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Originally Posted by Harry Finn/01-22-2009 08:16:21 AM

::USS Hawking::
::Dedicated Lab 1133 - Deck 6::

“Ad lookig at de wave… see… it’s bade up like DEhdA… bultiple strahds…”

Does DEdhA = DNA? Harry, unknowingly echoing Cadet Hudson’s prior encounter with Gorsky, had to back up the geek’s words and run them over a few times before they started to sound like… words. Why can’t the UT translate ‘cold’? “Okay, hold on… the rogue wave actually contains… several… extra codes…”

“Yes.” Alex realized everything was taking too long… less long than trying to explain over the coms without visual aids but still. He grabbed a non-dedicated PADD and started typing, furiously.

After the young scientist’s fingers stopped flying, he passed the PADD to Harry, who hunkered down to decipher the geek speak. Fortunately, Gorsky knew his audience and most of the words had less than five syllables. “Okay… multiple codes… one transmitting an as-yet unknown subliminal suggestion via sub-harmonic wavelength,” he glanced up to see the enthusiastic nodding, interrupted by sneeze. Back to the PADD: “Another… heh, of course, scrambles outgoing imaging…” and prevented a solid transporter lock. Then he saw what the other codes did. “Oh… shit.” One of them was overriding the holodeck’s safety protocols, which was bad… but this last…

“Right.” Gorsky pulled up a record of Holodeck use for the past three months and pointed to it.

“So,” Harry continued, looking from the words he was scanning to Gorsky’s terminal and the progam’s usage dates, “two other crewmembers have used this program with no glitches at all but… this last strand of code… it’s a vocal recognition trigger?”

More nodding.

“And you think that the trigger went off because of the voice of the last person to activate this program?”

Enthusiastic nodding.

“So it’s not just a glitch in a cheap program written by a fly-by-night holovacation company?”

Vigorous shake. “Add-odh…” he reached over and typed, ‘Add-on… not the same code-signature as the rest of the program… recently inserted.’

Harry tapped the PADD into his hand, “And still no joy on turning it off?”

Another shake.

“Is there a way to block the subliminal… I mean, I know we can’t interrupt what’s in play but if, say a new player entered… could he block out the…” Harry got no further as Alex spun to his workspace and coded open the safe which contained his…

“I cad prograbh dhese to ebit a coudter frequedsy…”

“Oh… dude…” Harry started back away from the canister of nanites.

Alex grabbed the PADD away from Harry, typed some more while the XO read over his shoulder… ’the nanites have a limited lifespan… they’ll die and discorporate in approximately forty minutes and the counter-frequency (think ‘shield’) will prevent the program from sucking you into a mental Bermuda Triangle…’

Seldon would have a conniption if he knew what the XO was planning. “Side effects?”

Taptaptaptaptap, 'Headache… maybe some disorientation as the nanites deactivate.'

Good thing Seldon was busy delivering kittens at the Quincy’s.

Harry considered a moment more. “How many doses can you cook up?”

Alex held up one finger.

Tenanji wasn’t going to be too happy, either. “Do it,” Finn ordered. And let the conniptions commence.

While Gorsky began to work his techno-alchemy on five cc’s worth of babybots, Harry double-checked the type 1 phaser he always kept on him. Three people… friends… were trapped in a potentially lethal program… a program deliberately altered by person or persons unknown. In his experience, that was the sort of thing that tended to end very, very badly.

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Originally Posted by Simba Wekesa/01-22-2009 11:16:35 AM

U.S.S. Hawking
Wekesa/Hudson Quarters

Beep, beep, beep.

Simba groaned and rolled over in his bunk, sleeping fitfully. With a violent kick, he pushed the already-twisted blanket to the floor and stretched out on the mattress in a vain attempt to get more comfortable.

Beep, beep, beep.

The cadet opened his eyes slowly, staring into the darkness of the room as he tried to locate the phantom beeping. Either he was dreaming, or something here in the waking world was eager to get his attention.

Beep, beep, beep.

Definitely the waking world, though it apparently hadn't woken Matt since there was only silence from his side o the room. Simba blinked groggily, fighting off the lingering effects of last night's wild party in engineering. He reached out in the dim light and felt around the nightstand until his hand came to rest on the commbadge and tapped it with his palm.

"Wekesa here," he replied, his voice grating. He hadn't realized until now just how dry his throat was, next order of business would be to find some water.

=/\= "Glad to hear you're awake, I was starting to wonder." =/\= Matt Hudson's overly-chipper voice filtered through the communicator. No wonder it hadn't woken him up; he was already up and was the one doing the waking.

"I am now…" Simba mumbled. It couldn't have been more than a couple of hours since he'd gone to sleep. "What's going on?"

=/\= "There's a malfunction in the holodeck. The captain, Commander Costala, and Counselor T'Shaini are trapped inside. I need your help… meet me at holodeck two." =/\=

Simba sat up in bed, knowledge of the emergency waking him quickly. "Alright, I'll be right there. Give me a few minutes." He tapped the commbadge again to end the call and sat for a moment, mustering the energy to get out of bed. "Computer, lights." In a moment, the room was flooded with brightness. Simba squinted and quickly looked down at the floor. "No, computer… less lights, less lights!" The lights dimmed a bit and the cadet opened his eyes again, trying to force himself to adjust to the light. He sat for a few moments, staring blankly across the room as if clinging to the last remnants of rest, then pushed himself up off the edge of the bunk and stepped carefully over the discarded blanket. He bent down and picked it up, tossing it back onto the bed and fighting off the urge to lay back down himself.

