her breath start to come faster as she watched the thoughts rocket across his face. Wow…intense. Trying to shake off the urge to kiss him in the middle of the street, not because she thought it was a bad idea, but because she was afraid he would, she forced a smile. "Do I have something on my face?"

"What? No," he told her, back in the present. In the present, where he wanted to live but, Harry realized, he couldn't even hope for a place there until he'd dealt with the past and part of that meant…

Opening the door to the shop he spotted a nook towards the rear which should work out fine. "Let's just… take a few minutes," he said, "and I'll tell you a story."

Disappointment washed over her as he snapped out of whatever reverie he was in…and from his reaction it was not about her. But hold on….a story. Maybe this was when she got to hear everything he had been alluding to in the letter and in past conversation. "Lay on MacDuff…"

First dates SUCK
Jillian Munro
01-10-2008, 03:36:33 PM
:: Megiddo Station - Sickbay ::

The journey to Megiddo Medical was quick and painless. Nils knew that the actual visit would be neither. He entered quickly and with an air of annoyance hoping to intimidate any nurses on duty.

"My name is Lieutenant Torrik Nils, and I'm here…" he spoke quickly, but was interrupted nonetheless. The interruptions did nothing for his mood.

"We know why you're here Mister Nils," a Bolian female said without looking up from her terminal.

Biting his lip to keep from overreacting to the mispronunciation of his name, he sighed in agitation. "Well then can we speed things along a little then? I need to verify my damned identity so I can find out where I belong…"

"That sort of harassment won't do anything to "speed things along," Mister Nils…if that is your real name…" The Bolian finally looked up with a sour expression. "We'll fit you in as soon as possible. Mitochondrial analyses are time consuming tests."

"Ah damn… I don't have a lot of time…I'm…in a hurry!" The pent up frustration threatened to overwhelm the young officer.

"Mister Nils, perhaps you would like to schedule for tomorrow instead, then you won't have to wait around." the Bolian nurse replied with a sweet sarcastic tone, "Now, if you don't mind…" she motioned towards the door, "…either take a seat or feel free to leave."

Through pursed lips and fury Nils responded with a threatening tone. "I'm…not…leaving…" He locked eyes with the nurse. "I have to prove I am who I say I am… Because whether anyone at Starfleet command cares to believe it or not…I am Mister Nils." His rant got louder as he spoke. "And until you say I am who I am, I can't do a damn thing on this Prophet forsaken station that I need…to get…done." He slammed his fists down on the counter to punctuate his last words.

The nurse held her stare with the angry Bajoran for as long as she could, she sighed, "I don't usually do this, and given your behavior I really shouldn't, but…" she looked around to make sure nobody was in ear-shot, "…I'll ask one of our visiting doctors if she can take a look at you. She's only in sickbay for a few hours, but given your situation, I'm sure she won't mind. That is…if that's alright with you."

Nils nodded curtly. "That's fine." He backed away from the counter feeling an inner sense of triumph.

A few minutes later, Nils heard the Nurse talking from down the hall, "He claims he needs this done immediately. I'm so sorry to bother you like this Doctor, I know you're busy, but he said he won't leave until we've confirmed his identity."

The nurse turned the corner, along with her visiting doctor.

"Doctor Munro, this is Mister Nils."

Nils slapped his forehead and deflated a bit. He couldn't help but smile. "Figures…"

Jillian crossed her arms. Obviously amused, "Ah, yes. Mister Torrik Nils," she held out her hand, ready to shake, "I've heard about you," she added with a sly smile.

The nurse seemed satisfied with their introduction, "Alright, I'll leave you to in then, Doc." She looked over and Nils, "And do behave Mister Nils, Doctor Munro is one our most respected Doctors."

As soon as the nurse closed the examination room door, Nils grabbed Jillian around the waist and pulled her in close. He nuzzled his face into her neck and groaned. "What a day I'm having…" The frustration was evident in his voice, but the mere presence of Jillian took the edge off considerably. Allowing himself to melt into her was therapeutic beyond words. "Sign the papers vouching for who I am and let's play doctor for a while," he said, his tone wicked.

Jillian kissed his nose playfully, "I don't know about that…I may have to run some tests," she stepped back and pulled out her medical tricorder, "This has me worried, I mean, what if I've been cheating on my boyfriend this entire time. I would have had no idea," she teased.

Nils' countenance fell and he feigned a broken heart. "Please no tests…" The Bajoran pressed into Jillian's body and picked her up, only to set her down again on the biobed she'd been standing in front of. "Besides maybe I'm not Torrik Nils… Maybe I'm some alien manifestation from an alternate reality." He gently maneuvered himself between Jillian's thighs, obliterating the miniscule distance between their bodies. Placing both hands on the biobed to either side of her he said, "You know what they say… Once you go alien…" He cast her an evil grin and tried to move in for a kiss.

She rested both of her hands on his face and leaned in to return the kiss, "I think…" she continued to kiss him, "…there's only one way to be certain." Sliding her hands underneath his shirt and onto his warm skin, she pulled him up onto the biobed, "If you're an imposter…I'll know."

Nils frantically unzipped his uniform jacket and cast it to the floor. "Computer," he said, his voice becoming breathless, "Dim lights."

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Torrik Nils
01-10-2008, 03:48:12 PM

~Significantly Later…~

:: SS Megiddo ::
:: Medical ::

“Thank you for the…uh…thorough examination, Doctor. You’ve really made my day,” Nils said, passing the Bolian nurse. “Easier…” he added suddenly after bearing the brunt of the nurse’s curious glance. “I mean Operations will be glad to know I passed your…scrutiny.”

“Of course, Lieutenant,” Jillian said with a wink. “Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.”

