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Originally Posted by Torrik Nills/01-15-2009 03:20:59 PM

:: USS Hawking ::
:: Gym ::

“What kind of ‘strange’ power signature,” asked Nils trying to catch his breath. Usher Tenanji had been true to his word and had spared no strength in his attempt at ‘training’ the CO in unarmed combat. Rivers of sweat ran down Nils' back and his forehead beaded with equally impressive amounts of perspiration.

=/\=I don’t know, Captain,=/\= answered Jezera from Ops. =/\= I’ve dispatched a crew from engineering, but I thought you should know. Commanders Costala and T’Shaini are within the holodeck and do not seem to be responding to hails.=/\=

“Acknowledged,” Nils replied as he toweled off. “I need to speak with T’Shaini anyway. I’ll step into the holodeck and check on their situation.” Despite his desire to improve his physical acuity, he was for an excuse to cut this session short. “We’ll resume later this week, Lieutenant,” said Nils as he bee lined for the exit. “And thanks.”

“No thanks are necessary, Captain,” said the icy Chief of Security. “It is my duty after all.”

Moments later Nils and the engineering crew met outside the holodeck in question. “Report?”

“Says here it’s running within operational parameters,” said the female technician who’d already examined the holodeck’s console. Nils struggled to remember her name and chastised himself for not having it at immediate recall. He could outline the quantum density of any and all known classes of nebula from memory, but he still struggled with the simplest of interpersonal skills. A flare of frustration ignited then burned out.

“Then open her up. Monitor us from out here…Wallfram,” he said taking a gamble. The woman smiled and nodded. “If thing something goes wrong contact the transporter room and get us out. I don’t want anyone else going in if something really is wrong.”

He turned to go in and heard Crewman Wallfram call to him, “Good luck!” He moved over the threshold and heard her add quietly to one of the other technicians, “I hope the Chief and Counselor aren’t naked…”

And Nils almost swallowed his tongue in apoplectic shock. He realized quite suddenly that there may be a very good and very natural reason that the two officers were not answering hails on their holodeck vacation. He said a serious prayer to the Prophets that he could avoid a nude shot of hell…again. There’d been plenty of those ‘surprises’ when they’d been roommates on board Vespucci.

The sway of an ocean going vessel beneath his feet was the first thing that disoriented him. But it was only the first. Blue sky, bright sun, and the caw of sea birds drew his attention as well. And there was more… Something else he couldn’t wrap his brain around continually distracted him. In fact, it seemed to exacerbate his Low Latent Inhibition. Something was definitely wrong.

Nils’ eyes squinted shut and he put his palm to his forehead trying to block the pain that assaulted his temporal lobes.

“Captain?” A voice cut through the cacophony of flailing distraction that the holodeck program had become. “Are ye well, sir?”

“Pirate dog, is getting to me Corporal,” said Captain Torrik shaking off his sudden attack. “I was seeing images in the sky.”

“Sir?” The small Englishman looked up into the eyes of his Commander with concern.

“I’m not mad, Hellersby.” He glanced out at the horizon and the black sails which drew ever closer. “We should have them before nightfall,” he said gauging the distance across the ocean. “And the dishonorable dog will pay for his actions…”

Originally Posted by Ender Seldon/01-15-2009 04:36:05 PM
:: USS Hawking ::
:: Sickbay ::

"By the gods of Mongo, is it too much to ask for a decent hypospray? I swear, I'm beginning to feel like I joined the USS Budgetship." Ender shook the loaded hypospray a few times before launching it across the room, barely missing Chris Hodges' head.

"Woah. What's your problem?"

Ender feigned surprise, "What your problem?"

"Be more immature…"

"Listen, is it too much to ask to have working equipment in my sickbay?"

Chris leaned back in his chair while resting his hands behind his head, "Maybe the hypospray just doesn't like you, Ender. Jillian never had a problem with the equipment."

"Give it a rest, orderly."

"I am not an oderly. I am a bio-weapon engineer."

Ender reached up, pretending to rip out his hair with mock frustration, "Then go blow something up! What the hell do you do in sickbay anyway?"

"I'm betting Commander Finn wouldn't appreciate me carrying out that order."

A grumble escaped Ender's lips as he attempted to wave off the conversation, "…Finn."

Chris chuckled, "Not your favorite person, huh? Well, I'm sure the feeling is mutual."

"Oh? You know something I don't?"

"Nothing worth interpreting." Chris bent down to pick up the broken hypospray.

"Yeah, that's what I thought…" Ender motioned towards the rest of the hypos sitting on a nearby tray, "When you're done with that one…check on the rest."

"I'm NOT an orderly, Ender."

"Whatever…" Ender called back over his shoulder as he closed the door to his office.

Originally Posted by Harry Finn/01-15-2009 04:56:51 PM

::USS Hawking::

=/\=Scout to Commander Finn=/\=

Harry's perambulation of the upper deck paused. "Finn, here. Go ahead."

=/\=Guess what?=/\= and then the five year old continued without waiting for a response, =/\=Mom says that Coraline is going to have her babies, today!=/\=

"Wow… well, are your Mom and Dad around to help?"

=/\=They're on a date,=/\= at the obvious scorn in the girl's voice, a ripple of chortles washed across the bridge. The loudest, Harry noticed, came from Peress, who was no doubt going to make his fellow security officer's life hell when Quincy was next on duty. =/\=And Mommy says it'll be about three hours before the kittens come out.=/\=

"I see," the XO of the Hawking turned slightly away from the crowd of observing crew, "well as long as everything's under control, I think maybe this is a really good time to call Tyson." His voice dropped as he continued, "Tell him that Operation Ender Bender is a go," and it should time out about right, if Scout's mother was correct in her assessment of the family cat's delivery hour.

=/\=Copy that,=/\= the piping voice of the girl responded. =/\=Cadet Quincy out.=/\=

"Operation Ender Bender?"

Finn sighed and looked to where Lt. Commander Vail had, quite suddenly, appeared (and how did he do that?). "Nothing serious… just… giving the kids some… tutoring… in covert, ahh, cooperative… task… completion."

"Of course, of course," the El Aurian nodded, smiling his small, secret smile. "I do hope to receive a report on the… task's… success."

"Oh, I'm sure you will." Once Harry's Irregulars were done with Seldon, probably the whole ship would be hearing about it. A very lean smile appeared on his own face as Vail made his way to observe the science station. "I'm a bad, bad man…"

Originally Posted by Jenny Anderson/01-15-2009 07:05:21 PM

::USS Hawking::
::Training Room - Deck 14::

In the stifling dark, Jenny felt the sweat dripping down her face but could only blink away the stinging drops as she crouched beneath the enemy transport, silently programming the timer of the thalmerite bomb. A whisper of a breeze brought her movements to a sudden halt but it was, it seemed, just a breeze.

Three seconds later the timer had begun the countdown and the black-clad, closely hooded Anderson, phaser in hand, was scuttling out from under the shuttle. As she rose, a deep-throated growl had her spinning towards an unseen opponent but even as she raised her weapon, a bone-jarring tingle vibrated through her system, indicating a direct hit.

“Bang, you’re dead,” a rough voice from behind informed her, then, “Freeze program, raise luminosity to thirty percent.”

Jenny stood shakily while the desert sun rose enough to reveal her killer… a Romulan merc… and for Gran to duck beneath the shuttle and check her handiwork.

“Well,” he told the still trembling crewman as he emerged, “you were half successful… the bomb would have blown… if you hadn’t been killed and the enemy gone to see what you were doing under his shuttle.

“So… really, not even half successful,” the whopping failure was more demoralizing than the brutal shock of the ‘kill’ shot.

“No, not really.” The Tellarite looked at the apprentice, “You have good focus on the task but you have to become more aware of your surroundings,” he leaned forward, dark eyes accusing, “As when the IAS boarded and you walked into the other Rak’h’s blade… yes?”

“Yes,” her response was quiet but accepting.

“End program.” The training deck reverted to neutral as Jenny attempted to shake off the remaining effects of the training phaser. “For tonight, you are dismissed… I recommend you get some sleep.”

Ahh, so, the lack of rest was obvious. She wondered if she could get her dreams to follow Gran’s orders. Then she wondered if, maybe, she’d sleep better after seeing Ben… just for few minutes. Gran was staring at her… speaking of being more aware, “Petty officer, thank you.” Jenny took her leave, processing her latest lesson and swearing that she would NOT be snuck up on, again… even if the sneaker, like the fog, crept in on little cat feet…


In Auxiliary Tactical, fresh from drilling the CO in the most basic levels of self-defense, Usher Tenanji and Bill Jameson watched the young woman’s shaky exit from her latest training session. As Gran joined the two, Usher let out a short breath, “I want B’Naath to take over her morning unarmed training,” he ordered. “Inform him he’s to focus on surprise attacks, multiple opponents and opponents with weapons. She can spar on her own time if she feels the lack.”

Jameson nodded, “Should I ease off the demolitions?”

“No… incorporate what she’ll be getting from B’Naath when you run simulations but… no… do not ease off.”

“Heavy schedule, for an apprentice,” Gran commented. Since Gran didn’t speak much, if he bothered to at all, his words tended to carry a certain weight.

