Statement Of Npcs

Purpose of the NPC - For most the NPC's are there to allow easy storytelling. We can't always have JP's, as much fun as they are so they enable each player to remain realistically involved in any ongoing plot without being stuck inside their own heads all the time.

For others, on our ship, NPC's actually help move the plot, or can be involved in the plot and can be just as useful in JP mode as in solo posting, hence the use of several Restricted NPC's who are, in essence, second characters for some of the PC's on the ship, without all the hassle of registering them.

Creation of NPCs - As necessary for your character but also AS MAKE SENSE in a closed shipboard environment. If a department is darned crowded, look to the non-specific positions… those without a specific department to work under. Alternately, if you look at the manifest, we have a ton of undefined NPC's on the list. People who could stand to be pulled out of the mothballs and granted a personality which we may then put into biography form.

NPC use-

General Use - You are free to use this NPC at any time. Please try to get a feel for 'who they are' and what their history is via the NPC biography pages.

By Permission - You may use this NPC if you get permission by their creator or department head. The safest means of getting permission is to alert their section chief who may pass you along to who actually created the NPC.

Restricted - This NPC is only accessible by the person who created it and may not be utilized by others aboard the ship.

Hawking Handbook

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