“Be sure of it,” the cheery Bajoran said. “Oh…and uh…nice tattoo,” he added on his way out the door. He chuckled at his own mischievousness as he traveled quickly back to Operations.

A sense of relief played at the fringes of his general good mood. Day by day he and Jillian had managed to mend fences since their breakup. And in an odd way, Halcyon had been the beginning of that healing. Only the Prophets could salvage something good from that disaster of a planet.

As he strolled back into Operations, Nils smiled broadly at the woman behind the counter. “Lt. Torrik Nils, with genetic proof of my identity in hand…” he said, almost smiling. He held up the PADD Jillian had signed off on and offered it to the Ensign. “You wouldn’t believe what I had to go through to get this,” he said. He took inner joy from a joke only he could fully appreciate. “You really…wouldn’t believe it…” His uncharacteristic good mood was instantly cut short.

“Good,” said the ensign. “I’ve been waiting for your return… You’re to report to the runabout Amur, leaving tomorrow for a brief survey mission.”

“What” Nils snapped his face suddenly serious.

“The Amur is scheduled for a routine planetary survey mission in the Tautine system and you’re the science advisor assigned to task. Shouldn’t be long though… Three or four weeks from the orders I’m viewing…” The ensign handed another PADD to Nils with mission details. He was dumbfounded.

“The Hawking will leave the station by then…” the helpless science officer hissed through a clenched jaw.

“And?” Clearly the Operations receptionist was unsure what this had to do with anything.

“Do you people even read mission logs… Look,” Nils started trying to regain composure. “Captain Nathan Benjamin has asked me to take the Chief of Science position aboard the USS Hawking. This is the post I want.” His own words surprised him. He’d come to Operations to inquire as to the fate of his former post, Sentinel. Only after the threat leaving Hawking became real did he fully realize his own desires. “I want to stay on the Hawking,” he said again to cement it even for himself.

“You are more than welcome to submit a formal petition for a change of assignment,” the ensign said handing him yet another PADD. “Things are a bit different here in the Gamma Quadrant and I feel sure you will be accommodated.”

“Thank you,” Nils said, allowing the panic to drift off slowly.

“You should receive a reply in seven to ten days, Megiddo standard.”

“Seven to ten days,” Nils yelled desperately. “But the Amur leaves tomorrow. If I’m not on that ship…”

“You’ll probably be in a fair bit of trouble,” she interrupted with a smile. “Some people might even call it going AWOL.” Her tone was becoming patronizing.

“But if I’m not here when the Hawking leaves…”

“Then you’ll be left behind,” the ensign said waving him off. “Now Lieutenant, we’re very busy here. If you don’t have any real business with the office, I suggest you move on. I’ve called security on individuals whose behavior was better than yours.”

Nils shuffled the PADDs in his hand and backed off a little. Though his mind was clicking along at warp speed there was nothing the Bajoran could think to say or do. Nils was completely at a loss. He suddenly realized he should have never left the security of the Hawking.
Anthony Trann
01-10-2008, 07:46:30 PM
Anthony awoke again, awoke tired and hungry, from what he could tell he had been kept in the cell for at least 6 hours. As ghastly as the situation was, he had to hold on.
"Sarjek" Said a voice, Anthony looked up to see a Romulan man, as familiar as the last.
"Place your hand on your right eye" Said the man, Anthony gave no reply.
"do it!" Yelled the man, as Anthony saw the man raise his hand with a small device in his hands Anthony did so. A blue wave of energy surrounded the room as the forcefield deactivated itself, the man reactivated the forcefield and pointed to the shaft, then ran off.

Here was his chance, Anthony thought to himself, but it was to easy, it was if they wanted him to escape, whatever, doubts will slow him down. He heard the trumpet of feet as he pulled the hatch open, and slid through, closing it again as so to cover his tracks. He continued sliding through the small shaft, speeding up again and again, a bad sense of feeling aroused in his gut as he continued sliding. Small beams of light flashed itself at the end of the shaft as Anthony slid through, breaking the small hatch, as he slid through he grabbed a small hand rail, and stared down at hell.

The huge factory was obvious responsible for life, Molten metals poured in to large containers in rivers, devices slammed around large metal blocks and large pumps squeezed air out. What felt like 40 degrees Celsius was like a hot tub to Anthony, he hung over a large river of molten metals which poured these metals onto large plates. He waited until the stream was interrupted, then dropped down. The slide was still burning hot, Anthony stood up non his boots to avoid being burnt, then the gate opened back up, and he made a quick jump over the head, blistering his hand as he leaped over the edge. He landed on top of a platform, a rolling platform, Large blocks slammed on top of the small plates, and out of them cool metal slabs.

Anthony looked to his sides and found an alternate root, this one onto a cat walk, He jumped down the some 5 meter jump, hoping not to break his leg. As he landed a bolt unbuckled, the cat walked snapped underneath him, he grabbed onto the edge of the more stable section as he watched the other part fall into oblivion. He latched his other hand onto the catwalk as a pair of strong human hands grabbed onto his.

"Gotcha" Said the same voice earlier. This time he had a human face.
"Your not romulan" Said Anthony, the man laughed.
"Well that bits obvious, I don't believe you will remember, friends call me Surrel" Said Surrel, he pointed towards an exit as they both walked along towards it.
"Appearance masking?" Asked Anthony, Surrel nodded.
"So, Sarjek, how you feeling?"
"I don't even know if I want to be called Sarjek" Said Anthony, his expression dropping.
"Oh yes, amnesia" Said Surrel, he scratched his head as he handed Anthony civilian clothing.
"You call yourself, Anthony now?" Asked Surrel, Anthony nodded.
"Come on, we'll go to a nice secret place with all your old plans and discussed whats happened so far" Said Surrel, he opened the door which lead to an interior, more specially, a Bio-dome. Anthony was immediatly taken by the majesty of the dome, its furnishings sang with glee as the colors of autumn were mimicked.