“Not when you consider this apprentice’s pedigree,” Tenanji replied, calmly. “In less than a full year of service four individuals have come close to ending her life… and only one of those in battle… the same battle in which she made her first kill.” Usher took a moment to meet both the non-com’s eyes, “I believe Anderson will serve, and serve well. But she must first be able to survive the legacy of violence she seems to have inherited.”

After all, he thought, as the two enlisted officers took their leave, it was unlikely even Mister Pierce would be available to protect the young woman from all the dangers the galaxy had to offer… even if she were willing to accept such protection. “And since she is her father’s daughter,” he murmured, leaving the room to Cadet Mellon’s watch, “she would not.”

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Originally Posted by Simba Wekesa/01-16-2009 11:21:57 AM

The party in engineering was still going late into the night, the heavy bass from the dance music rivaling the warp core in its ability to reverberate through the Hawking's lower decks. People from every department and rank on the ship had stopped by throughout the evening, making engineering the social center of the Hawking universe. Simba still didn't know how Commander Costala had managed to get clearance to turn the engine room into the gamma quadrant's swingingest night club, but the result was nonetheless impressive. This was certainly turning out to be one of the most interesting assignments in the fleet; senior citizen-induced hallucinations one day, getting hammered and dancing in engineering the next.

"Another… one of these…" Simba slurred his words together as he plunked an empty glass down on the makeshift bar and realized that he didn't remember what he had been drinking most recently. "Umm…"

"Warp core breach," replied the far-more-sober crewman who had taken over bartending when Pierce had left the party.

Simba nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah, one of them." He leaned back on the bar and surveyed the room while the bartender set about mixing the potent cocktail. It was after 0100 hours and the crowd had thinned out quite a bit. The senior officers had all left some time ago. The party had, at the very least, given the young cadet a chance to get to know most of the other junior engineers on the ship as well as make friends in several other departments. He probably wouldn't remember talking to most of them in the morning, but that was a risk he was willing to take. He hadn't been this drunk since his junior year at the Academy. Starfleet generally served synthehol aboard ship, so a party with such a wide range of real alcohol was rare. "Thanks!" he said to the bartender as he took the frosty concoction and put both hands on the glass in a vain effort to keep any from spilling as he made his way back to the dance floor.

"Heeeey Simba!" A decidedly tipsy Petty Officer Tarro shouted out as he crossed the floor.

"Hey yourself!" Simba called back as he attempted to drink, dance, and talk simultaneously. "I didn't know you Bajorans drank."

"Are you kidding? I will drink you under the table any day."

Simba put one hand on his hip and rolled his head back as he looked his fellow engineer up and down. "Uh-huh. And what alternate universe are you living in?" He tried to look serious but cracked up after a few seconds. "Hey, Jolan, do you know what time it is?"

"Umm… 01:17," the engineer replied as he squinted at a display somewhere over Simba's shoulder. "Why, you're not planning on bouncing are you?"

"Not unless the bar has run dry," Simba replied with a wink. "Nah, but seriously… I have to be on duty at 0800. And I don't think Commander Costala or Chief Ibrahim would be too happy if I had never even left this place."

The Bajoran shrugged. "We'll probably spend the whole shift cleaning up after this party anyways. Not much to do while the ship is cruising at high warp."

Simba nodded. At least that was one positive thing… work would be slow in the morning. There weren't a whole lot of engineering challenges that were likely to occur as they made their way back to the wormhole. The biggest challenge that he was likely to face would be fending off the headache that the blinking lights on his console would no doubt incur. "Well, either way I should probably at least try to get some sleep." He made a face at the thought. Drunken sleep was never good; he'd be lucky if he slept for more than an hour at a time without being woken up by something.

"Fair enough. You going to be alright getting back to your quarters, or do I need to call security to escort you?"

"Oh please, I'm good," Simba replied with a wink as he quickly downed the remainder of his drink and felt a warmth radiate through his body in spite of the drink's frosty nature. "Hey, I'll see you in the morning, alright?"

"Yeah, have a good night."

"You too." Simba set his empty glass down, waved goodbye to a group of engineers that were standing across the room, and slowly meandered across the dance floor towards the doors, stumbling just a little as he attempted to walk in a straight line. It was going to be a long walk to the turbolift.

Originally Posted by Javier Costala/01-17-2009 10:59:30 PM

::USS Hawking::
::Office ComSecOps::

"… and there's still nothing from Command on our request for gains?" Jameson was asking.

"None," Tenanji ran one hand wearily over his face, "Every request seems to have been swallowed into the void. They're not even denying the request." He skimmed the PADD which the Senior Chief had passed him, "How much longer do you believe the team can keep to this schedule?"

Bill let out a disgusted huff, "Jereen's good for another six months," he said, "but at the moment even the Noth brothers are starting to get a little worn around the edges…" his report was cut short by a soft chiming. He frowned, "You expecting anyone?"

Tenanji shook his head, rising as he ordered the door to open.

BHP stepped across the threshold of the doorway and entered the Chief of Security's office. He stopped in front of Lt. Tenanji's desk, came to attention and gave the officer a salute that would have made his Marine D.I. proud. It's all about first impressions. he thought, Be professional from the beginning and then maybe the Lieutenant will accept my request. "Lieutenant, I would like to formally request a transfer to the Security department," Pierce stated. The engineer looked from Tenanji to Jameson. "Senior Chief," he said with a polite yet respectful nod. His eyes came back to the officer. "Sir, I have my paperwork completed, it just needs yours, Commander Costala's and the XO's signatures," BHP said as he handed Tenanji the PADD he had been carrying in his left hand.

The lieutenant accepted the PADD, glanced over it, then looked back up at the image of professional enthusiasm. His expression had not altered in the least. "I must confess," he said, after what felt a lengthy pause, "your request surprises me." He threw a look to Jameson, "Chief?"

"Surprises the shit out of me, LT."

"It surprises Senior Chief Jameson as well." Usher, still holding the request, took his chair and considered the young man, "Perhaps you could elaborate on your desire to join a department for which you have, in the past, shown almost no respect."

Ben couldn't help but smile because he knew that the officer was referring to his flaunting of the rules during his multiple incarcerations aboard the USS Constitution. The look Jameson was giving him made Ben sober up and answer the question. "I'm a good engineer Lieutenant but I think I could be a better security officer, having once been part of a crime syndicate, I know all the tricks. I can also use a fancy heater like nobody's business. And to be completely honest Sir, I'm bored in Engineering. I need to do something more challenging than repair replicators."

"As… colorful… a resume as that may be," the cool eyes held Ben's, "this department does not exist to provide you with a challenge. It exists to protect and serve the interests of the United Federation of Planets… in large part by making certain that this ship and her crew survive the vast number of hostile encounters available in the Gamma Quadrant. And to do that," he leaned forward, "it is imperative that each member of this department follow protocol, adhere to regulations and have a firm grasp of the chain of command." He leaned back once again and tossed the PADD negligently onto his desk, "Your tactical abilities are impressive but you have, you must confess, displayed something of the cowboy in your approach to dealing with threats."

A low growl of agreement emanated from the general region of Mt. Jameson.

The engineer shifted his weight to the other foot, thinking for a second before voicing his reply. "If you mean I went out of my way to protect a member of this crew because no one else believed or perceived the dire threat to her person," Pierce said, "then you're spot on Lieutenant. As far as that goes I don't remember ever receiving a direct order from an officer not to assist Jen..Crewman Anderson."

"Nor did you, initially, reach out to Security for aid when you first suspected that crewmember might require assistance," Usher's voice remained smooth. "You instead departed from Cadet Mellon's company and pursued the investigation on your own. Think," and the word was an order, "if you had informed Mellon of your concerns and allowed her to enlist the aid of the rest of the available force, how much sooner might we have discovered what Burkowski had done. How much sooner might we have removed Anderson from his possession." He waited a beat, "Your motives were strong and your investigation was successful… eventually… but on my team, we work as a team." One hand rested on the desk, the fingers dropping in a slow tap.. tap.. tap.

Pierce shuffled through all the cop lingo and came to the conclusion that the officer was telling him that he needed to hone his tactics. "I acted the way I did because I was concerned for a friend. I suppose I could have told Mellon but I was worried for Anderson's safety and if you remember Sir, I wasn't really in good standing with Security at that point. Would anyone have believed me? I wasn't about to wait around to find out."

A grunt preceded the Senior Chief's comment, "He has a point… most of us wanted to wipe the floor with him by then."

"Thank you, Mister Jameson." Tenanji straightened as he continued, "But that does raise another area of interest… or person of interest." Tap.. tap… "Regarding Crewman Anderson," he held up a hand even as Pierce drew a breath, "Again, I ask you to think. Should there come a time when the choice is between following orders… orders which, in this department, invariably affect the safety of this ship… and Ms. Anderson's personal safety, could you… will you… be able to follow those orders?"

"I'd like to think there will never be a time when I'll have to choose between Jenny's safety or the ship's safety," Ben replied, looking straight ahead. His thoughts went back to the brilliant explosion that had engulfed the USS Lakota. Could I have carried out my orders if that ship had been the Hawking? And killed everyone I cared about to save the rest quadrant from what had afflicted the crew of the Lakota. He didn't know the answer to that question or to the one Tenanji had asked. "Sir, if I said yes without a thought, I'd be a liar. I hope that I'd be able to make the right choice, just as I hope that Crewman Anderson would make the right choice. We both know our duty and what's expected of us as members of the Fleet. Honestly Lieutenant, until I'm faced with that choice, I have no idea."

