Senior Staff Department Heads
Senior Staff (Bridge Crew and Department Heads)
Rank Name Position age Race Bio
r-o6.png Nathan Benjamin Commanding Officer 19 Borg NBwiki001.jpg
t-o3.png Torrik Nils Executive Officer/Science Officer 27 Bajoran WikiNils.png
t-o4.png Jillian Munro Chief Medical Officer 27 Human WikiJillian.png
y-o1.png Harry Finn Chief of Security/Tactical 46 Human WikiFinn.png
t-o3.png T'Shaini Ship's Counselor 29 Vulcan WikiTee.png
r-o2.png Vince Stryfe Chief Helmsman 27 Human WikiStryfe.png
y-o1.png Javier Costala Chief Engineer 26 Human wikiCostala.png
Vulcan02.png 100110 and 100111 Chief of Operations ?? Bynar NPCs
r-e9.png William Jackson Chief of he Boat 55 Human NPC
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