This was a long day indeed.
Javier Costala
01-11-2008, 12:37:20 PM
The tent had not lived up to its potential so Javier had fashioned a shelter from freshly cut wooden poles, rope and the large pieces of untorn fabric. He used part of the tent fabric as the roof, securing it with the lines and tent stakes. The other part he stretched out on the ground to use as a tarp then anchored it with their packs and the sleeping bag. It was make-shift but would say standing just as long as they weren't assailed by a wind storm. Not too bad if I say so myself.. the engineer thought proudly as he stared at what had taken him just over two hours to build.

"How's that fire coming?" he asked T'Shaini. While building the shelter she had helped him move and and tie down poles but after that there had not been much that he needed help with. Javier had then suggested she try her hand at fire-building.

"I have assembled the wood in the proscribed fashion, but however steely my glare…it does not seem to ignite. I hope there is something in the equipment you brought along that will serve."

"Oh!" Javier exclaimed then dug around in his pant's pockets and extracted the small hand phaser he had brought along. "Setting 3 should do it," he remarked as he tossed her the phaser. "I'm going to get us some chairs and a table," Javier said as he walked back into the woods.

T'Shaini acknowledged his direction with a nod, it was not until the fire had been set alight that she heard them. "Get a chair and tables?" Where and how? As she was turning in confusion he reappeared dragging logs large enough to pass for exactly what he had described. "I must admit I was wondering if you were hiding a furniture shop somewhere out there." She said as she moved to assist him. Once they were settled, food was unpacked and prepared over the fire that she had generated. With things going in a linear fashion finally, this was turning out to be quite a bit more comfortable than she had anticipated. As dusk began to settle T'Shaini peered upwards through the trees. "The cloud cover on this planet causes quite an array of colors, quite pleasing to the eye." She reached out and squeezed Javier's hand. "Thank you, this was something I never would have thought to experience on my own."

Squeezing her hand in reply, he grinned and said, "It's quiet and away from the ship. After Halcyon..I needed some time to think and be by myself..and with you. But it's hard to do that with both of us on duty at different shifts and the ship running on less crew. We never really had time to recover from Q before being thrust into Tennyson's world." Javier slid down, sitting on the ground, so that he could lean against the log behind him. His face took on a more serious expression as he said, "I thought about bringing Lia out here after our dealings with Q but after Halcyon I'm not so sure the ship would be a safe place for her."

"Mmm." The growing chill in the air had T'Shaini joining Javier on the floor…ground to lean against the warmth he always emitted. How does he do that? "True enough, there is no guarantee of safety on a starship…but is there anywhere? And she would be with…" Remembering the conversation with Harry sobered the Vulcan counselor, if it were possible to be more sober than she was. "I have been requested to enlist your aid." As succinctly as possible she outlined the story Harry had told her and what was requested of him. Scooting her legs beneath his for maximum contact, she hugged one arm into her chest, ridiculously thin Vulcan blood means lack of environmental temperature control bad, and leaned her chin on his shoulder to look up at him. "More than that you will need to inquire of Harry."

"I..I'll think about it," Javier answered with a non-committal tone. What do I owe Harry Finn? Not a thing.. Then he remembered the man who had consoled him on Halcyon when his world had been nothing but darkness and pain. He wanted to shoot me before that though.. "I have responsibilities..I've always had them but lately I've realized how important they..how important she is," he explained. "I've been acting like a fool T'Shaini. I thought I could leave Lia with my parents and that would be okay for her..and for me. But it's not. When Q took her away.." The engineer stopped talking and looked out at the night sky as his eyes watered.

"I thought I would never see her again. But somehow I made it through. Then on Halcyon I did something so stupid..I ingested the virus. I nearly took myself away from her permanently..I can't do that anymore." Javier locked eyes with T'Shaini. "I can't help Harry." He suddenly realized that she was feeling cold and reached over to move a branch deeper into the fire. When he moved back he shifted his body then pulled her up onto his lap so he could hold her close to him while the fire blazed. "You're only going to profile the person, not get involved right?"

She began to relax once her body temperature was raised by his, I wonder if it has something to do with him being from Portugal… and considered his statement. "I understand your concerns regarding Lia, you must, of course, do what you believe is best for her and yourself." She paused to reflect on how the heat of his body seemed not to need to pass through her emotions to generate a physical reaction within her. Fascinating. "I rather think that I am already involved from the operative's point of view, he did leave the message on the unit in my quarters."

"I don't want you to get involved anymore than you have to," he said, hugging her close, enjoying the warmth generated by their proximity to each other. "Harry..doesn't think about collateral damage. He's driven to do what he has to do and everything else be damned. I don't want you to get caught in the middle of a blast from his past."

"I do not think that is an entirely accurate portrayal of his point of view. He was hesitant to include me, I offered. Truthfully I doubt it matters whether I assist or not, the fact that I was chosen to receive a message makes it clear that I have been singled out." She shifted her body in his lap so that she could look into his eyes. "And if I have been singled out, I fear that it will include you as well."

I can't get involved..what if my luck runs out this time. he thought as he looked into T'Shaini's brown eyes, But she's been pulled in already..and I love her too. I can't make the choice between her or Lia. "If you're singled out then it already includes me," Javier admitted to her before pressing his lips against hers. His arms pulled her body closer as he sucked on her lower lip. Using his tongue to trace her lips, Javier deepened the kiss as his hand pushed her hair gently away from her face.