Once again Usher's gaze went to Jameson's face which, for the briefest span, was shadowed by some old grief, before the non-com offered his CO one nearly imperceptable nod. Accepting the judgment, Tenanji rose, "One cannot ask for more," he told Pierce. "Security will have you, if Commander Costala signs off and, of course… Finn." Which might take some doing, "And don't get cocky," he added, deadly serious, "at the moment, we're so short-handed that Darby Saunders' clone could come into this office looking for a job and I'd welcome her with open arms." Then a glint in the depth of Tenanji's brown eyes betrayed him, "I hope to see you by next shift, Petty Officer."

"Thank you Lieutenant, I'll try not to be the square peg," BHP stated solemnly even though he couldn't help but smile. The thought of telling Jenny about the meeting and revealing to her that they would soon be working together filled him with a heady sort of enthusiasm. "Lord knows the ship doesn't need another Darby, think of the cat-fight we'd have to break up once they both found Kowalski."

"Thanks for that image, Pierce," Jameson gave the younger man a, for Bill, mild slap on the back, "now I need to get the insides of my eyeballs scoured."

"If that's all," Tenanji said, "I've a bridge shift to get to," and an XO to coerce.

BHP had to take a step forward to keep from being bowled over by Jameson's 'pat on the back'. Never make this guy angry. he noted before saying: "At least you've never had to watch them canoodle over a cheesecake Chief. It's enough to make you wish there was an eyewash station on every deck." He turned to Lieutenant Tenanji and saluted once more, before dismissing himself from the office. He walked down the corridor and turned a corner before tapping his commbadge. =/\=Pierce to Anderson, I've got some good news..=/\= Ben started as he continued to walk towards a celebration where there would only be two revelers.

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Originally by T'Shaini/01-18-2009 11:42:35 AM

Holodeck 2messedupforwords

Six hours had passed since the watch had warned the buccaneer captain of their pursuers. From the moment Javier had seen the vessel he knew it was a pirate hunter. He had ordered every bit of canvas they had to be raised in hopes that his ship could outrun the hunter. But the ship drew closer with every hour that passed.

"I count thirty guns, Captain," Rogers, the First Mate said as he studied the pirate hunter through his telescope.

"What name does she bear?" Javier inquired.

"HMS Chimera," Rogers replied promptly.

"A beast from Hell, sent to devour us ," Nabusco, the gunner commented. "Capturing the governor's Lady was a mistake. A woman aboard always brings trouble. Bad luck it is. I say we drop her overboard then make a run for Caracas."

"Stow that talk!" Javier studied the Chimera for a few minutes then closed the telescope and headed towards his cabin. "Hold our course," he called out to Rogers before disappearing into the hatch.

Shaini had, after growing tired of pacing about the cabin, why am I more concerned about a kiss than a kidnapping…because I have clearly lost my mind? began to seek for something to push the rather uncomfortable thoughts out of her head. Her search revealed a cache of leather bound books…mostly ships journals, atlases and navigational charts, but squirreled in among them was…Homer? Pulling out a rather well worn copy of the Odyssey, she wandered over to to a chair, tucked her legs neatly beneath her, and started once again, the well loved adventure. So enamoured was she that hours slipped by unnoticed, the only thing to rouse her from her tale was the heavy tread of boots on the stairs.

He knocked on the door softly, waited a few moments then entered his quarters, where Javier found his captive reading one of the few books he had brought from Santiago. The afternoon sun's rays streamed through the windows at the ship's stern and fell on Lady Shaini as she sat quietly, deeply engrossed in the book. For a moment Javier could only stand at the doorway and watch as he was seduced by the woman's serene beauty. The curve of her cheek, the way her hair fell down about her face and the fullness of Lady Shaini's lips entranced the pirate captain. And then there was also the ever lingering desire to sweep her up in his arms and carry her to his bed.

Where does such desire originate? Is it lust..is it to spite my enemy? Or is it something deeper? Javier contemplated as he closed the door behind him.

"Your fiance has sent a ship to pursue us, my Lady," he explained as Javier approached the woman. His hand fell on the open page of the book. Javier let the his fingers run over the paper. The texture of the pages reminded him of better times. His books had always been a source of comfort. His fingers alighted on Shaini's hand and began to gently caress it. There was something familiar in the movement..something that lingered on the cusp of his understanding.

An unfamiliar stirring made Shaini's eyes widen as she watched the thumb brush across her hand as if it belonged to someone else, uncomfortable in the easiness of the gesture, she drew her hand back. "Are you quite certain, sir?" One eyebrow lifted as her gaze rose to meet his. "I am sure a man such as you would have many…pursuers."

"I thought you would be happy to know that your fiance cares enough to send one of the swiftest, well-armed ships in the Royal Navy to recapture you," Javier said. "Or perhaps he sees monetary gain slipping from his grasp and so refuses to even pay the pittance that my crew and I requested for your safe passage." The pirate moved over to the window and released the catch so he could swing open the glass paned shutter. "Come over here and I'll show you the Beast," Javier stated as he brought forth a small brass telescope from his coat pocket.

Carefully setting the book aside, she rose and crossed to the indicated window…porthole…whatever you called those things on shipboard, how was she supposed to know. "Oh yes, a ship." Shaini looked at him quizzically. "I can see how you would be certain it was sent by my fiance to retrieve me." She finished in a dry tone.

"How can you marry someone in which you have so little faith? Could my words have created some doubt in that analytical mind of yours," Javier jested as he pulled the telescope open to its full length then placed it in Shaini's hands. He rested his hands at her waist and positioned the woman in front of him so he could look along the telescope as she viewed the ship, and steady Shaini against the moving deck beneath their feet. "It's the Chimera," he explained as she used the telescope to study the ship, "she's a notorious pirate-hunter and the flagship of the Isles."

"Hmm…" Odd, so odd…the sensation that they 'fit', it was right…but it was not. Focus on what he is telling you, not on where he is standing, or how he feels against…focus. She mistakenly squinched the wrong eye shut, then both eyes before using the telescope made sense to her. "You are familiar with this vessel?"

"Only in name, I have never faced her or her captain in battle. It is common knowledge that when faced with battle or fleeing, if the opposing ship is the Chimera, then to flee would assure some greater chance of survival." There was a desire to be closer to her than he was, to press forward, his arms gliding around her waist, to kiss her mouth as Shaini's head fell back on his shoulder. "But they are gaining on us," Javier said, snapping back to reality, "there's going to be a battle. If we can't outrun her then we'll have to defeat her."

At the word 'battle' her fingers tightened around the telescope, she surveyed the cannons and the ports she could see on the Chimera then shook her head. "And how likely is that, truly? Would it not be better to see if they will acquiesce to a trade?" Trade? Trade what? "Or rather, if I were set out in a small boat would they not have to retrieve me and leave your ship alone?"

"The crew seem to think so," Javier answered, "but I know of her captain's reputation, he will not give up the chase even if he slows to retrieve you from the water." With the slightest pull he drew Shaini back against him, Javier didn't know if it was spontaneous but it felt right. "There's also my oath to protect you, setting you out in a small boat would not allow me to keep my promise." His arms embraced her, slipping around her waist. "This feels right.." he whispered, more to himself than Lady Shaini.

"Who are you?" The question that slipped out unbidden rang with a complexity that belied the three small words.

"I am your guardian," he answered without thought, "your protector, and you..who are you?" The answer was so close Javier felt as if he knew it, but the moment he would focus, it seemed to flit away to a recess in his thoughts that was unreachable.

Shaini turned in his arms to place her hands on his chest. Looking up, a frown creased her brows…his words, they set off an echo… "Who were you before this life?" She shook her head lightly. "Before you came to this ship, could we have met?"

"No..but there is a feeling that we have," he said. "Even this.." Javier kissed Shaini briefly. "it feels right..and there is a desire to do more. Not in spite or out of lust," His mouth found hers again, this kiss lasting longer, yet ending too soon, "but out of love."

Her eyes searched his, she felt his words to be true, it was what she had not yet had the courage to voice, even to herself, but she recognized the truth of it when spoken. How can this be so? She opened her mouth to ask…when the thundering of a cannon blast shook the ship.

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Originally Posted by Harry Finn/01-18-2009 02:32:29 PM

::USS Hawking::

“… and what’s the status on the alleged holo-glitch?” Lt. Commander Finn asked, nodding shortly to Tenanji as the younger man entered the bridge. The head of Security would take the con for the second half of the shift, allowing Finn to see to the ever-mounting pile of the ship’s more mundane issues.

Issues which would, Usher hoped, include a transfer to the foundering Security division.

=/\=We’ve managed to isolate an extra sine wave in the current program’s matrix,=/\= Bayal Paven’s voice filtered onto the bridge from the corridor where he’d joined Wallfram. =/\=and are attempting to analyze its potential affects. Also, there’s been no word from the Captain since he entered.=/\=

Because of course Nils had decided to walk into a potentially malfunctioning holodeck without hesitation. “I’m guessing you’ve already tried to turn it off?”

