A Day At The Outpost

USS Hawking
Main bridge
1025 AM

The doors of the turbo lift slide open and Mark and Nataly stepped onto the bridge.

"Well we'll be there soon anyway." she said just before taking over the security and tactical station, that was positioned directly on the right side of the bridge. One of Nataly's assistant chiefs, Vanonan Hawthorn, was working the station. She was the first to notice the pair of them coming onto the bridge and knew Nataly was going to take it over again. With a few taps on some buttons she saved and locked her work and left the station.

"Yep" Mark said as he walked on, down the small stairs, passing in front of the station Nataly just manned. In the command chair was Miranda Rogers. A young woman from Australia who's star was rising fast in starfleet. She had only joined 9 months ago and already made lieutenant junior grade. Mark had read her file and it was impressive to say the least.

The moment Miranda noticed that Mark was on the bridge she got up from the command chair and sort of offered it to Mark.

"Good morning lieutenant, how are you today?" Mark said as he took a seat in the big chair. He was getting pretty used to the one on the Hawking.

"I'm fine sir, what about yourself?" she said while walking up to the operations station, on the opposite side of the bridge from Nataly. In the corner of his eye Mark saw Miranda make a small nod and something that looked like waving to Nataly. The two bridge officers had become friends in the short time they were on board.

"I'm good lieutenant, I'm good. So anything unusual?" he asked her while opening the command console in the center of the two chairs.

"Nothing, we're still en route to the outpost, nothing unusual to report" she answered while taking over the operations station.

"Very good, I hate unusual stuff." Mark smirked. "Helm, what's our ETA to the outpost?" he said, turning to Drelan.

"At current velocity we should be at the outpost in less than two hours sir" he instantly said. Drelan had expected the question and already pulled up the information on his console.

Mark turned his head over his left shoulder to Miranda. She noticed it and with a questioning face looked up from her station to Mark.

"Lieutenant, send a message to Admiral Khouri-Kaz, notifying her we'll be arriving in approximately two hours. Add my personal regards to it and tell her I'll be looking her up down there." He told her and turned his attention back to console on his right side. Mark knew Khouri from back in his days on the USS Presidio. She was the commanding officer there, when Mark was manning the operations station. Good old days.

USS Hawking
Main bridge

Mark tapped his combadge in order to contact Nathan. They were nearly there and he figured Nathan would like to know.

=/\= "Jansen to Benjamin" =/\=

=/\= "Go ahead Mark" =/\= It sounded over the comm. It was a bit noisy in the background, but the comm system automaticly cleared that up.

=/\= "We are almost at the outpost, we will arrive there in less than 10 minutes. I thought you'd like to know" =/\=

=/\= "Very good Mark, I'll be right up on the bridge. Benjamin out" =/\=

While waiting for Nathan and for their arrival at the outpost, Mark opened up the file of new personell that was coming aboard. A few civillians, some support crew and a two security officers. Everything was ready for their arrival.

Mark had compiled a checklist together with all department heads of things that had to be taken care of in the 24 hours they had while in orbit. It was planned to make sure it was easy doable. They estimated it could be done in about 10 to 12 hours.

Behind Mark the doors of the turbo lift slide open and out came the youngster. Mark looked back over his shoulder and saw Nataly take a step aside from the console, calling the bridge to attention.

"Captain on the bridge" she said with a firm voice. Everybody on the bridge to up from their chairs, standing up straight for the boy. Nathan overlooked them for a second before giving them the famous "Carry on". Nathan stepped down the stairs and walked up to Mark.

"Good afternoon Mark" he said with a smile. "Are we there yet?". The words reminded Mark of what all small kids do when they are on a long journey and don't want to sit still. He could't help but imaging Nathan in the back of a shuttle, strapped to the chair by a kind of seatbelt, wanting to do nothing rather than get out of it.

"Good afternoon" Mark said back, unable to surpress a smile. "We should arrive in less than 2 minutes, you are right on time" he continued while he and Nathan both took their seats.

"Cool" he said "Hail them".

Miranda put her attention the her console and a second later she looked at the great screen in front of the bridge. On it appeared the face of Admiral Admiral Khouri-Kaz.

"Ah Admiral" Nathan started and got up from his seat. Before he could speak again, Khouri beat him to it.

"Commander, welcome to outpost Jericho-Samaria" she said "We arranged for everything you've asked for"

"Great!" Nathan exclamated. "We will stay in orbit for 24 hours and then continue on our way. Many thanks for this all admiral"

"You are most welcome" Khouri answered "and Mark, good to see you, it's been a while" she added.

"Good to see you too admiral. It indeed has. I'll come look you up when I'm on the surface"

"Very well, I'll see you all when you get down here. Enjoy your stay. Kaz out" she said, just before closing the connection. Behind them a bleep came from Miranda's station. Nathan turned around and walked up to her console.

"I just recieved confirmation sir. We are cleared to to enter orbit". She read from the screen in her station.

"Good, well, you heard her. Take us into orbit ensign" Nathan said when taking off from the ops console to the center of the bridge again.

"All hands, this is commander Benjamin. We are now moving into orbit of outpost Jericho-Samaria as we speak. We will remain here for the next 24 hours. During our time here we will recieve a number of supplies and we will get some new crew aboard. If you are not on duty, you are free to go off the ship. Be sure to be back here in time for our departure. Tomorrow at 0100 PM, we will take off. That was all, enjoy your stay" Nathan spoke to the crew.

A few seconds later, the ship was in orbit of the outpost and they withing the hour the work would start.

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