"Mmmmm…that is exactly what I am afraid of." For the moment letting go of her concerns, she let herself fall into the physiological sensations his touch created. Emotions or no, there is a reason there are so many human/vulcan hybrids. Embracing the freedom of the purely physical, she rose above Javier and found herself mesmerized by his responses to their joining. Sliding her hands up his back she dove into the oblivion of a physical release in the hopes it would trigger an emotional one.

Much, much, much later, as they lay entwined in the single sleeping bag, a very good idea indeed, she ran her fingers through his hair, enjoying the tactile a while longer as she reflected on the synergism of their union. Replete from his demonstration of affection she searched within…it was as if there was a space in the corner of a chest… where there had been some treasure but of what shape she could not recall…and hoped that he could not sense it.

The interior of the sleeping bag was sweltering after their prolonged coupling. He pushed the fabric back from them, uncovering their arms and shoulders. At the sight of her bare skin, Javier began to gently place butterfly kisses over T'Shaini's neck and shoulders. I am so glad I only packed one sleeping bag. he thought as he held her close and let his lips move over the exposed skin. Through all the physical pleasure he sensed that something was holding T'Shaini back.

"Is this okay?" he whispered into her ear, "Did I do something wrong? Or..?"

Oh. She should have known he would know. She took his face in her hands and kissed him gently. "No, you were perfect…with you it is always perfect…it is..it is my…" She broke off, unable to articulate the hollowness within in any clear fashion, "please, do not judge yourself by my lack."

Lack of what? he thought in confusion before realizing she was referring to her emotional block. "They'll come back," he reassured T'Shaini, "and when they do I'll still be right here, waiting." His serious features suddenly broke into a grin. "Until then we should..how did you say it..'explore every available avenue'" Javier told her as he pulled the sleeping bag up over their heads once more.

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Vince Stryfe
01-11-2008, 04:56:13 PM
.:: USS Hawking : Vince’s Quarters : Outside of Door ::.

Vince stood in front of his door, just staring at it, thankful that he was finally back on the ship. The last several hours had been quite fun for him with all the gun fire, but the zombies were just a little much. He opened the door and sauntered inside. He tossed the ragged shirt into the recycler just inside, then fell back on his bed. He laid there soaking in the comfort of his bed, closing his eyes. Just as his eyes closed, he felt himself get pulled off his bed.

When he hit the floor, he rolled over and shot to his feet. In front of him stood a man he hadn’t seen for at least three years, but he remembered him all to well. They circle each other in the center of room, watching each other, waiting for the other one to make a move. They both lunged in at the same time, grappling into what looked like the ancient Roman Greco. Just as it seemed like it was going to be some grappling match, Vince throws his arm around the other man’s neck and throws him to the ground. As Vince jumped on top of him, ready to secure the man, his leg was grabbed from under him, sending him to the floor, then he found himself in a choke hold. He bent his arm, and shifted himself then elbowed the them man in the vicinity of his kidneys. The hold on Vince was released as they stood back up. The circling began again, and they stared at each other. In a quick moment, they lunged again, but this time they went into a hug.

“ You sorry son of a bitch, I thought I told you to watch out for those kidney shots.” Vince stepped back from the man.

“ I know, but I thought I had you this time, it played out a lot like the last time, and I won that little entanglement.” The man straitened his shirt, then sat in the chair at the desk.

“ Well, Scott Marshell, I was a little off that time, so you’ll have to excuse me for that, but I do believe that I am the one in the lead on this little sparing matches.” Vince walked into the bathroom,” But enough of all that , what are you doing on the Hawking?”

Scott rotated the chair to face the direction of the bathroom,” Well I was sent out here to Space Station Megiddo, and I heard that the Hawking was in need of a Chief Helmsman, and that they were on their way here, so I asked for the assignment, and when you guys arrived I was told that the position had been filled while out on mission, and that you were it. So I decided that I’d go with the good ol’ days and come on as your second in command, that is if you and the Captain are ok with it.”

“ Well, I’m the Chief Helm, so the decision is all mine, so of course you are going to be the next guy on the list. Besides you’re a LT. J.G. so you kinda have the right to the job.” Vince stepped out of the bathroom, tossing the rest of the closes into the recycler. He was wearing a pair of gym shorts, and Pike City Pioneer’s shirt, but the logo was crossed out and a Paige City Monarchs logo was on the back with the words,’ You know we’re the best’,” Anyway, I’m not even gonna be on duty for a bit, but I am going to be doing something quite nice if you want to give me a hand.”

“ I can only imagine what the son of Victor Stryfe has up his sleeve, but this is an actual running starship, so you’re not thinking’ of what we did back when we were fourteen are you?” Scott raised an eyebrow.

Vince turned around and walked over to his closet,” I don’t think freaking everyone out with a mach core shutdown would be a very good idea, besides, I am the Chief Helm, so they may get a bit angry,” Vince walked back out of the closet wearing the same t-shirt, but now had on a pair of boots and cargo pants,” What I’m thinking of is something from our childhood, but we’ve never touched it til now, before it was more of a dream.”

Scott stood up,” I’m listening.”

“ Do you still have your maintenance clothes from back in our perform our own repair days.” Vince flashed the patch on his pants legs.

“ Oh, well of course I do, but why would I need those?” Scott followed Vince out of the door.

Vince turned around and started to walk backwards,” Well I may just have a spiffy little toy down in the shuttle bay, and I believe that if you know my dad, which you do, you will have the very same appreciation for it that I have. It needs some work buuuuu…………”

Vince fell to the ground and skidded a couple feet, knowing that he had ran into then tripped over someone. When he had finally shook it off he looked up to see a hand extended to him.

“ Oh, why thank you, sir, I did not see you there.” Vince smiled as the man lifted him off the ground.