=/\=Yes sir and, no, the program is…=/\=

“Displaying a recurring logic loop,” Harry inserted to the quiet shock of… well, everyone.

=/\=Ah, yes, yes it is. So, we can’t shut it down without…=/\=

“The programmer’s access code,” Finn completed the sentence. When he realized everyone was staring he sighed, “Been there,” he added, by way of explanation, internally grimacing over the memory of himself and, yes, Nils, battling Shelob and a horde of orcs in a training exercise gone horribly wrong. “Who’s the programmer?”

=/\=Actually, it appears this particular program was purchased,=/\= there was a pause long enough for a PADD to be consulted, =/\=From… ah… here it is… Acme Holoadventures =/\=

“Suddenly all is made clear,” Finn spun and started to pace, once again, “and what are our chances of getting hold of the good folks at Acme?”

=/\=The business had been located on Megiddo-that-was.=/\=

Mental head slap. “Of course. Well, I guess that means it’s time to start breaking stuff,” Harry gestured to T’Preen, “Keep an eye on their biosignatures. Any change, I want to know.” He glanced at Tenanji, “Put a team at the door, just in case we need to do something stupid like send more people into Audrey the hungry holodeck.”

Usher simply nodded his assent and Peress quietly made the call.

“Bayal, forward the data to Atwood, tell him I want that program shut down, ASAP and, I know how much he loves recommendations but I strongly recommend he put Gorsky on the job with whatever brainiacs he’s got. And make sure that program is isolated…”

=/\=Already done, Commander. And… Wallfram is contacting the Boatswain, now.=/\=

“Keep me apprised, Finn out.”

Harry turned again, muttering to himself but Tenanji thought he heard something about ‘frigging malfunctions’ and ‘better not have to abort the operation…’

“Commander,” Tenanji stepped in the path of the XO, thinking it best to attack the transfer quickly, before another potential disaster could erupt… as they so often did. “Might I have a word… in private?”

Finn’s eyes narrowed but he nodded and jerked his head towards the conference room. “T’Preen, you have the con.”

Less than ten minutes later, Tenanji was sitting in the command chair, rather surprisingly possessed of another security officer. Finn had signed off without a second thought, with only the caveat that Commander Costala, once removed from Audrey the hungry holodeck, give his assent, as well.

”Didn’t think it’d be that easy, did you?” Finn had asked as he passed the PADD back to Tenanji.

“In truth, no.” Usher considered the other man. Harry Finn had, from their first encounter… when Harry had placed the young Cadet Tenanji under arrest… continued to surprise him. No more so, perhaps, than when the former JAG investigator had ended his long and private war with Shaun Ryan Acker… an ending Tenanji had been witness to. An ending which had, in no small part, come about because Acker’s actions had destroyed someone Finn cared for.

“But this isn’t about me,” Harry said, reading the other officer’s thoughts. “And I know you… you’d never give the go-ahead if you didn’t think they could handle it.” He’d looked, briefly, towards the star patterns sliding past the port, “And… from everything I’ve learned about the guy,” because of course Harry had checked up on Pierce, once he’d returned and put that light in Jenny’s eyes, “he’ll watch out for her.” Sober eyes returned, “Even if there are no more Chucks… even with Acker gone, she’s still Seth’s kid: she’ll go to the edge and further if she thinks it’s the right thing to do. One more pair of eyes on her back… that’s no bad thing.

“Of course,” Finn added before the two men exited the conference room, “you’ll also be keeping them on separate assignments.”

Tenanji almost smiled, “Of course.”

Then they were on the bridge and Harry was off to see to, as he put it, ‘A sensitive training issue,’ and, whatever technological hiccup was happening on Holodeck 2 was being dealt with and Tenanji had managed to swell his dwindling ranks by one.

In the rarified definition of one accustomed to life on the Hawking, it was being a good day.

Featuring the ever chill:

Originally Posted by Jenny Anderson/01-18-2009 06:56:31 PM

::USS Hawking::
::Training Room - Deck 14::

Remember me…

Shortly after getting the news from Ben about his transfer, Chuck's snarking words crept up from the depths to which she’d consigned them, following Crewman Anderson as she approached Security’s holosuite. She’d received orders to report to the training facility, rather than the gym for her sparring session but had no idea why, or to whom. She just hoped that whatever drill was waiting would give her the chance to fight past the nerves the recurrent nightmare had left jangled. Chuck’s latest visitation and three hours of fitful attempts to get back to sleep had left her jittery and anxious to hit something back and her torpedo maintenance shift hadn't come close to easing the tension growing in the back of her neck.

“That’s the one,” a grating, female voice cut into her thoughts as Jenny crossed the threshold.

The voice was followed by an arm snaking around her throat while, from the shadows, two figures emerged…

“I’m curious,” B’Naath asked politely from where he crouched over the prone young woman, his tail wrapped about Jenny’s ankle and one claw resting delicately against her carotid artery, “why did you choose to disable the female attacker, first?” Beyond the two, the holographic representations of a Reman woman and a male of indiscriminate heritage lay, quite unconscious.

Jenny remained very still, “Because the woman was the only hostile who wouldn’t underestimate me… another female… while most males would assume I was taking down the easiest target, first.”

“But,” the Caitian replied, whiskers shifting as he considered the young Human, “as you can see, I, at least, did not underestimate you.”

At that, Jenny’s right hand shifted, only enough for B’Naath to feel the telltale pricking of the jackal knife in what she knew would be one of his most favorite parts. “With respect, I think you did. The female attacker was also the only one carrying a weapon…”

“Which you seem to have appropriated,” a glittering smile appeared, “Very good.” B’Naath also remained quite still as he added, “I don’t suppose you’d care to remove the blade, now?”

“Again, with respect,” Jenny smiled back, “you first.”

“Very, verrry good.” The feline retracted the claw and loosened his tail, at which point Jenny lowered the dagger’s blade.

“Freeze program, and provide an ice pack,” the Petty Officer considered his student as she rolled to her feet. Once the requested ice appeared he handed it to her, indicating the bruising beginning to blossom over her throat, courtesy of the male opponent. B’Naath could smell Jenny’s heightened adrenaline but, he recalled, she’d had that coming into the room… the nose didn’t lie… and her eyes were over bright. “It was a solid response, tactically sound,” he informed her, “but I have found that there is always room for improvement. Computer, replay the training exercise, three dimensional view,” he glanced down at Jenny, “I am interested in seeing that hook kick, once again. It may have been off-target.” And, he thought as the rather worn crewman joined him in analyzing her responses to the assault, the review would allow her some time to rest.

Featuring PO2 B'Naath

Originally Posted by Matt Hudson/01-18-2009 08:01:08 PM

USS HAWKING | Following the old grouch

"Gorsky? Bah!"

Matt smiled to himself as he listened to Atwood rant on. The older man stomped, more than walked along with the younger cadet keeping pace at his side. While he had resumed duties a while ago, Matt had not had the 'pleasure' in spending more than five minutes alone with the cantankerous Boatswain since his arrival, and today's unexpected chance was turning out to be quite amusing.

"That boy ain't got no more brains than a Lacerian Beast. All snort and no grunt!" Atwood huffed. "Starfleet might say he has some fancy 'footwork' in the science field, but he and the rest of his counterparts ain't got a shred of common sense between them."

"I don't believe that I have had much to do with the officer before." Matt spoke up conversationally, breaking Atwood from his little internal rant.

Matt regretted it.

"Be glad you ain't boy, we don't want no tainting of the Operation's department by mooning over no science duds."

Mooning? Matt choked. "Sorry?"

Atwood glared back though unexpectedly his gaze softened a touch. "Nothing personal to you sonny, just saying things out loud."

Matt nodded in understanding, not quite understanding. He gathered it might have had something to do with the man's earlier conversation with his assistant, but refrained from saying anything.

"Did you hear about the Bynars?"

Atwood glared straight ahead but refused comment.

"Err- I mean the Chiefs of Operations-" Matt patched up quickly.

Atwood grumbled something under his breath. "Nothing but walking computers the pair of 'em"

They paused outside of the science labs as Atwood halted and turned to face him. The Boatswain handed over one of the PADDs he had grasped in his wiry old hands. "Make sure you keep an eye on these science duds!" He explained carefully before entering with a even more confused Matt following in his wake.

Not for the first or last time, Matt wondered what Atwood's problem really was.

Originally Posted by Ender Seldon/01-18-2009 08:39:28 PM

::USS Hawking::

=/\=Tyson Brahms to Dr. Seldon… please come in…=/\= the boy's voice broke through the dead air of the CMO's office.

Ender sat up with a jolt. He hadn't meant to fall asleep at his desk, but with staff reviews coming up, he had little to no time to get caught up on his work, =/\= Yes, go ahead. =/\=

Over the com there was a sort of young and desperate sound, =/\=Doctor…. it's Tommy… Tommy's hurt… bad. There's… it's broken=/\=

Ender leaped up from his seat as if he had been stung. The sound of a whimpering child, regardless of the situation, always burned, =/\=I'm on my way, Tyson. Hold tight.=/\= Ender turned to grab his medkit when he noticed it wasn't where he usually left it, what the…. "Matt! Where the hell is my med…" He began to shout towards the main bay area when suddenly he saw it poking out from behind a pile of PADDs on his desk, strange, he mumbled to himself.