"Wate…" The command was interrupted by an escaping yawn. "Woah… water, chilled," he ordered as he made his way to the replicator.

The computer chirped in response and the beverage materialized a moment later. Simba took it and downed the entire glass in one fluid motion. Much better. He set the empty glass down on his desk as he shuffled back across the room to retrieve his uniform from the chair where he'd left it not-so-many hours before. He frowned at the wrinkled mass of fabric and began to separate the garments.

"Computer, full illumination." He might as well get used to it now. The lights brightened again and Simba momentarily squinted as he pulled off his pajamas and quickly slipped into his uniform before heading into the washroom. He turned on the faucet and let it run on cold for a moment, then splashed the cold water on his face to wake himself up. It definitely worked. Simba let the icy water flow down his skin for a few seconds before grabbing the towel to dry himself off.

As he smoothed the wrinkles out of his tunic, he studied his reflection in the mirror. His eyes were bloodshot from two nights in a row with little sleep and he definitely had a five o'clock shadow going. He certainly looked like he'd just rolled out of bed, definitely not a good look for a Starfleet cadet. Especially if the captain was going to be there.

"Right, Simba, that's what you need to be worrying about right now. Priorities..," he said to himself as he rolled his eyes. There was no time to primp now; he needed to get down to the holodeck and see what was going on. There would be plenty of time later to shave and maybe, just maybe, get a full night's sleep.

"Computer, black coffee… extra large, double strength," Simba ordered as he walked back through the main room, shaking off the last lingering traces of fatigue. He picked up the steaming mug from the replicator and inhaled its aroma as he walked quickly out the door to make his way to the holodeck.

Originally Posted by Javier Costala/01-22-2009 02:02:30 PM

::Holodeck 2::

A sheet of cold water cleared the fog from his eyes as Javier tried to rid himself of the nightmare to which he had awoken. The shock of the water made him gasp and cough. The bite of salt as it stung his eyes and got in his mouth made the pirate retch. His head throbbed painfully and for a moment Javier had trouble figuring out where he was.

"Wakey wakey, Cap'n!" a voice in close proximity to his left ear shouted.

He tried to pull away but only managed to jerk his arms painfully. They were spread out on either side of him and there was no give in the metal chains that were fastened to the iron cuffs that served as wrist shackles. The pirate blinked away the salt water. Javier's eyes adjusted to the darkness of the hold around him and the pirate realized he was in Hell. The Chimera was not only a pirate hunter, she also served as a prison ship until those condemned as pirates were taken to port to rot in prison or sent to die. Chains and shackles dangled from bars set into the timbers of the hold's bulkheads. A gruesome skeleton was in a small cage in the corner, the room stank of death and everywhere Javier looked there were signs that pointed to this being his last voyage.

"We didn want ye to miss out on feelin the first lash," the loud voice said once more. Javier focused on a large man that was standing in front of him. The leering look the man gave him made the captain want to punch the man in the face. Javier lunged forward almost yanking his shoulders out of joint and causing a flare of pain to tear through his left shoulder. "O calm down Cap'n, it won't do to have you strainin yerself before the fun starts," the man jeered.

"You can go to the Devil!" Black Javier spat in the man's face. The man, who wore the red and gold coat of a Royal Marine, struck the pirate in the face with a vicious blow. Javier felt his nose begin to bleed. "Coward, unchain me and I'll repay you for that," the pirate threatened.

"Give me that cat 'o nine tails!" the marine yelled to the others that were behind the pirate. "I'm going to make Black Javier beg like the damn dog he is."

"The only dog here is wearing a nice red and gold corset that his mother knitted after…" The surly marine struck him again, silencing Javier for the moment.

"Strip him down," another voice ordered. The pirate felt someone grab his shirt collar then yank it backwards, tearing the fabric as the shirt was stripped away from his body. His coat, belt and boots were missing already, and they must have wanted him to hurt because the marines also tore away his pants. Javier couldn't help but shudder as he thought about what the cat 'o nine tails would do if it caught him around the waist or on his bare buttocks. He steeled himself for what would probably be the most painful punishment of his life.

Any hint of mirth T'Shaini may have felt at the situation rapidly dissipated when hit with the stench of the hold and the ominous murmurings reached her ears. Pulling herself up to her full height and flooding her demeanor with self importance, expect them to obey you and they will. "Hold!" There were two men crowding an open cell door and one within blocking her view of Javier. Descending the ladder as regally as she could manage, the Vulcan dismissed the men with a wave of her hand. "You will not touch him, the Captain is arranging a trial…he is far to important a prisoner to dispatch in the dark, the light of justice must be shown for all to see." If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance…baffle them with…yes.

The one in the cell, began to argue…or at least considered arguing until she swept through the filthy room to look down her nose as the considerably shorter man. "Do you wish for me to bring the Captain down here? Or would you prefer that I report you behavior to my fiance…the Governor of Tortuga." Shaini resisted the urge to pick up her skirts, heaven knows what muck was strewn about this hole, she was certain she would have to burn this frock when the voyage was done. A few gape-mouth fish faces as the marine considered protesting were made, then he and his fellows retreated to the bottom of the stairs, muttering about 'women'.

A breath of relief escaped her, then Shaini allowed her focus to turn to…oh my goodness. He was chained…naked…to the wall. Uncertain of where to look, her eyes cast downward as she whispered. "I have spoken to the Captain, we are trying to arrange a trial for you. If nothing else, it may buy us time." Us? What made me say us?