“ Well I’m sure of that Vince, not everyone just walks down a corridor backwards, and then intentionally runs into their XO on purpose.” Cay gave him a solid pat on the shoulder.

Vince looked at him with a grin,” Well I’ve only got five words for you, Damn Glad at See ya…… Oh and this guy right here is my very good friend, well more like my brother, Lieutenant Junior Grade , and formally Marine Major, lead pilot of the Blackhawk fighter squadron, that is after I left, but now answers to me yet again, Scott Marshell.”

“ Well it’s very nice to meet you Mr. Marshell, but it’s hard to believe Vince has any real friends, he’s a bit obnoxious,” Cay smirked at Vince,” Eh, he’s a good guy, so what is Vince trying to drag you into?”

“ Well I’m not for sure yet, but I believe that I’m going to be finding out soon enough,” Scott looked over at Vince running his hand through his hair,” to tell the truth I kinda need to find my quarters, that way I could change, then I could go give him a hand.”

Vince cut in just before Cay could,” Well, Cay, could you find that out for him please? I’m really anxious to get started. Scott you can just meet me down there when you’re ready, and you can come on down to if you get bored Cay.”

Cay nodded to Vince and gestured to Scott to move down the opposite direction to locate Scott’s quarters. Vince headed towards the shuttle bay, ready to get started on his new project, and probably the best one of his life.

.:: 45 Minutes : Main Shuttle Bay ::.

The shuttle bay was quiet as Scott walked in. He glanced around looking for what Vince had been talking about, and then his eyes met up with the object. Since the two of them were kids, the Xel’Naga was something that Vince’s dad was always excited about, and more than welcome to explain to anyone what he knew, and what the ancient race was capable of, and what speculation thought they could be capable of today. As far as anyone knew there were none of their weapons, or craft still intact, but standing there in front of him was a fully intact Wraith, the deadliest weapon of the Xel’Naga, and possibly the best fighter known to Federation. As he walked up to it Vince jumped down from the wing, scaring the hell out of him.

“ Holy crap Vince! You scared the hell out of me. Where in god’s name did you find this little beauty here?” Scott ran his hand across the lower wing.

“ Well, back when I was on the Sentinel, we happened to run into this little uncharted merchant vessel. I was sent onboard to locate and procure some much needed supplies and other useful items. When I had gotten everything that the captain had asked me to I started to walk around, just having a peek at some things. I added a few guns to my collection, that I have back finally, and then I stumbled across a man that had this baby here. All he wanted was to have a history on the craft repeated to him, and he deemed me worthy to have it, and here we are. It’s not capable of flight, but I’ll get it there soon enough.” Vince smacked the side of the wing.

“ So, if you can’t fly it, how did it end up on the Hawking? Actually the logs say you arrived at the same time that the Hawking and the Sentinel were several light years away from each other, explain that.” Scott leaned against the Wraith.

“ Well, why don’t you just read this little note here. I grabbed it thinking you’d ask that question.” Vince handed the paper to Scott.

Scott reached out and grabbed it opening it up,” Well….. ‘ Welcome to the Hawking Mr. Stryfe, Courtesy of you friendly nationhood, Q.’ That must have been some deal. So he transported you and the fighter here?”

“ That and my former second in command, Gordon Capers, but it’s not to big a deal, I happen to like it here. Now though it’s got quite a bit better, with you, Cay, and Usha here, I feel right at home.” Vince walked around to the other side of the fighter.

“ Gordon was on the Sentinel with you ?” Scott sat down on a crate near the fighter.

Vince pulled up another crate,” Yep, him and I have become pretty good friends. He’s a bit annoyin’ but that’s something I can get over, I did have to deal with you for over 20 years.”

“ Well I tried, “ Scott picked up the PADD laying next o him,” So what all has to be replaced so we can get this thing up and runnin’?”

“ Well, we gotta change the guidance systems, replace the flight console, integrate a new drive system,” Vince paused for a moment, thinking,” Test the weapons systems, most likely have to replace them to, rewire the pulse phasers, and a whole lot of other stuff.”

“ Well, let’s not make this an easy job, what would be the fun in that?” Scott stood up still reading through the PADD.

Vince started up a scaffolding built next to the fighter,” Hell yea, this is a project. The first thing on the agenda is figuring out what these two pretty good sized cylinders are under the cockpit.”

Before Scott could add his thought to the cylinders, Vince smacked the one he was standing next to up on the scaffolding. When his hand struck the cylinder they heard a noise like gears moving inside the fuselage, ending with a small klunk from inside the cylinder. Vince leaned away from the fighter, and Scott stepped back to the side, both thinking something bad was about to happen. Just as the thought passed through their mind, the cylinder made one more small noise, then the purpose of them was revealed. The cylinder was a rail gun, and it worked quite well at the projectile inside was fired out of the barrel. The recoil of the cannon shifted the fighter, rattled the scaffolding, and sent Vince crashing to the ground, and Scott diving behind the crates they were sitting on earlier. The two heard a loud echoing thud, and they looked over at each other. When they finally stood up their eyesight moved up to the barrel that was now smoking, and then followed what they felt was the projectile’s path, and their jaws dropped.

Buried at least a foot or more into the shuttle bay doors was a fairly large, and unaffected bullet. Vince’s head dropped and his hand was rested on the back of his head as he shook it. Scott looked around, hoping that nobody heard what had happened then looked at Vince.

“ Well I don’t think there were any alarms raised, so I think we may just be in the clear on this.” Scott stared at the bullet in the shuttle bay doors.

“ Scott have you ever been on the bad side of the brig’s force field?” Vince looked up at his friend.

“ No, Why?” Scott looked back at Vince.