=/\=Computer, emergency transport to the Brahms quarters.=/\=

Tyson was shuffling from foot to foot as the transporter deposited Hawking's CMO in the midst of the living area, "Hurry, hurry, hurry," the boy ran up and grabbed the adult by his arm, "this way… I don't know what to do…" he led Ender towards his bedroom as he spoke.

"It's going to be alright, Tyson. Just slow down and tell me what happened," he said gently as he let the boy lead him towards his patient.

"But, but, but… look. All the needles have fallen off…"

"The wha—-" He began to ask as they rounded the corner. "Oh", was all he could say.

Tyson, who at twelve was small for his age and knew how to use the wide-eyed look, held up the decrepit bonsai, "Everyone says you're the best there is… can you… can you save him?"

A quick snicker escaped Ender's mouth, "Aww…you're cute, Kid." He gave him a quick rub on the head, "And, yes, I am the best…but I'm a doctor, Tyson, not a gardener." Ender chuckled again as he turned towards the exit.

Any pity Ty may have felt for the doc vaporized at the 'you're cute, Kid'. "I guess, Mister Finn was right… you're more talk than action…" he hung his head and shuffled his feet and started to take the plant away…

Ender stopped dead in his tracks. Pivoting on the balls of his feet he asked the kid in all seroiusness, "Finn said what?"

"Nuthin," full sulk on, "just… he said you weren't nothing without your fancy gadgets…"

Ender bit the inside of his lip, hoping to refrain himself from cursing out the ship's XO infront of a kid. He bobbed his head up and down in a quick motion, so this is how he wants to play, huh?. The doctor reached out and motioned for Tyson to bring him the ill-fated plant, "Give me the plant."

"No," Tyson pulled back, "you don't care about Tommy…"

Oh, Jesus, Ender got down on one knee and set his medkit on the ground beside him, "That's not true, Tyson. Doctor Seldon cares about all living things. I just…I just….well, you see, Tyson…I don't have the right equipment to make your plan…err…Tommy, better. Let me show you! Why don't you come here and take a look inside my medkit, you'll see that I don't have anything that could fix Tommy."

With obvious reluctance, the kid brought 'Tommy' over to Dr. Seldon. Looking into the kit, his eyes widened further, showing a spark of nerves, "Umm… if you don't have stuff that makes plants feel better… who do you use the clippers on?"

"Clippers?" Ender grabbed the kit and looked inside for himself, "What the…I don't understand…" Ender continued to shake his head as he reached inside to empty its contents. His tricorder, hyposprays, dermal regenerator and trauma kit had been replaced with clippers, grass shears, various pruners and a splitting wedge. It was then that Seldon smelled something fishy. He slowly looked up a Tyson who continued to look at him wide eyed and innocent, "OK, kid….what's going on?"

"I'm sorry, Dr. Seldon… I mean… I just thought… when Mister Finn gave us Tommy to take care of, he said… he said if," he closed his eyes as if to recall the First Officer's words, "if the the plant looks like it's about to keel over and the blowhard isn't just full of hot air, maybe Seldon can save it." Again the wide eyes of youthful innocence, "So when Tommy's needles all fell off, I figured I should call you and see if you were full of hot air or not."

Ender closed his eyes and took a deep breath, in with love, out with hate, he kept repeating in his head, "Alright, why don't I take little Tommy back to sickbay. I'm sure, in a few days, he'll be as good as new." The doctor forced a smile and once again gave the kid a playful tussle on the head. "Oh, and Tyson? Next time you see Finn, let him know I appreciate the recommendation." He closed with a wink and exited the Brahms quarters….plant in hand.

A joint post by Tyson Brahms (aka Harry Finn) and Ender Seldon

Originally Posted by Torrik Nils/01-18-2009 11:27:39 PM
:: USS Hawking ::
:: Holodeck 2 ::

“Press the attack,” called Captain Torrik to the men below decks. “Reload the fore cannons more quickly, and for the love God,” he turned to the men on deck with him, “Capture more wind!”

“We’re closing faster now, sir,” Hellersby cried from main wheel. “Shall we prep the carronades?

“No,” yelled the sea Captain, raising one finger in warning. He crossed quickly to the higher deck and squinted to focus on the pirate’s vessel, which was indeed much closer now. “The Governor’s betrothed is aboard and we can’t risk damage to the main hull. As much as I’d like to see Black Javier sink to the bottom of the briny deep, today his justice will be meted out differently.”

“Aye, aye sir,” Hellersby said with a wide grin. “It will be dark soon, though. We need to board before…”

“I realize that, Corporal. We need to slow them further…” Nils jumped the rails and called down to the lower decks. “Switch to chain-shot and take out their rigging. I want that ship dead on the water!”

A chorus of ‘aye sirs’ echoed up from below.

“When I give the word we’ll give her our broad side and hand out a full battery of chain.” The Commander lifted his eyes excitedly towards the horizon and their prey. Then the images returned. “And… And…”

“Sir?” Hellersby’s look of concern returned suddenly. He wondered if perhaps his Captain was indeed losing his marbles.

“What?” Nils turned to face the first officer and tried to shake off the feeling. “I’m sorry,” he said moving back up to the main deck. “Raise shields and bring us into position.”

A moment of silence preceded, “Shields…sir?”

“I…” Nils tried to focus. And for a moment the ‘something’ that was wrong became apparent. “Computer end program,” he said angrily. Nothing happened, other than the waves of the sea rolling the ship about as before. “Arch,” he called out to the cosmos hoping the computers access arch would materialize somewhere around him. It did not. He looked back out toward the ship on the horizon. “Javier… And T’Shaini…”

“Aye sir,” said Hellersby, who’d begun shaking the Captain a little violently. “The Dread Pirate Black Javier has absconded with Duchess Shaini. Are you feeling alright, sir?”

And the fog fell again. “Take down their sails and bring us along side,” Nils cried out in frustration. “Today we string up a pirate!”

With Hellersby -

Originally Posted by Harry Finn/01-20-2009 03:15:16 PM

::USS Hawking::

"… am not, am not, am not, not, not…" the words, high pitched and tearful, burst into the corridor as the doors slid open to reveal a howling and hopping five year old Samuel Cho and the solemnly head shaking Anthony Miller.

"I'm sorry, Sammy but… I'm pretty sure that rash means you got the phage. My dad's a nurse and I saw in one of his holobooks a rash that looks just like that one you've got on your elbow," the youngster looked up and nodded seriously to Seldon, "Here's the doctor… I bet he'll confirm my diagnosising."

Ender set Tyson's dying plant down on one of the lab tables before turning his attention to the two children, "Bacteriophage, huh?" The doctor lifted up Samual Cho and placed him down on a biobed, "Let's see here…" Ender examined the rash closely, "So, tell me Anthony…what do you know about the phage?"

"Well," the voice of authority piped up, "pretty much what everyone knows… it's a disease that EATS your ORGANS and there's no way to cure it!" Anthony's voice rose in direct proportion to Samuel's howls of fear.

Ender nodded in agreement, "Samuel, have you been hanging out with any Vidians lately?" The doctor slowly waved a medical tricorder wand over the young boy's elbow, "Cause you know? If that were the case than Mr.Miller here may be right. You just might have the phage and the only way to keep this arm from falling off will be to replace it." Ender snapped the tricorder shut and looked up at Anthony, "But that won't be too bad, I'm sure your friend here would love to give you his elbow."

"But…I… what?" Anthony started to backpeddle away from the biobed, "Mister Finn didn't s-say anything about…" but he cut himself off, remembering belatedly that this was a secret mission.

Sammy, watching the older boy, had begun giggle, absently scratching at the rash as he did so. So preoccupied was young Cho with Anthony's panic, he didn't realize that the dreaded affliction was rubbing off onto his other hand.

"Did you just say Finn?" Ender took a step towards Anthony, "Finn told you to tell Samuel that he has the phage?" Ender quickly looked down at Samual and was about to turn his attention back to Anthony before something caught his eye, "What the?" The doctor grabbed Samuels arm and took a closer look at the rash, "It's spreading increadibly fast….it's almost twice the size now!"

"That's impossible," Anthony said, "I used mom's water… proof… blush… ummm…." the terror of the secondary school suddenly found himself unable to meet the doctor's gaze. "He said you'd think it was a hoot," he explained in the voice of one well and truly caught, "Commander Finn did."

Samuel who was oblivious to the subtle convolutions of the ongoing drama, grinned at the doctor, "Mister Finn said I could have a treat!"

Ender smiled, "Why don't you run along and collect your treat, Samuel. Oh, and Anthony?"


"Was it you or Mr.Finn who came up with the phage rash?"

"I wish it was me," Anthony said with heartfelt admiration, "best I could come up with was dumb ol' bubonic plague."

Ender smiled again, "Well, will you do me a favor?"

"Sure thing, doc!"

"Tell Finn to do his research next time", Ender looked down at the 'rash' once more, "The phage was cured in 2375 by a group known as the 'Think Tank'. In fact, Finn may want to develop his own think tank if he's going to keep pulling these pranks."

"Bummer," was the sagacious comment that bit of news earned.