"If you came down here to have your way with Black Javier, then your timing is impeccable My Lady," the pirate answered in a cocky tone, trying to make the best of a deplorable situation. He twisted his head to see that she had averted her eyes at the sight of his unclothed form. "I'd ask you to speak to my face but I may ruin you..for your fiance that is.." The pirate captain laughed in spite of himself. "A trial? Well we know what the verdict will be..but perhaps I'll have time to plan an insanely dangerous, sure to fail, escape plan."

"Please give us time, the trial will…I am sure that having a trial will…" Why exactly was she pushing for a trial? At least Shaini was sure that anything would be better than an insanely dangerous, sure to fail, escape plan. And why does that seem so familiar.

"My Lady," Javier said quietly, "I managed to secret away a key while being mistreated by those thugs. I hid it on my person..but I can't reach it. Would you be so kind?" It's worth a try, at least I'll get some 'comfort' from the Duchess before I meet my Maker. the pirate thought with a sly grin.

"Oh…oh of course." She whispered back. Her eyes lifted from the floor as she reached out to seek the key…I am T'Shaini of Vulcan, Counselor on the USS Hawking and who else would ask me to do something like that except for…"Javier." She said aloud with a quiet laugh. Even believing himself in dire circumstance Javier was still Javier. Once again battered and bloody. Warmth for him suffused her, and reveling in that warmth she closed the distance between them, took his face in her hands, and kissed him.

She had called him Javier. Not 'sir' or 'rogue' or even 'captain' but Javier. There was a sense of familiarity in the way she spoke which had stilled his query of whether she had found the 'key' or not. Then there was the kiss. It pleased him, but the depth of feeling it carried drove deeper than mere pleasure, it struck a chord of love and understanding that reverberated through Javier's conscious. "Hey Baby," Javier said as their lips parted. The engineer studied the shackles that bound his wrists and his state of undress then asked: "Was this your idea or mine?"

"I believe you thought that a holodeck adventure on a ship would be exactly what we needed, however, I doubt this was what you had in mind." T'Shaini kept her head close to his. "There has been a malfunction, we have no idea what as of yet, Nils is working on it as well." She leaned in for another kiss. "Be warned, our persona's seem to be reinforced at fairly regular intervals, it is difficult to keep reality from slipping away."

The Chief Engineer felt as if he had a massive headache coming on and found it extremely difficult to pay attention to T'Shaini. "If I can find the…the..computer..the thing." Javier winced as pain assaulted his mind. Her next kiss made him feel better for a short time. "I can find the relay then I can shut down..something is..like mind control almost..Computer Halt Program!"

There was no response to his order, just the sound of boots on the stairs outside. "The guards are returning, step away from me, my Lady. It will do no good to be seen in such a close state of affairs," Black Javier suggested.

I am T'Shaini of Vulcan, Counselor on the USS Hawking… She repeated to herself as she surreptitiously patted him on the ass on her way out of the cell. And if someone does not figure out what is malfunctioning soon I am going to be very put out.

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Originally Posted by Matt Hudson/01-22-2009 08:29:32 PM


Petty Officer Marsters quickly scurried through the bowels of the ship, intent on making it to deck ten in record time. While she had been stationed on the Hawking as a transporter assistant for the last six months, Belle wanted to expand from that area and gain more experience in other sections of the Operations department.

Which includes playing the gofer? She asked herself disparagingly.

Climbing gracefully from the Jeffries tube, she pulled her slight form into the junction and climbed up the remaining distance to extract herself from the tractor subsystems where she had spent the last half an hour watching engineering officers complete the final maintenance steps. Ever since the explosion a while back, Atwood had doubled the amount of maintenance and checks on the system, dumping Belle…well, technically she had volunteered, but did the man have to take everything so literally?…here on deck fifteen to monitor the maintenance crew.

Belle bit into her lip delicately. She was pretty sure the engineering guys didn't appreciate her being there to 'babysit' while they worked on a system they knew more about then some slight girl who looked more like she was sixteen than twenty-three. Belle sighed out loud as she moved into the turbolift. "Deck 10." She knew her slight stature and shy tendencies stopped most people from taking her seriously, looking more the child than the experienced Petty Officer she was, she had struggled through the last six months trying to let her superiors see that she was capable of so much more.

As the turbolift came to a halt she scurried once more towards the Main Computer Core, letting herself a small tingle of excitement. So it wasn't a promotion, but at least it was something right? Indi Corin had reassigned her to help Cadet Hudson with something major and while she figured it probably had more to do with the younger woman feeling sorry for her than her skills, she wasn't about to kick a gift horse in the mouth!

"Cadet Hudson?"

"In here."

Belle poked her head into the opened Jeffries tube to see Cadet Hudson only a few meters away from the junction with one of the panels opened.

"Can you pass me that tool kit?"

Belle looked down at the opening and closed the open tool kit before taking it into the enclosed space with her. "What are you doing?" She asked nervously.

"Petty Officer Bayal advised that some security protocols need to be changed before we attempt shutting down the transporter matrix that links the holodeck."

"Won't that take some time?" She asked, hesitating as she closed her eyes in a brief bout of panic.

"Sure will, 147 isolinear chips to reconfigu- Are you ok?"

Belle opened her eyes and focused on the pips attached to the cadets collar. "Yeah- just- not- a fan of tight spaces." She stuttered out, not particularly thrilled to have to mention one of her neurosis when was attempting to impress. She sighed internally. How was a Cadet going to help her on the promotion ladder?

