Yeah, Star Trek isn’t real, but it is to our characters. So don’t get so out in left field that we can’t reel (pun intended) you in. Plausibility and adherence to the universe we are writing in is vital to telling a good story aboard our ship. If ever in doubt, try to picture Picard or Kirk in the situation you are contemplating. If it’s good enough for them…it’s good enough for us.

Use the provided links and resources on the web when researching the finer points of Star Trek if you want to go there. If you don’t, then just be more vague. If you can’t think of the name of a certain strange particle of matter…well just call it a particle of matter. If you can’t remember the breakdown of technical parts in a transporter pad…well then just name it ‘the piece of tech in question’. Don’t feel compelled to be an expert on Star Trek Lore, but don’t feel too free in naming things that have already been named. Generalities can be your friend.

Your character is not superman… Enough said!

Hawking Handbook

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