=/\=Autumn Quincy to Sickbay… I… I don't want to bother anyone but I think we're about to have a baby, here…=/\=

Baby? Ender didn't recall there being an expectant mother in the Quincy residence, =/\=Seldon here. How far along is she? =/\= The doctor asked while racking his brain, Was Samantha Quincy pregnant? How could I not know this.

=/\=Pretty far… I mean… far enough that something's coming out right now!=/\= Autumn's exclamation was followed by a short squeal and the exclamation, =/\=Grossss!=/\=

=/\=I'm on my way, Autumn. Just keep her breathing steady! =/\= Ender was about to make a mad dash for the doors when he remembered his medkit was still a toolshed for garden supplies. He cursed under his breath as he ran over to Tatiana Thorne's station and grabbed hers instead, "As soon as this day's done…I'm coming for you, Finn."

JP between Ender Seldon, Sammy 'Ain't I cute' Cho and Anthony 'The Weakest Link' Miller.

Originally Posted by Javier Costala/01-20-2009 08:13:00 PM
-Holodeck 2be, ornot2be-

The Talon was taking too much punishment but there was little that Javier could do to avoid it. The pirates could not outrun the pirate hunter so they chose to make their stand on the open sea and pray their luck would turn before plunging into the black depths. With chain shot from her long guns, the Chimera had brought down the Talon's mizzenmast and gouged large gaping holes in the pirate ship's sails. The loss of speed and maneuverability had left the captain with one recourse, stand and slug it out, cannon to cannon with the larger ship in hopes that the bigger ship would draw closer to the small caravel. After four exchanges of thunderous cannon fire which crippled the Talon, Javier's spirits were raised when he realized that the captain of the Chimera was moving in close enough so they could fight with boarding parties.

"Rogers, prepare a boarding party!" Javier yelled at the Mate. The pirate officer acknowledged the order then swung the axe he had been using to clear away the downed rigging with one last chop.

"Nabusco!" the captain shouted, "Nabusco? Damn the man, where is he?!" Javier inquired loudly of the cabinboy who was running across the blood smeared deck dressed in a woman's frock.

"No idea cap'n," the lad answered, looking as if he were about to keel over. Tag brushed his dirty hands down the front of the dress he was wearing, smoothing out numerous wrinkles. "Do you like my frock? I saved it for a special occasion."

He's gone soft in the head. Javier thought. "Very nice, Tag, now go find the Gunner's Mate and tell him to give the other ship some canister-shot."

"Aye, aye Cap'n!" the lad answered before a loud smashing noise nearby warned them that a cannonball had hit the main mast. Deadly fragments of wood flew through the air around them at dangerous speeds. One, a five inch splinter, embedded itself in Javier's upper left shoulder, causing the pirate captain to cry out in pain. Another longer splinter took Tag in the chest and laid him low. The dying cabin boy sighed and whispered some random nonsense. "I must have lost my yellow feather."

A tremendous crash and a bone-jarring jolt tossed Javier onto the deck among the rigging. "Repel boarders!" the captain shouted as he struggled to stand. He knew the jolt had come for when the Chimera had rammed into the Talon. A swarm of men came over the side and then he was fighting for his life. Black Javier fought with eight charged pistols in the sash around his waist and a sword in his right hand. It was close quarters fighting, smoke and gunpowder lay heavy in the air and the cries of men wounded or killed were unceasing. He fought ferociously, using his pistols only when hard pressed or outnumbered. The splinter in his shoulder made it painful to lift the heavy pistols so he relied more on his sword. Finally Javier was facing a lone man who was dressed in a Royal Navy officer's uniform. As they crossed swords Javier found himself thinking that the man looked vaguely familiar for some reason.

Captain Torrik drew himself to full height and lunged and pressed his attack through hordes of pirate scum until he'd finally come face to face with a thief of the high seas that wore the countenance of command. This for certain was Black Javier. He measured the mettle of the man through swipe and parry and found himself less than impressed. Of course, the blood stained shoulder indicated that perhaps this corrupter of women and hound of the Royal Fleet had met the justice of His Majesty's best.

"Raise your white flag, Lieutenant Commander. That's an order," Nils said leveling his sword. The awkwardness of his words didn't fully take root until he saw the odd expression on the dread pirate's face. "Wait…" he added feeling a little confused.

For a moment he had been about to obey, then Javier shook off the feeling and charged at the naval officer. "Never!" the pirate cried as he attacked the King's man with renewed vigor. Their swords lunged and parried as the two fought up and down the body-strewn deck. After a swift parry he shoved the officer away then drew his last pistol. Aiming at the officer was difficult even with the shoulder wound impeding Javier. This is wrong. the pirate captain thought to himself as he took aim.

The sound of feet slapping the wooden planks of the deck alerted him to approaching danger and Javier turned and fired the pistol. The Royal Navy sailor took the heavy slug in the chest and sunk to the deck with a groan.

Captain Torrik watched one his sailors drop and a flare of anger burned a hole in his restraint. A huge sense of responsibility for the men under his command came crushing down and the weight of that burden drove him forward towards Black Javier. The man was distracted, still focused on the man he shot, and the sea captain took full advantage. With a quick double step and fueled by anger, Nils closed the distance to the pirate and brought the butt of his sword down hard on the man's head.

A sudden pang of regret reverberated through Captain Torrik's chest as he watched Black Javier fall unconscious. Several of his officer's rushed forward to finish the job, but Nils held them at bay by moving between their onslaught and Javier's fallen form. "Hold," he called angrily raising his sword over his head. The din of battle dwindled as the outnumbered pirates succumbed to the better equipped English Navy.

"We have him," said Hellersby falling into place next to his Commander. "The edict from the Governor calls for his immediate execution."

"Hold," said Nils again as the odd flashes in the sky drew his eye one more time. "This isn't right…" His attention span seemed suddenly nonexistent and he remembered a similar feeling on board Sentinel. Sentinel… Of Starfleet… More 'real' collided with his subverted consciousness as the strange symbology emerged from the realm of subconscious. "Computer end program," he said again.

"Men… Dispatch this dirty pirate," said Hellersby angrily as he continued to eye the Captain. Nils could tell the man's suspicions were on edge. And clearly the holodeck's safeties were nonfunctional.

"No," yelled Nils. Hellersby almost interrupted, probably with some question of the Captain's sanity. So the Bajoran continued, "We are not barbarians. We will follow the letter of the law and string him up on Chimera. He will answer for his crimes. But only as we dole out like…" He almost said 'citizens of the Federation.' "…Like Gentlemen."

"Well and good," said Hellersby. "Take him to the Chimera!"

As his crew drew Javier up onto their shoulders, Nils fought to remain his own consciousness. He could feel it slipping. And it was tied to the flashes in the sky. When he paid attention to them their power seemed to diminish. But they were oily and slick to the consciousness. And his focus was shot. "I need help," he said under his breath. I have to find T'Shaini.

JP with Nils, who finally won at Battleship.

Originally Posted by Matt Hudson/01-20-2009 09:54:34 PM

USS HAWKING | Science Labs

Cam Atwood came to such a sudden halt that Cadet Matt Hudson nearly plowed into the back of the old rigid Boatswain. With a sweeping glare, Atwood turned to face Matt and pointed to the PADD in his hands. "Don't you forget what I said now boy."

Matt frowned. "Err.. of course not."

With what seemed like a nod of approval Atwood moved his gaze back across the science labs, the glare back in place as he attempted to locate his target.

"EEEEyaaaachOOOO! Crap!" Turning towards the sound of the door, Gorsky's cold made another surprise assault and the guy in OpsUglyMustard got a uniform full of Alex. "Sorry, dude, didn't know you were there."

Matt lifted his head towards an odd sound that was coming from Atwood's direction. It took all his effort not to smile when he realized that the 'sound' was actually the grinding of the Boatswain's teeth. The flush of red that was beginning to touch the old man's features, Matt realized was not a good sign.

"I- errr, We- have, err.. orders…" Matt stuttered, trying to keep his chuckle from the Boatswain's notice.

"Right," Alex sniffled as he accepted the PADD, "I hear there's a… thing… on the holodeck," he looked up quickly, "not my fault, this time… haven't had the nanites out in a week…"

Atwood's silence continued as did the grinding of his teeth. Matt looked from the hostile man to the clueless express on Gorksy's face, seemingly unaware of Atwood's uncommon silence.

"Nanites?" He asked in confusion.

"What?" Gorsky turned his attention to the other, wayyy less scary guy, "Sorry, yes… Gorsky, Alex… Ens…achoo! Ensign. Nanotechonogy and AI specialist… plus… a little bit of this and that." He searched the console nearest and found a battered box of tissues, making loud use of a handful. "Adyway… souds like there's a bad code in the program that's running on the holodeck." Alex grimaced, realizing that he was starting to sound like… well, like a guy with a cold. "What's the plad… plann?"

"The commander wants you and your team…" Atwood motioned towards Matt, "…with Cadet Hudson here, to isolate this program and shut it down." He abruptly turned without further notice to walk away, stopping only once to look back at Matt. "Contact Chief Corin if you need further resources."

"Ahhh…" Matt turned back to Gorksy. "Matt-" he spoke up, putting out a hand to introduce himself but retracted it quickly when Gorksy sneezed loudly again. "Sickbay?"