Hudson nodded in understanding. "Maybe you should wait out in the junction, I'm nearly done here anyway and then we will go to the computer core."

"Anyone home?" A cheerful voice called out. Simba Wekesa's head appeared at the entrance of the Jeffries tube and smiled down at both of them. "How's it hanging?" He asked, wincing slightly as his voice echoed louder than he was expecting.

"And there's the cavalry…" Hudson chuckled as Belle scrambled out of the Jeffries tube.

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Originally Posted by Simba Wekesa/01-22-2009 11:42:41 PM

Main Computer Core

Simba looked over his shoulder, watching Marsters retreat from the Jefferies tube, before turning his attention back to Matt. "So… now that I'm awake…" Simba spat out the word as if it left a foul taste in his mouth. "You mind telling me what's going on?"

Matt chuckled but didn't look up from the access panel he was working on. "Seems there is a little trouble over in the holodeck…" He reached over to the tool kit that PO Marsters had passed him as he continued on, "…not that I understood the technical data Gorksy was trying to feed me but suffice it to say there is some rogue code written into the program that is enhancing the holo illusion by sending subliminal messages via a subharmonic soundwave." Matt held his hand up swiftly to intercept Simba, "Don't ask for specifics, I honestly don't know the hows and whys, if you want a detailed explanation contact Gorsky." If you can understand him!

"Don't worry, I wasn't going to ask," Simba replied as he studied the open panel. "My specialization is in defensive systems… I wouldn't know anything about subharmonic whatsit." The engineer squinted at the isolinear chips, looking over their current arrangement to decipher what Matt was working on. "I take it there is some sort of security restriction blocking access to the holomatrix?" He grinned at Matt's incredulous expression. "What? I also happen to know a fair bit about computers."

Matt finally looked up and puffed out a loud breath. "Not exactly-" He paused, reaching for the last chip. "One of the other science guys…" Thankfully. "…passed on that that same subharmonic audio wave was also blocking outgoing imaging which was blocking any chance to get a lock on anyway one. This…" He pointed to the access panel, "is to let us have access to the isolinear chips within the isolinear processor block. There!" Matt snapped the tool kit closed and shuffled towards Simba and Marsters. "Lets get to it shall we?"

"Definitely. I assume that we've already tried to turn the program off?" Without waiting for the obvious answer, Simba continued. "The holodeck systems are protected by a series of security lockouts to protect against an unexpected shutdown. You've already got the first one disabled, so the next step would be to isolate the holomatrix sub-processors." He jerked his head over his shoulder, indicating the direction they needed to move around the core. "It should be simple enough to simply cut off the power and shut the whole system down."

"See, I knew I had you come along for a reason." Matt responded, giving Simba a friendly slap on the back.

"Mmmhmm," Simba replied as he pulled another access panel off the wall. "There's another security system to override, then we should be able to disable the power. Should be pretty much the same as the last one… do you want to bypass the security protocols? I'll start figuring out what we need to do to cut off the system." Simba stepped back from the panel, giving Matt access, as he activated a nearby terminal and pulled up the holodeck power grid.

Belle peered over Simba's shoulder. She hadn't had much to do with the new engineering cadet but she had heard his name mentioned once or twice. "Is there any risk to the Captain?" She ask quietly, not really knowing much about holo-technology.

Wekesa shook his head. "We're basically pulling the plug. The holodeck program will end immediately, and the security people can pull the Captain and the others out." He smiled reassuringly. She seemed so nervous and timid, essentially the opposite of the engineer. "Here, I've got the power grid controls up for holodeck two. I'm going to help Cadet Hudson bypass the security lockouts. Can you isolate the EPS grid and prepare to shunt the power away from the holodeck once we're in?"

Belle nodded enthusiastically, happy to be doing something then observing.

"Bah… who says I need your help." Matt laughed out as he pulled out another chip located above the bio-neural gel pack and tapped in another string of commands. "See, look at that!" He grinned as another satisfying beep signalled the bypass success.

"I am ready over here too." Belle called over her shoulder, grinning to herself.

Simba chuckled lightly. "OK, hotshots, I see how it is." He took out his tricorder and scanned the open panel. "Confirmed, you're past the security lockout. That was easy… I don't think it even qualifies as a crisis if we can solve it in less than fifteen minutes, Matt. Let's do this and get them out of there."

Belle smiled. "I have the EPS grid isolated and am now moving the power away from the holodecks." Her hands tapped efficiently at the display. "Nearly there…" Belle focused intently on the commands she was entering, her nose scrunching up with concentration. "Ok, this should be it." She finished, entering commands to shut the holodeck down.

"Wait, STOP! Do not execute that command!" Simba shouted urgently as he jumped up from the floor and rushed over to Belle's console. He breathed a sigh of relief as he saw that she had not yet given the computer the command to cut power to the holodeck. "Look at this," he explained, holding out the tricorder so the two operations officers could read its display. "There's another piece of altered code running in the program… see, right here."

Belle squinted, not quite understanding.

"Oh boy…" Matt muttered, taking the tricorder from Simba's grasp. "You mean-?" He halted as he watched Simba nod.

"Yeah… the holo-emitters are in a feedback loop. If we cut power to the hologrid, the emitters will overload and discharge into the holodeck." The young engineer swallowed, realizing the true gravity of their situation. "We were two seconds away from frying everyone inside the holodeck."