“ Well, I have experience in these sort of situations, and when you almost breach the doors to the shuttle bay with an alien weapon, one that hasn’t been fully approved yet due to the lack of needed systems, you usually don’t get off . Most likely, they knew the moment the recoil shifted the fighter, not to mention they would have been alerted to the fact that the shuttle bay door has a pretty good sized dent in it now,” Vince sat down facing the doors that lead to the ships interiors,” So I’m expecting those………”

Before Vince could finish the doors opened and four security officers came jumping in, phasers ready. Walking closely behind them was non other than Cay, who knew exactly who was in the shuttle bay, and most likely had already figured who it was that had caused the alarm. Upon seeing the two senior pilots , he just shook his head.

“ Cay, Number four is my usual, I’ve grown quite fond of it…………”
Harry Finn
01-11-2008, 11:28:23 PM
"It wasn't like anything I could… the Thermolyte… she'd just tossed it over her uniform… and… ah," he'd looked down, then away, then back down, "it was fast… she was there and then she wasn't… and it was hot… blistering, even on the far side of the bay… "

Kerrin had sat down on a bench outside the weapons shop that Harry had wanted to stop in. She needed time to process. There was no competing with that man, no matter how many 'bad breakup' stories someone had, how could it compare to his. She pressed her hand to her stomach, the whole thing made her rather queasy. There were times when a vivid imagination and an ability to empathize did not come in handy. "If you were smart, you would run." She could hear her mother's voice in her head, deriding her choice in men once again. "Why do you always try to 'fix'?" But it didn't feel that way…well not right now. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was that sadness that caught her attention at first, the urge to lift that shadow was powerful..but really, more than anything (okay, maybe not more than the heat that was generated when he looked at her) he made her feel safe. Safe, warm…and hot. Good combo…and funny, that was a necessity. But yeah, the way he looked at her…

Pausing in the entrance of the store, his business complete and most of the results beamed up to Hawking, Harry watched. He watched Kerrin's face as she so obviously replayed the entire sorry tale.

It made him hurt for her.

He moved from the door to where the woman waited and then she rose, looking up at him, eyes warm… despite the entire sorry tale.

It made him hurt for the want of her.

"The right thing to do," he began, gazing, diving, living in her eyes, "the right thing - is for me to walk away this minute. I could tell myself there's nothing here, no future for us… and it would be the truth.

"Because there is no future for me… with me… until he's gone. Until I can be just a man." He felt his voice going rough and his entire frame fighting a losing battle.

In his mind's eye he saw his hand reach for her hair, releasing it from the clip so that it fell, heavy over his fingers as they curled round the nape of her neck and then, in that same perfect vision, her own palm came to rest over his heart and her face tilted up, waiting…

Out here, on the sidewalk, he was a statue, consigned to a cold existence by the absence of her touch. "No future," he dragged the words from so very far away, "So… you should walk away… please… walk away now because, I swear," and he knew he was lostlostlost because she wasn't leaving, "I can't make myself do the right thing."

Kerrin's nose crinkled up as she appeared to consider his words, then carefully, as if she were crossing a line drawn in the sand, stepped so she was barely inches away from Harry. Tipping her head back to look up the length of him, waited a moment, just to relish the hum of his nearness, then said. "Nope." She bit her lip as she watched something unidentifiable flash across his face. Taking his hand and placing it so he could feel the racing of her heart she felt her own hands shake in response. "This says I can't walk away."


She let out a little shuddering breath. "I need to warn you…the word 'should' to me is like waving a red flag at a bull. I am sure you think I 'should' walk away…" Lifting up on her toes she brought her mouth as close as she could manage… "but I am not going to." Cave, damn you…cave. "So you might as well make the best…"

But her warning was cut off, words swallowed as, freed by her nearness, by her touch, Harry's lips covered hers. Gently at the start (even now, falling, he tried to hold back), it was only a series of soft murmuring kisses that spoke of a deeper longing. Her response, openvibrantwarm, invited him further and so he went, deepening the kiss, and, yes, loosing her long dark hair and thrilling to the silken spill across his fingertips as he moved his hand through that tumbling mass. He spoke her name again as she sighed into his arms and now his hand trailed down her spine and there was no telling just how long, or how far, their sudden desperate exploration might have gone…

A series of hoots and catcalls, interspersed with advice to "Get a room," brought the two seekers back to a sudden and acute appreciation of their surroundings.

Struggling to catch her breath enough to speak and her thoughts enough to form a sentence Kerrin hiccuped out a little chuckle. "Well…"

"As suggestions go…"

"It's not a bad one." She started to pull away, then leaned back in. "That is if you are sure."

"Sure?" he could barely keep inside his own skin by now, "I think I'm at Defcon 1…" where where where were the hotels in this burg? Starting to walk, one arm draped protectively around her waist he led Kerrin through the slowly dispersing audience, "If, I mean, you're… still… ah, sure…"

Kerrin felt a bubbling in her chest which soon spilled out her mouth as a low, rather wicked sounding laugh. "If I were any more sure I would be yelling 'here…now…on the floor."

Oh, boy. "Keep talking like that and we won't make it to a room."

"Don't tempt me…"

They were on the other side of the street now and at those words he turned and without a word pressed her into the wall of the closest building, "Define, 'tempt'," he whispered, leaning in to take just one more taste when his eyes caught sight of the sign directly above the shocked woman's head. "Ah," he said, and looked back down, "saved by the hotel," he told her with a grin, pointing to the words emblazoned on the wall which read:
Paradise Found - Vacancies.

Yup, the last remnant of team sexy chiming in… and look what I found!
Camenze Taray
01-12-2008, 11:48:32 AM
"So then Harry Finn says to me, "You can go, I'll do your log for you.' And, I'm all like, 'Really, 'cause I totally have this thing with Cami', and he's all like, 'Yeah, get out of here, Kid.' so, I did. Cool, Hu?"

