Security Tactical


Rank Name Position Age Race BIO
y-o3.png Usher Tenaji Security Officer 34 Human NPC
y-o2.png Fehr Security Officer 39 Elasian NPC
y-o1.png Darvin Brennek Security Officer ?? Bajoran NPC
y-o1.png Darby "Darbs" Saunders Security Officer 23 Human NPC
y-o1.png Zane Peress Security Officer ?? Human NPC
y-o1.png Esperanze Fuentas Security Officer 26 Human NPC
y-c4-1.png Mellon Astyr Security Officer 23 Bajoran/Cardassian NPC
y-c2-1.png Aengus McMennan Security Officer ?? Human NPC
y-c2-1.png Jereen Security Officer 63 Denobulan NPC

Enlisted Personnel

Rank Name Position Age Race BIO
y-e8.png Elliot Jenkins Security NCOIC ?? Human wikiJenkins.png
y-w1.png Karrie Rodriguez Warrant Officer age Centauran/Human NPC
y-e7.png William Jameson Security 33 Human NPC
y-e7.png Kyle Ellison Security 41 Human NPC
y-e6.png Gran Security 35 Tellarite NPC
y-e6.png Zal Govan Security 34 Cardassian NPC
y-e6.png Scott Burgess Security ?? Human NPC
y-e4.png Anthony Trann Security ?? Human Trannbiopic.jpg
y-e4.png Hamish Drummond Security 38 Human NPC
y-e3.png Jenny Anderson Security 19 Human PNPC
y-e2-1.png B'naath Security 34 Caitian NPC
y-e2.png Dramm Pal Security 42 Xepolite NPC
y-e1.png Bardon Security ?? Bolian NPC
y-e1.png Shrell T'Thianco Security age Andorian NPC

Exchange Officers

Rank Name Position Age Race BIO
m2-e3.png Rak'h Security Officer 22 Klingon NPC
m2-e3.png Koll Security Officer 22 Klingon NPC
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