A joint brush with disaster by Cadets Hudson and Wekesa with Belle Marsters

Originally Posted by Harry Finn/01-23-2009 01:06:52 PM

::USS Hawking::
::Dedicated Lab 1133 - Deck 6::

Harry looked up from the PADD he’d been typing on when Gorsky lifted the specialized hypo with which he would infest… no, inject the older man with a dose of anti-hallucinatory nanites. “How firm are you on the timeline?” Finn asked, eying the hypo like it was a snake.

Alex, still suffering his congestive nightmare, held up one hand and made a ‘so-so’ waving gesture. “Could be as little as thirty bidutes,” he managed, “but dho bhore dhed forty…”

“So if I have to go hacking through a tropical jungle to find our people…”

“Hack fast.”

“Can I dose myself right before I go in… save a couple minutes?”

Head shake, “Takes a few bidhutes to acclibhate…” Alex hefted the hypo and looked meaningfully at his ex-roommate.

“Okay,” Harry forced himself to remain still as the scientist pressed the hypospray just below his right ear. It took work because, even if he couldn’t really feel them, he was getting the creepy crawlies knowing the critters were racing around in his bloodstream. “How long… whoa…” A low-level buzz had set to and for a moment the room went sideways. He closed his eyes until the sensation of a swiftly tilting starship eased and when he opened them, all was level, once more. The buzz remained but it was less noticeable.

Alex was running a tricorder over Harry, “The coudter harbhodic is activated,” he told Finn before emitting a pathetic cough.

“Right… now, give me five minutes lead time, then deliver this to Raynes.” He held out the PADD he’d been working on, “Then have her deliver it to Tenanji then get your sorry ass back to sickbay. And, if anyone gives you grief over your actions,” and they would, “remember, you were operating under orders.”

Alex’ eyes widened as he realized that he had, without a second thought, put the Executive Officer in the same line of fire as the missing Captain, Chief Engineer and Counselor.

“You were under orders,” Harry repeated, before turning towards the door. “Five minutes… I want to be in Neverland before Tenanji throws his hissy.”

Alex may have had an answer but Harry, racing towards the turbolift, didn’t hear it.

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Originally Posted by Emily Star/01-24-2009 05:50:41 PM

USS Hawking - Security Area

"Long shift?" a fellow security member asked as they walked past each other. Emily was just coming off her shift and had taken in her shift details to be signed off.

"Not really, relatively quiet considering the happenings of the Hawking at times." she smiled,"So, you shouldn't have too much trouble unless someone or something decides to make your life a little less routine."

"No thanks, I prefer routine," she smiled and singed on for her shift,"Heading back to your quarters?"

Emily nodded,"Need some good food."

"That's all we see you do, don't you ever go out?" the girl gave her an odd look.

"Not really. I do go to the holodeck once in awhile but between you and me, holodecks creep me out half the time." Emily gave a lopsided smile.

"You're scared of holodecks?" she raised an eyebrow.

"No, not so much scared. I use them, I find them quite handy at times but if I'm in them for too long I get the feeling it's going to trap me or digest me for lunch. Too many stories revolve around computer malfunctions and so on." Emily grabbed her bag.

"You have too much of an imagination." the girl waved goodbye and Emily returned the wave. She headed back to her quarters for some food and perhaps a nice quiet nap.

Originally Posted by Ender Seldon/01-24-2009 10:25:44 PM

::USS Hawing::
::Turbolift ::

Ender Seldon was tired, but knew he was not ready for sleep. He leaned against the wall of the turbolift, thinking about the days events: a sick plant, a titanium dioxide red dye #3 rash, and lastly the new addition to the Quincy family. Well, noone said this job would be boring, especially when a certain XO was in charge of the ship. An hour ago he would have been mad, but not now. Oh no. Not now. The CMO crossed his arms and smirked at the thought of getting even. The Klingons say 'Revenge is a dish best served cold', but me? Nah - I say it's a dish best served piping hot. In a paper bag. On fire. The thought of playing Harry's little game was almost exciting. You do NOT wanna be my enemy, Gilligan.

Waiting for the 'lift, Harry couldn't stop checking his wrist chrono. Already five minutes of the promised forty that Gorsky's nanites would function were gone. The second the doors opened, he jumped in, "Deck five," he ordered, drawing his phaser once again and checking the charge…by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.

Speak of the Devil, Ender wondered if Harry really hadn't seen him or if he was ignoring him on purpose, "Harry Finn, Sir!" He blurted out loudly.

"Holy…" Finn spun to see the CMO and only just didn't raise his sidearm. "Seldon," he greeted the other man while wondering just what kind of situation he'd be walking into on the holodeck.

Ender smiled widely, "Fancy meeting you here! Where ya off too in such a hurry? You're not about to go rescue some plants from a deadly virus or cure the, already cureable, phage are you? Cause if you are…well…let me you, it ain't as easy as you'd think."

Harry briefly closed his eyes as Seldon's words blended with the nanite shield's buzzing. "Sorry, doc," he turned as the 'lift halted and reholstered his phaser, prepared to run, "I don't have time to play right now."

Ender's smile faded to dissapointment, "What? That's all you've got? You've wasted my entire day with your little games." Ender raised his voice as the XO made his way down the corridor. Seldon had no choice but to follow if he wanted to get his point across, "You wanna play it this way? Fine! All bets are off. I'm no longer your ally. You wanna play rough? Great. I've read the art of war. I can be just as big of a pain in the ass as you, capiche?" Ender lunged forward and gave Harry a short (but solid) poke to the shoulder.