"Umm, Darbie, you only told me, right? I mean, you do know you can get in a lot of trouble for this, right?" Camenze sat on her bunk, looking at her roommate with concern.

"Yeah, but it sooooo worth it to spend some time with you! And, I only told you! Oh, and K'ella. Oh, and a couple of the guys from engineering who were in the turbo lift. And a couple of folks in the lounge who wanted to know how I was out so quick. Oh, and the Chief…'cause I think he was wondering."


"Oh, stop, I'm like so sure it's fine! Anyway, now we can go down to the station together..there are these great shops I found, so cute, and we can get you a sun dress and some 'this-s and that-s', you'll love it!"

I'm sure, thought Camenze with bitting sacrum as she looked out the window at the station. She rotated her shoulder, the stiffness still there. Or was it? Three weeks later, she know medically it was probably gone and yet…so many swings of the blade.

"Cami, you thinking about that stupid planet again? Stop it, Silly! It's past, old news, new adventures on the horizon! Have you heard what our next mission is yet? I so hope it's just to pick up a group of supper friendly, really buff refugees and drop them off on some tropical world and help them set up a new life…but we don't do that sort of thing! Oh well."

Camenze went back to looking out the window while Darbie went back to getting ready. Helping people set up a new life…sounded great. She remembered helping a newly wed couple on her mother's lands build a new house. Stone by stone it went up, two rooms for them to live in. She had asked the bride why she wanted another door off the back wall. "Someday we'll need a nursery" she had said with a blush and a smile. Camenze remembered sipping rale wine with them as they finished the house, everyone celebrating. She wondered if they had built that new room yet.

Camenze, still looking out the window, let her gaze shift back to Darbie. In the reflection Darbie's blue eyes were dark sockets, her face distorted and suddenly Camenze was looking at a monster from a planet she knew was dead. She shuddered and turned to look a the living person brushing her hair and chattering on about something. That had been happening all too often over the last few weeks. Quietly Camenze tapped her comm badge.

"Computer, please locate Counselor T'Shaini."

"The Counselor in not currently aboard but is available in case of an emergence. Would you like to commence contact?"

"No, she has her own things right now…she does not need mine. Taray out."

"So I said, 'Sure, just put down that turkey and put on some tights' Hay, you OK?"

"Sure, I'm….OK."

"Great, let's hit that transporter padd!" said Darbie, a fresh bow in her hair and a pink dress on. Camenze smiled slightly to herself. Darbie was a good person and maybe, just maybe, being girly was just what the Doctor, if she had been on board, would have ordered.

"J'Kell, lets go." Said Camenze rising off her bunk.

Darbie suddenly truned, her mouth hanging open, staring at Camenze.
"What? Really? No excuse to back out, no hologram replacement? Really, you are actually coming? With me?"

"Yes, now let's go before I change my mind!"

Darbie let out a squeal, grabbed Camenze's arm and led her out of the cabin.

And with that the two girls left their quarters. Bacca looked after them curiously then jumped up onto Cameze's bunk and curled up for a nap.
Nathan Benjamin
01-12-2008, 05:54:00 PM
.: Megiddo Station | Administrative Wing :.

Only twice before had Nathan Benjamin ever been to the administrative offices at Megiddo station. The first time, he 'd been a few months shy of sixteen and awaiting his first assignment. The second time, he'd entered as the commander of the U.S.S. Knight, only to be informed that his command was being taken, and that he'd be receiving new orders. That day he'd spent four hours waiting in the lobby under constant annoying watch from a pasty faced ensign working the desk. Four uncertain hours wondering what Starfleet was going to do with him. Thankfully, that day had ended with then Admiral Corrigan giving him command of the Hawking. Inasmuch as he was burdened by the weight of uncertainty going into the appointment, he had been ecstatic coming out. Corrigan had given him the post that he coveted above all others, and he'd been given a chance to pick his own crew, something he hadn't been able to do on the Knight.

Today though, was different. Today the teen wasn't even in uniform, and in fact hadn't even been called to go to the section. He was merely dropping off a stack of reports, and picking up a gains roster for the Hawking. Both tasks that could have been completed from the comfort of his ready room had the corps of engineers not seen fit to make modifications to Hawking's main computer core, and replace many of the older bio neural gel-packs. Thus, all but emergency communications had been taken off-line. It wasn't as though the trip had been fruitless though. Earlier in the day Nathan had met and had lunch with a total nova of a girl. He had also picked up Three's birthday gift, a left handed Kiel Reilly Fielder's mitt. Jenny, the strawberry haired girl, had even helped him to pick out the gift. All in all, a pretty quality day.

So Nathan wore a relaxed, almost carefree look as he strolled into the Logistics office, the gift and the afore mentioned padds tucked away in his green backpack, which was slung casually over one shoulder. The place hadn't been modified too much since he'd been here last. Same red carpet. Same little tree. And to Nathan's disappointment, same snarky little ensign. As the door whisked shut behind him, Nathan started for the desk, deciding that he'd just blow the dude off were he to have the same attitude as before. Afterall, he'd had lunch with an awesome, hot, chill girl. And he was determined to let nothing ruin the buzz he still had off that unexpected plus.

The tell tale swishing sounds of Starfleet regulation doors drew Nils attention from the multitude of PADDs sprawled out before him. Applying for a transfer that wouldn't come in time as well as trying to become acquainted with his new assignment became daunting before he'd scratched the surface of the bureaucracy and red tape that separated him from his goal.

"Captain," he mused almost silently as he watched the young man cross directly in front of him. "Captain," he called again springing to his feet. "I couldn't have asked for better timing." The Bajoran shot an irritated look at the ensign who'd plagued his day thus far.

