T Shaini - Ship's Counselor

Name: T'Shaini
Place of Birth: Vulcan
Date of Birth: 2280
Species: Vulcan
Gender: Female
Father: Sakkath
Mother: T'Peles
Date Joined: October 24, 2382
Rank: Lt. Commander

Additional Information:

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 135
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

T’Shaini is the younger of two children born to Sakkath (Father) and T'Peles (mother). Her parents and elder brother (Selan) are all in security, her decision to pursue psychiatry and psychology was contested during her school years but ultimately embraced by her family. Her interest in the pathways of emotion was generated by a chance encounter with a Tibetan monk that her father was assigned to during a conference on non-aggression that was held on Vulcan.

The monk, (Pema Bhiksuni) seeing T’Shaini’s curiosity, offered to educate her in the 8-Fold Path. The concept that everyone, including Vulcans, had the potential to genuinely feel emotion without letting it control them was an enticing one to her. The rest of her studies were based around that one concept which led her to the profession of Counselor. Finding that this exploration was not one particularly welcome on her home planet, T’Shaini decided to join Starfleet hoping the exposure to the myriad of races would further studies.

Academics & Training:
Home Schooling by parents
Apprenticeship with Pema Bhiksuni
Graduate Kir’Shara University, concentration in Psychiatry
Graduate Starfleet Academy Psychiatry


Sniper (trained by father)

Medical Record

Condition: Healthy
Status: Cleared for Active Duty
Dr. Amanda Kyldar, Starfleet Academy.
September 16, 2382

Condition: Healthy
Status: Cleared for Active Duty
Dr. L’Mek, USS Hawking.
March 16, 2383

Condition: Healthy
Status: Cleared for Active Duty
Dr. L’Mek, USS Hawking.
September 16, 2383

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