Spinning, Harry shoved the doctor into the wall, "Just an FYI," he hissed, "when someone is prepping their sidearm and racing down a hall, you might want to get out of the way and let them pass."

Ender pushed back, if only to get the XO off of him, "Gee, thanks Tips. Maybe if someone hadn't sent me on a wild goose chase, I'd know what the hell was going on around here."

Shit… right. And there may soon be a need for the medical officer. "Fine… Cliff's notes version… the Captain, Chief Engineer and Chief Counselor are stuck in a a holodeck program that's been tampered with," he turned and started walking again, trusting Seldon to follow. "As far as we can tell, the program emits a subliminal harmonic which… makes them believe they're part of whatever scenario is playing out and, aside from that, the safeties are off, the sensors can't lock on for a transport and anyone who goes in to attempt an extraction will also be drawn into whatever illusion has taken control of them…except I got Gorsky to dose me with a nanite anti-suggestion cocktail which has, maybe, thirty good minutes so the sooner I get in there the better."

If it were not for the severe time constraints, Ender would have ordered the XO back to sickbay immediately, "You did what?! I never authorized that." Harry didn't respond, "Jesus, Harry. You've only just begun to recover from…" Ender shook his head, he knew his argument was futile, "OK, fine. But I'm coming with you. Who knows what the hell those nanites are going to do to you."

Again with the brain surgery. Guy was such a freaking brilliant surgeon, why was he so worried about Harry's recovery? "You'll want to prep for possible trauma," Harry pointed out as the two began to move again, "someone set that program deliberately… which means someone wanted someone damaged… or dead." He shook his head, slowing briefly… the internal buzzing made him slightly off-kilter… not all the way dizzy but… off.

Ender noticed the slight grimace in Harry Finn's eyes, he reached into his medkit for a tricorder and activated it as they continued to walk down the corridor. Without announcing his scans, Ender pulled out the wand and began readings, "In that case, maybe I should monitor from outside the holodeck. I'm sure there's a way I can control a character within the story…isn't there? A doctor perhaps?"

"You're welcome to try anything… from outside," Finn said. "Captain went in to check on the glitch and no one's heard from him in hours. I've got the only shield in my bloodstream but Ops and Engineering are on site too… hook up with them. With luck," he added, "they'll have the thing shut down before I run out of time."

Ender glanced down at his tricorder, "Are you feeling dizzy by any chance?"


Ender shook his head, always the tough guys, "Well, it looks like the telemetry antenna and otomo calibration are out of sync, most likely because those nanites weren'tdesigned for your anatomy. Anyway, I'll monitor you from outside. Good luck, Finn."

Harry glanced sideways as they rounded a corner, "Luck is for sissies."

Ender rolled his eyes, "This isn't over, Finn. Remember that."

Whatever Harry might have said was forestalled by the appearance of Lt. Peress, standing sentry in the center of the corrider, weapon raised. "Commander Finn… Lieutenant Tenanji would like you to," the officer's face twisted as he tried to navigate the unfortunate space between Scylla and Charibdys, "reconsider entering the holodeck."

JP by Harry Finn & Ender Seldon

Originally Posted by Vince Stryfe/01-24-2009 10:30:26 PM

.:: USS Hawking : Vince's Quarters ::.

Vince sat in an armchair, a pack of ice on forhead, and over his eyes, a glass of water in his hand. He took a drink, listening to the music he had playing, thinking about what had happened earlier. He remembered everything, and most of all the look on Tatiana's face when he was done talking. The probability that he had scared he was pretty good, and she could even start to avoid him. He didn't care much, he said what he said, and he felt that he had truly meant it. He pulled the Ice off his head, then stood up, and walked over to the window. He took another drink, staring at the stars, thinking about earlier still. The doors to his quarters wisked open, and Scott walked in, shaking his head as he walked up to Vince.

" So, I heard what happened earlier. I can't help but think that you were a little under the influence, and did it out of impulse though, right?" Scott sat on the arm of the chair.

" Well, I was a bit pickled, but I knew what I was saying, and I think a acthually meant it. It would be the first time since Charlotte though," Vince turned to look at Scott," I'm acthually more owrried that I scared her off a bit, maybe even for good. I just like her….. alot…."

Scott looked at Vince, almost in awe," You're in love, arn't you. You acthually think that you're in love. I can't believe it, but I'm not surprised really, or I am, I don't know, but this is quite the ordeal that you've gotten yourself into."

Vince smiled," Yea, well, I guess it's something that I'll have to wait and see what she's going to say……. Speaking of which, how did you find out what I had done?"

" Oh, well……. I just heard it……. umm….." Scott scratched his head, looking at Vince.

" Spit it out….." Vince stared at Scott.

" Stephanie told me. She knew that I was your best fried, ofcourse, so she came right to me and told me what happened, then asked me what you were thinking. I had no clue what you were thinking, so I showed up to find out." Scott looked up at Vince," I was worried at first, but now not so much. I think you did mean what you had said.

" I did, and hopfully she'll see that, but for now, I'll sit around drinking this coffee, and hope that I didn't screw up." Vince took another drink of his coffee, as Scott started for the door," here are you going?"

" Just have some things I gotta take care of, I'll come back in a bit." Scott stood at the door.

" Alright, see ya later," Vince plopped back down in his chair, still staring out the window.