At hearing his title, and recognizing the voice saying it, Nathan stopped, turning quickly to see who was addressing him. Of course it was Torrik, his displaced acting chief of science. The teen immediately changed direction and bridged the short distance between the two, happy to see the bajoran. However he also was curious as to why the Lieutenant was in uniform on what was supposed to be a day of shore leave. Drawing nearer. Nathan came to realize that in contrast to every other time he'd worked with, or seen the man walking the corridors of the Hawking, that he looked a bit flustered, and his uniform was a sliver shy of spot on. He of course thought little of it, seeing as how his uniform was usually downgraded to just the command shirt and trousers. And the teen commander placed little to no emphasis on uniform appearance anyhow.

"Hey dude!" Nathan greeted him. "What's going on?"

Nils nodded. He'd never been completely sure of the Captain's use of vernacular. "Apparently there's been some sort of…mix up," he complained coolly, once again shooting an angry glare at Ensign Bane-of-my-existence. "The short of it, however, boils down to the fact that I've been assigned or reassigned to the Amur."

The science officer took a moment to compose himself before continuing. Having only known the young Captain a very short time he didn't want to broach inappropriate lines. Opening himself up to the much younger teen would be a challenge, however necessary. "They want me to leave the Hawking. I know I've made it plain that I want to leave the Hawking, but in light of the Sentinel's current situation." Another awkward pause framed his request. "I'd very much like to stay on board, sir."

"Captain, there's been no mix up," the snotty Ensign chimed in. "The orders for Lt. Torrik are plain. And as soon as his status was updated from MIA his assignment was updated to match. Simple as that."

Nils locked eyes with the glorified receptionist and his brow fell low and threatening. "I can't seem to get past the secretary, and discuss the matter with anyone of consequence."

"Oh." Nathan nodded, looking from Torrik to the ensign sitting at the desk. "Well, actually… I think Torrik might be right on this one. Ensign umm.. what was your name?"

"Rosenstangle." the blonde haired roadblock replied. "Ensign Rosenstangle. And there hasn't sir. I've checked it for him a few times. He's assigned to the Amur."

"Right." Nathan agreed casually. "I know… You said that already.. two times. But see, here's the thing. I need a chief science officer, and Lieutenant Torrik is my choice for that. He's got ties to the ship, and he has already said he wants to do it. So.. I mean, can't we talk to someone who can maybe do something for us?

"Lieutenant Commander Killings handles personnel. But you need an appointment." Rosenstangle informed the teen bluntly, eliciting a confused look from him.

"Ok.. I don't understand. Is he busy? Like.. in meetings?" Nathan asked, frustration beginning to gnaw at the good mood he'd been in before coming in. Truly, this same ensign - STILL - the same ensign from last year hadn't changed a bit.

"No. You just need an appointment." the ensign had taken to filing paperwork, clearly finished giving his full attention to the pair standing in front of his desk.

Nathan once again glanced over at Torrik, his brow still furrowed, clearly still unhappy. Nathan was quickly joining him there. "Look. I don't have all day, and neither does he. So call him." The teen may as well have been sitting in the Hawking's command chair. The tone in his voice clearly indicating that he didn't expect anything other than swift compliance.

The Ensign however, didn't catch the drift. "Ok.. Look." he began, rolling his eyes at the irksome teen and his would be Science officer. "It's simple… "

"Simple what?" Nathan asked rhetorically "Simple Captain? Simple…. Sir? Or were you talking to Torrik? Cause he's a lieutenant… Ensign." The teen's affable demeanor had been replaced by one he'd adopted only a handful of times in his time as an officer. Usually not one to use his rank as a tool, or to put someone else in their place by using theirs. That didn't mean he was above doing it if the situation called for it. This, in his estimation, was one of those times. "You're a lieutenant right?" he asked Torrik, his eyes locked onto the ensign in front of him, hands planted on his hips.

"Last time I checked," Nils responded seriously. "But until about an hour ago I was listed as MIA, so I can't vouch for much more than the two pips on my collar." There was little the surly Bajoran wanted to do more than finish this business and get back to the ship. Jumping through administrative hoops for no purpose agitated him. The progress his teenage Captain was making, however, curbed the irritation considerably. "Ensign, I'm hard pressed to believe that Starfleet has been waiting on pins and needles for me to turn up so they could assign me to a stellar cataloging mission," he paused momentarily expecting to be interrupted. For once Rosenstangle held his tongue. "I suspect that there was a personnel hole that needed filling and my arrival was nothing more than a convenient short cut."

Rosenstangle reddened. Apparently the two Hawking crew members were striking a nerve. Nils took a certain amount of smug satisfaction in that.

"Unless I'm mistaken, there is plenty of paperwork to back up the fact that I've been serving on the Hawking for about two months," the Bajoran said sharply. He looked to his Captain for confirmation.

"Yup" Nathan confirmed, as he unslung his backpack. "And I've got officer evaluations in here that say Nils is for than capable of being my science officer. More than that, they say that I want him to be. So here's what you do dude. Call your boss. Tell him that we need to talk. Ooor… I'll call my boss. And he'll tell him that we need to talk." The teen captain glanced over at Nils, who he thought might be harboring a grin somewhere beneath his irritated expression. "Either way though, I bet Commander Killings would rather hear it from you. Yeah?" Nathan smiled cheekily at the ensign, who didn't take long to come to his decision.Sensing the futility of his plight, Rosenstangle tapped his com badge. His defeated tone was music to Nathan's ears.

"Ensign Rosenstangle to Commander Killings.. Captain Benjamin and Lieutenant Torrik from the Hawking are here to see you sir."

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