"Beed dere, dudh dhat…" Alex disposed of another feeble tissue. "Decodgestadt was the best they could do." He thought a moment, "Bay… mmaybe it's tibhe for adother dose." He shook it off and stared at the data he'd been presented with. "I thigk I've seed dhis wave before."

"You have?" Matt asked, looking down at the data with more interest. "The Bos'un was a little short with the details on our way up here."

But Gorsky had moved on, already. Gesturing at Hudson, he keyed into a nearby terminal, calling up some data that he'd gleaned from a device he wasn't ever supposed to have been looking at, according to Commander S'Van, anyway. The Romulan officer had been quick to claim all the technology Shaun Ryan Acker had bestowed on his tool. The Engramatic Cloning device which had turned Lt. Hawthorn into a killer had presented, on careful study, a series of sine waves similar to the one on the holodeck program. Acker's had been more elaborate than this one but… "If we cad batch this wave to one of dhese," he linked the PADD to his terminal, "yeah, dhere," he pointed… "it's a subharbodic audio wave." He leaned his head against the console for a moment before grabbing his prescribed decongestant and administering another dose.

"A subharbodic? Subharmonic?" Matt asked confused for the moment. "What is causing it?"

Gorsky was staring at the readings gleaned by the engineers on site, "I duddo, I bead, I dhow how… sombeone added a rogue code… sobethig dhat would bup up de illusiod… by sublibidal suggestion… I thigk we deed to tell Fidd aboud dhis… aaashooooo!"

Matt felt a headache coming up just attempting to keep up with what Gorsky was trying to say, and for once it had nothing to do with his limiting knowledge in the field, but more with Gorksy's attempts at verbal communication.

"So the rogue code is enhancing the illusion by sending subliminal suggestions via this subharmonic audio wave."

Head slap, "Yes!"

"Riiight." Matt chuckled to himself. "So why aren't they responding to any communications? Are communications not getting through or is this subharmonic audio wave interfering somehow?"

"Eidher… or both." Alex felt the waves of air starting to filter through the wall of snot. "First thing, get a technician to shut dowd the program… we can't get into the deck but maybe," I said maybe… and it sounded right!, "we can get it from the isolinear processor block… break the link between the transporter matrix and the holodeck?"

Matt nodded in agreement. "I will head down now and brief one of the engineers on the situation." Matt responded, "Will you inform Finn?"

"Yeah. Let be doh… shit… know… when it's off. I'b gonna try to break dowd the sigdal some bore… baybe I cad deterbine what it's supposed to be doing."

"Understood…" Mostly. "Tell me if you find anything."

Matt moved out of the science labs, wondering if Simba was interested in playing this 'fun' little game he had been assigned.

A JP with the ever-sneezing…


Originally Posted by Tatiana Thorne/01-20-2009 11:47:38 PM

USS Hawking
Deck 5, Sickbay

“What’s go-” she began, but didn’t get to finish as the Chief Medical Officer ran out of Sickbay with her medkit. “Okay…” she said as she stared at the doors. Tatiana continued taking inventory of the hyposprays, trying hard to focus on her work instead of the potential train wreck waiting for her later. If her shift hadn’t started right after the appearance of Vince, she saw herself still there standing in front of the man lacking even the smallest idea of how to react. Even as she stood there, she couldn’t think of the right words to say to him when the time came.

The entrance to Sickbay opened, and Luke Getty walked in cradling his hand to this chest. He immediately walked to a free station, and tried to treat his wound on his own. “I’ve got it Luke, I’ve got it. Have a seat,” Tatiana said as she walked over to the medic. She took his injured hand in hers and examined the long cut. “That’s pretty nasty, what happened?”

“Hobby gone wrong,” came his short answer as he waited to be treated.

Amy came from behind her, handed her the medkit, and watched for a few minutes before blurting, “So what is this I hear about you and Vince?”

“Wait…what? What are you talking about?” she asked incredulously and looked up from treating Luke’s wound.

The nurse spoke again, “I heard about your situation.”

Tatiana sighed, Stephanie. “That woman has a big mouth,” she said with a shake of her head, not even bothering with saying who she was referring to, she knew Amy would know.

“Even if she didn’t tell me, I would have heard about it from the multiple people Stryfe bumped into on the way to your quarters. So…what do you think? What did you do?”

“He smelled like he took a bath in Whiskey, so most people would actually understand why I didn’t take it seriously.” Before Amos could reply, she shook her head, “Don’t. I’ve been drunk before, and I’ve said or did things I would have never done sober. And even if he meant it,” she continued, “I don’t know if what he was implying is something I’m ready for.” She sat the instrument down, and motioned to Luke’s hand, “Test it out.”

Amos looked at Getty, “So, do you have anything to add? Since you’re a man, maybe you could give some insight.”

He flexed his fingers and balled his hand into a fist to test the mobility. “It’s fine, thanks Thorne.” He stood, and before he exited he stared pointedly at Amy, “It’s not my business or my place to get in this,” he responded finally, and nodded to Tatiana, “Thanks again.”

After Getty left Sickbay, the nurse frowned, “I guess he still keeps to his ‘work-related conversations only' rule.” She shot Tatiana a look, “I cannot believe you were married to him in that other universe.”

Tatiana shrugged, “I couldn’t believe I was married, I didn’t care much about the to who part.” She turned and caught the gaze of the nurse, “And I don’t know about the Vince thing, just leave it alone for now.”

“Alright,” she answered. “If you need to talk or if you just need some advice I’m here.”

“Will do,” the doctor replied and went to wash her hands of the blood that coated her fingers.

Featuring: Nurse Amy Amos

Originally Posted by T'Shaini/01-21-2009 09:07:09 AM

Holodeck 2shipsthatcrashinthenight

Shaini kicked at the door, as little as she knew about combat, especially combat at sea, she saw no good of her being confined to the cabin, no matter how ill prepared she may be…what would happen if the ship began to sink. At that thought another explosion shook the ship, causing her to topple back against the table. Launching herself back toward the locked door she began to pound on it, calling for assistance, Oh yes, I am certain that someone will hear you and come to your aid in the middle of a pitched battle. Leaving the door Shaini began to search for something to break down the door. Testing the weight of a brass thingamajig that no doubt had something to do with steering this ship she was pulled from her analysis by the sound of splintering wood.

"Javier…" She spoke while turning. "Nooooo, I am sorry…not Javier, but thank you for coming to my aid."

"Your aid?" The rather rough looking man said derisively. "Now why would I be aiding the reason for all the ill luck on this venture?" He crossed the room with a menace that was palpable and grabbed her arm roughly. "Near as I figure, we get rid of you, our luck should change."

"Rid?" She had so badly wanted to the door to be open and now…be careful what you wish for.

She cried out as her arm was twisted behind her body and he shoved her hard up against the frame of the door. His rancid breath made her eyes water as he leaned in. "If we had more time…"

Interesting, she would think much, much later, how no matter what was done to the mind, there were some things the body just remembered. In the moment, the Lady Shaini was somewhat surprised as she turned her body into his, stomped hard on the instep of the pirate's foot and brought the…sexton! That is what they are called…that was still in her other hand, up with a clang against his face. Not waiting to see his unconscious form slide down the wall, Shaini ran up the ladder to the main deck and looked around in horror at the wreckage that the ship had become. Fallen bodies, splintered masts, torn sails…there seemed to be nothing that had not been damaged by the attack. How could this happen so quickly? Shouts drew her attention to where a group of men were holding aloft a bloodied figure.

"Javier!" Without a thought she began to run toward the fray.

Originally Posted by Torrik Nils/01-21-2009 11:22:07 AM

:: USS Hawking ::
:: Holodeck 2 ::

Wide eyed and working very hard to maintain his own sense of self, Nils watched as his crew carried Javier back to the HMS Chimera. He struggled to put all of the pieces together from the moment he'd entered the holodeck. The buzz emanating from somewhere inside his own head, however, attempted to lull him back into the role of sea captain. Familiar cries immediately drew his attention and he snapped his shaky focus toward the source of the sound.

"T'Shaini," he called pushing his way through the remaining vestiges of battle. She'd apparently emerged from below decks and was making a bee line for Javier. Nils shoved a Royal Officer out of the way and careened against a lone pirate as he forced his way to the Counselor's side. "T'Shaini," he said one more time in a rush of relief and desperation. He reached out and grabbed her arm and tried to spin her around towards him.

"Unhand me, sir." The crack of the slap went unheard in the din of the still raging battle, but something in the man's tone kept her raised hand from striking again…I know him? "Can you not see? They are going to kill him." She said, pleading with him.

"No," he's safe for the time being. The stinging she'd left on his face made holding on to his own persona a bit more challenging, yet hold on he did and his voice echoed the strain. "But you're right… We've got to get to him and get out of the holodeck. Something has gone really wrong in here."

Confusion brought on by the familiar yet unfamiliar words kept Shaini with him, as with Javier, there was something she found innately trustworthy, but of a different texture. "Of course something has gone wrong, a ship has been nigh blown out of the water and a man, who has done no harm, is being dragged off to his death."