The door closed behind Scott as he started down the hallway. He looked back at VInce's door with a smile," Ok, Vince. I'll be talking to o' Steph, and this thing is going to work out. It's high time you were happy again, and I'll be damned if it doesn't happen………"

Originally Posted by Javier Costala/01-25-2009 02:58:33 PM

"So you're really going to transfer to Security?" Kal-El Kowalski asked Ben point-blank as Pierce entered Main Engineering. "Don't you realize what a horrible decision that is?" Kowalski's tone was loud enough for some other engineers who were working nearby to pick up on. Tehamia, Delano Mills and another of the new engineers that BHP hadn't become acquainted with all looked towards him with unshielded curiosity.

Thanks for letting me tell everyone in my own way, Ben thought as he looked around at the others, searching for Fenton who must have let it slip that he was changing departments. His attention returned to Kowalski. "Yeah Kal-El, I figured it was time for a change of scenery," Pierce said, not wanting to discuss his reasons for leaving with the person who was dating the ship's gossip-hound. "New frontiers, new opportunities, you know, adventure, seize the carp and that sort of thing."

Kowalski looked at Pierce in disgust. "You're going over to the people that were only too happy to send you off to a prison world for the rest of your life. A department which Fenton and I helped you thwart so you could find Anderson. And now you're leaving Engineering, giving up on your friends so you can go join that bunch of cromagnons." Kal-El shook his head, then added: "I suppose I shouldn't expect anything different, that's allegiance Iotian style."

"Hey Kowalski, what's eatin' you?" Pierce asked as Kal-El began to irritate him. "They were doing their job, they might have been misguided.."

"You ignorant iconoclast. Did they even bother to.."

"What is the cause of this disturbance?" Chief Ibrahim demanded. Mustapha had come out of the office just in time to catch the makings of a serious disagreement.

"I was just telling Pierce what a fool he's making out of himself.." Kowalski started to explain.

"Something you seem to say to everyone on a daily basis," Mustapha answered before the engineer could continue. "It may surprise you to know that not everyone values your opinion as highly as you do Kal-El."

"Well I just.."

"I am sure Mister Pierce has given this transfer much thought and consideration.."

"And how," Pierce commented until Chief Ibrahim gave him a reproachful look.

"However, until Commander Costala is released from the holodeck he cannot finalize your transfer," Mustapha told the Iotian.

"Until he's what?" Ben said in confusion.

"Figures he wouldn't care.." Kowalski started before a scathing look from Mustapha. He had seldom seen the assistant chief look so annoyed so Kowalski decided to close his mouth and wander away from the older man and Pierce. Besides, I can tell Pierce what a buffoon he is after our shift is over. Kowalski thought to himself smugly.

BHP listened with growing concern as Senior Chief Ibrahim explained the situation to him. He didn't want the situation regarding his transfer to seem as if he were abandoning engineering while they were going through a crisis. I can help get them out of there..somehow. Pierce thought as he listened to Mustapha. "So why can't a team go in and.."

"It's too dangerous. Captain Torrik entered the holodeck for just the same purpose and he is now trapped inside." Mustapha noticed the stubborn expression on BHP's face. "You are not to attempt to enter the holodeck Petty Officer. Is that clear?"

"Crystal, Chief, now if you'll excuse me I have some packing to do," Ben said before turning and walking out of Main Engineering. He strolled along at a leisurely pace then turned a corner and with a burst of speed broke into a run. Pierce didn't need to pack anything. He did however, feel the need to see if the Chief of Engineering was going to survive the holodeck, and felt that he should help his boss out, if he could get past security.

Shouldn't be a problem..I've given them the slip before. BHP thought at first, Although Lt. Tenanji may not appreciate it. He'd have to get over it. Or Jameson. Ben shrugged it off. Or Jenny. that froze his thoughts. Now that we're..together, everything I do affects her in some way. Okay, new plan..I can tell them I'm there to make repairs, something random..with a good helping of technical lingo.

He slowed to a fast walk as he approached the holodeck where three people were being held hostage by a renegade program. Ben started to just walk on through when a security guy stepped in his way.

"Where do you think you're going Pierce?" McMennan asked, or rather demanded.

"Chief said I should look for a problem on the holographic display unit, which is just inside the arch," Ben replied to the security officer who seemed to know him. "He said the code matrix may be causing a general overload of the matrix emission aperture which in turn would destabilize any attempt to shut down the rogue program…"

"I think your celebrity status has gone to your head," Aengus said as he put a hand on Ben's chest and pushed him back away from the door. "No one goes in Pierce, not even famous people…"

"I don't know what your problem is," BHP told the officer in a serious tone, "but the addition of some broken fingers would only exacerbate it. Now get your mitts off of me."


Originally Posted by Jenny Anderson/01-25-2009 03:29:00 PM

::USS Hawking::
::Auxiliary Tactical::

When the word came down that Lt. Peress had been dispatched to detain the ship’s First Officer, Jenny had given in to the urge and thunked her head briefly against the console.

“It is only a matter of protocol,” Fehr said calmly, continuing his attempts to bypass the holodeck’s barriers. “Starfleet regulations prohibit the commander of a starship from knowingly putting himself at risk. With the Captain already lost to the rogue program, Commander Finn is the CO.”

Which, of course, Jenny knew, “The thing is,” she responded, forcing herself to focus on the internal displays, “there’s Starfleet’s code, and then there’s Harry’s code and Harry’s code won’t let him leave his team in harm’s way.”

“Admirable as far as it goes but, think, Crewman… is not all the crew of the Hawking his team?” Fehr, a great believer in personal honor, nonetheless was mildly put out at both senior officers’ casual dismissal of their own security force.

