The Beradi

The Beradi are a war-like species that originated in the Beta Quadrant. They were initially a peaceful race but were genetically altered to serve as elite slave soldiers in a civil war that engulfed their homeworld. This civil war lasted almost two hundred years before a peace treaty was signed between the two sides. Once the treaty was ratified the remaining Beradi units were rounded up and banished from the planet. Homeless and with very little to survive upon the first units turned to mercenary work to survive. The Beradi learned that soldiers for hire lived fairly well and so they began to take more difficult assignments to ensure their survival.

The crew of the U.S.S. Hawking first encountered the Beradi on the surface of Girijan. The mercenaries were helping Bajoran extremist Kammal Bedie in her search for a lost Bajoran orb. The Beradi fought with the local people, the Devangari, driving them away from the ceremonial burial places where the orb had been hidden. The crew of the Hawking were involved in a series of skirmishes with the Beradi mercs when they attempted to explore the burial caves. Most of, if not all, of the Beradi were killed by the Federation personnel.

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