"The pirate will meet with justice. We've come to bear you back to your betrothed, m'lady," said Nils drawing up in regal demeanor. "NO!" He fought off the fog which encroached from the buzz in his head. He closed his eyes and he forced his words out as clearly as he could. "You are a Counselor and Starfleet officer on the USS Hawking. I am her Captain. And this…" His eyes sprung open and conviction poured from his depths. "This is not real. You are T'Shaini of Vulcan." The words were as much for his own benefit as they were to shake her from the holodream.

"I..I…" Her immediate reaction was to argue, but instead shook her head like a dog ridding itself of water. "Nils?" Her eyes widened at the imprint of her hand on the Captain's face then the curtain descended once more. "I assume, by your words, that these men are yours? I insist you call them off, immediately."

"Call them off?" The Royal Navy's man looked perplexed. "M'lady, we're here to return you to the Governor of Tortuga. These men are your salvation! And Black Javier will be dealt with according the letter of English law." Captain Torrik felt as if there was something he'd forgotten but wrote it off as the after pangs of battle. Still… The confusion was profound. "I can escort you to a cabin aboard our ship and when the dread pirate has been dealt with we will set sail once again."

"I refuse to be taken anywhere until I can be assured of his safety, I will not have a man killed on my behalf that did nothing to warrant such repercussions." Shaini held her hand up haughtily. "I understand you seek restitution for the 'kidnapping', but since we were on route to Tortuga and no harm had been done to my person this entire enterprise seems rather…" She waved her hand in the direction of the carnage. "excessive."

"Am I to understand that you've… That you feel somehow responsible for this pirate dog's well being?" Captain Torrik didn't wait for a response. "I cannot assure you of his safety, nor would I if I could. The laws are clear when dealing with pirates. He will be well treated until his execution, but…"

"Execution?" Shaini all but shouted, then began to pull the officer toward the other boat. "You must do something, I must do something…is there not some sort of trial?" In her rush she slipped on god knows what then regained her footing. "By law, everyone must receive a fair trial, is that not so?" In truth she had no clear idea what the laws were in the islands, but it was certainly worth the attempt.

"Trial? Pirates are undeserving of the privileges granted to nobles…" Feeling somewhat still bewildered by something, he allowed himself to be dragged along by the duchess. "But at sea, such matters are left to Captain's discretion. Being so far from Federation space leaves room for a certain amount of leeway when applying…" Federation space? "This is not right," Nils said. His frustration mounted and the nagging buzz wouldn't let up. "Captain to the Bridge," he called out into the ether.

Federation space. "Tiar Mira, Nils…what is going on?"

This adventure through dissociative disorder brought to you by Duchess Shaini, Counselor T'Shaini, Captain Nils Torrik, and Captain Torrik Nils.

Originally Posted by Jenny Anderson/01-21-2009 11:39:19 AM

::USS Hawking::
::Auxiliary Tactical - Deck 14::

“Anderson reporting as ordered,” Jenny announced as she entered the room.

“Very good. Please take over the sensors,” Fehr, the officer of the watch nodded towards Aengus, “Mister McMennan, you may join Ellison at Holodeck 2.”

The cadet nodded towards the lieutenant before he turned to exit the room, “Hope we didn’t pull you away from anything important,” Aengus commented as he brushed irritably past Jenny.

“Do not mind him,” Fehr flashed a reassuring smile as Jenny paused in confusion, “McMennan is becoming… cranky, I believe you would say… with the overtime." He took in the shadows beneath her eyes… a look most of the team were now sporting, and then nodded towards the telltale bruising over her throat, “I was going to apologize for calling you from your training but, perhaps you will enjoy the break. Did B’Naath manage that? That tail can be wicked…”

“What? Oh, no.” Jenny tugged her collar, as if that would hide the remains of her valuable lesson in targeting. “Some holocreation that looked like kinda like Moe Howard from the Three Stooges. I gave him what for, though.” And B’Naath had practically purred with satisfaction when she did, too. Weird.

“Well done, then.” Shrugging off yet another cultural reference he had no hope of understanding, Fehr moved onto business. “But now, there may be some trouble with the holodeck and Commander Finn wished to have a response team standing by, which of course leaves gaps…”

“Which need to be covered,” Jenny stepped up to the auxiliary console and settled into the best stance for long-term absorption of the visual and coded data, which the internal sensors displayed as they took continual readings. “Have we seen anything of what’s happening on the holodeck?” Then she recalled who was supposed to be vacationing there and found herself staring hard at the feedback from the astrometrics lab… which wasn’t any help since only recently she and Ben had spent some quality time in that very lab, taking in the wonders of the Andromeda Galaxy over a smuggled-in picnic.

“I am attempting to override the privacy lock,” the Elasian replied, “but the visual continues to display only static. We have lifesigns… one Vulcan, one Human and one Bajoran… but no audio or visual feedback.”


Reading her expression, Fehr added, “The Captain decided to investigate the issue…” And it was clear, from his tone, just what the lieutenant thought of his Captain’s decision.

Jenny felt a chill as she considered the course of events, “This… doesn’t feel right.”

“No,” Fehr replied, bringing his attentions back to his continuing efforts to break through the firewall on the holodeck, “it does not.”


Originally Posted by T'Shaini/01-21-2009 02:35:45 PM

:: USS Hawking ::
:: Holodeck 2 ::

This is not real, I am on the holodeck of the Hawking, I am T'Shaini of Vulcan, counselor on the USS Hawking…. No matter how many times she repeated those words she could feel reality slipping away like sand through her fingers. She and Nils had followed the mob over to the Chimera carefully navigating the duel minefield of the corpse strewn deck and their own identities. "However do you indend that we endeavor to save this pira…" I am T'Shaini of Vulcan… "Javier…Nils, do you have any idea what has malfunctioned?"

"No. Before I came in we registered a strange surge in the holodeck matrix. I entered before the engineering team investigated any further. But this is more than just a holoprogram gone awry. Somehow we're being coerced into believing we are the characters assigned to us…" Nils shook his head and tried to avoid his 'crew'. "I keep getting the feeling that I'm seeing something… Or hearing something… I can't describe it." He sidestepped Hellersby and maneuvered them to the door leading below deck. "Ultimately that's not our highest priority. We've got to get to Javier before these naval officers injure him too severely. Clearly the safety protocols are disabled."

T'Shaini's stomach clenched. "Disabled?" That would mean that the blood she saw was… "Sir, am I to believe that the blood upon his shirt was your doing?" She wrenched her arm away from his hand. "How dare you."

As the Vulcan slipped into her alternate persona so too Nils felt himself sliding down the abyss. Whatever mechanism worked against them it seemed to ebb and flow. The former science officer found it easier, if not much, to cling to himself if he tried focusing on a theoretical scenario that would explain the apparent surging of imprinted personality. Whether it was random or worked in come kind of cyclical pattern, it seemed to keep him grounded if he applied his intellect to the possible scientific explanations.

"T'Shaini," Nils said as he grabbed her by her shoulders. "You have to try to focus." With a less than gentle shake, he added, "You have to remember who you are."

"Sorry, sorry…" It was far more difficult than it should be, one would think that once the reality had been reestablished it would take hold, but not so in this case. "It must be consistently reinforced within the program, our identities that is." With a deep breath, the Vulcan turned back to her Captain. "The safeties are off, what can we do? Can you confine him? At least he will be safe from the crew until we can unravel this confusion."

"That should be our first order of…" Nils grabbed a passing crewman. "Sailor… Where have they taken the Lt. Comman…the dread pirate?"

The young naval crewman snapped to, and answered with all proper respect. "I believe they've taken him below, sir. He's to be stripped and flogged prior to the hanging."

Nils features reflected the bad news. Were the safety protocols still intact, the prospect of Javi being 'stripped and flogged' had a certain humorous charm. But in this case… "Carry on," Nils said to the young Englishman. "Not good," he added when the sailor had moved along. "If I can get to Hellersby, perhaps I can issue a countermand to…" Another wave of identity crisis collided on his psyche. He resisted but everything became foggy. "This is going to be a challenge."

"One that needs to be met." The unease that rose at the phrase 'stripped and flogged' made the internal struggle accelerate, grinding her teeth as if that would help reality hold on, the Counselor fought her way through the latest wave of outwardly induced existential angst. "Perhaps if I am present they will be hesitant to torture him in front of 'a lady'."

"It bears trying," replied the Bajoran as he scanned the deck for Hellersby. That man would be his primary obstacle. "I'll try to push for a stay of execution. Perhaps push for a trial…" He spun back on T'Shaini and his gaze bore into her. "Are you sure you can remain…yourself? If we split up there's a greater risk of losing ourselves in the flow of the story."

"A trial would be ideal." The Vulcan agreed. "As for remaining myself…I certainly have reason enough to try, and at least I do know that either persona will fight for his life." T'Shaini's eyebrow quirked upward. "Were it not for the potential danger, I think both of you would find this amusing…do not deny it, I saw that look on your face when he said 'stripped and flogged."

A mischievous grin blossomed across the Bajoran's face, despite their predicament. "Godspeed, Commander," he said with a dark twinkle in his eye. And the two Starfleet Officer, having survived everything from natural disasters to an alternate universe, split up, secure in the knowledge that a simple holodeck malfunction was not going to best them.

JP Nilshaini: wrestling those pesky personalities in line…dammit.

Still Waters

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