Jenny couldn’t disagree… not in principle… but at the same time she understood Harry’s actions. They were, she suddenly recognized, remarkably similar to some of BHP’s own regulation-flaunting moves. Or maybe it was the other way around; Harry having been dodging protocols for several decades by the time Ben had signed on to the ‘Fleet. Despite the dire situation playing out, that thought brought a fleeting smile. It would be interesting to see the two of them in an extended conversation. So far, Harry had been avoiding the issue. Apparently it was easier to walk into a potentially killer holoprogram than deal with the man his goddaughter…

“I hear our own XO has mutinied,” B’Naath, entering the room, interrupted her thoughts.

“Not as such,” Fehr replied. “He merely wishes to put himself at risk and Lt. Tenanji feels compelled to remind him that his responsibilities prohibit such actions.”

“Ahh,” the Caitian observed Anderson’s posture, noted the quiet defiance in her scent. “Good luck to Tenanji,” his smile was sharp, remembering the last time he’d seen Harry Finn in action, back on Kendrassa. “Though, if I were of a betting nature, I confess that my credits would rest on Commander Finn.” He noted Jenny’s quick glance and tossed her a wink.

Stifling the answering grin, Jen turned back to her duty, thinking that’s exactly where her credits would land, too.

Featuring NPC’s Lt. jg Fehr and PO2 B’Naath

Originally Posted by Emily Star/01-25-2009 05:21:17 PM

Emily flopped down onto the hard bed and shut her sleepy eyes. To say she was tired would have been an incorrect statement. In truth a more accurate reading would probably be…bored.

Yep she was bored.

Emily was dead bored. The adventures were fun, despite how horrific they could be and one could never be bored on a ship like the Hawking when it was in full tilt but when it was quiet (or relatively quiet as she is sometime oblivious to the random incidents taking part in others lives) she was bored.

"Not anymore," she told the darkness. Determined to leave her quarters, Emily had a quick shower and dressed in a fresh uniform. As she was about to leave her quarters she noticed her PADD alerting her to a saved message. She ignored it, whatever it was could wait. With a deep breath she ventured out to get some food and conversation.

Originally Posted by Harry Finn/01-25-2009 06:53:50 PM

::USS Hawking::
::Corridor - Deck 5::

"Commander Finn… Lieutenant Tenanji would like you to," the officer's face twisted as he tried to navigate the unfortunate space between Scylla and Charibdys, "reconsider entering the holodeck."

Damn, how’d Tenanji get word so fast? Harry’s eyes narrowed… unless CWO Raynes had taken it upon herself to read the PADD when Gorsky handed it off… “Effing Intelligence watchdog,” he muttered before meeting the unfortunate Peress’ gaze. “Lieutenant,” he said calmly, all the while counting the seconds and hoping Seldon would keep his mouth shut, “I’m exercising my personal authority in this matter. Only one person on the ship can safely enter that holodeck at this time, and that person is me.”

“Commander, with respect,” Peress shifted uncomfortably, “you are aware of the protocols…”

“I am,” Harry grimaced at the unconcealed snort from the doctor, “but the time factor didn’t allow for protocol. Gorsky had a solution and I was there. Now I’m here and I am going in to extract our people.”

“No, sir,” Peress raised the phaser, slightly, “you are not.”

“Zane” Harry used the other man’s given name, guaranteeing he’d get his attention, “I used to have Tenanji’s job… I know where he’s coming from but I’ve covered all the bases. I left the pertinent codes in his possession… if I don’t get out, Tenanji’s in command until Hawking reaches DS9,” he moved closer to the nervous officer, “and don’t let anyone go in after me.”

“Sir, that’s unaccepta…”

“Again,” Harry shifted slightly to his left, “I am exercising my personal authority…” and then the XO casually reached out to twist the phaser out of the unsuspecting officer’s hand and administer a short, sharp blow to the younger man’s temple.

As Peress slumped to the floor in a daze, Harry glanced at the appalled doctor, “Apologize for me when he wakes up,” he said before turning to run towards the disputed holodeck.

There was a team on the door, which Harry had originally ordered but now, as he crept closer to the goal, they were just another obstacle. He pulled back against the bulkhead, considering his next move when he overheard a dispute…

"I don't know what your problem is," a vaguely familiar and chillingly calm voice was saying, "but the addition of some broken fingers would only exacerbate it. Now get your mitts off of me."

Featuring the quiet snark of Seldon, NPC's Zane Peress and Benjamin Hyde Pierce.

Originally Posted by Ender Seldon/01-25-2009 06:59:14 PM

:: USS Hawking ::
:: Sickbay ::

Ender watched as Tatiana Thorne checked on Peress, "How's he doing?" He asked.

"He'll live." She called back as she continued to scan his head.

Something Finn had said, some fact he had mentioned, was related, in some off way, to the subliminal harmonic. But what was it? What was the exact thought, the precise words, that had triggered the association? Ender shook his head. He simply couldn't dig it out. He pressed his hands to his head, squeezing against the bones, and he damned his brain for being so bloody stubborn.

"Careful. I think I see smoke coming out of your ears." Doctor Hodges had been looking over the PADDs that were scattered across Ender's desk.

"At least Finn was kind enough to tell me what he done to himself. I swear, that guy has a death wish. I have no idea how the subliminal harmonics are going to affect the nanites after their buff has worn off." Ender stated.

"He'll piss them out, no?"

Ender sighed, "Yes, yes…and if I swollow glass I'll shit that out too, that doesn't mean it's not going to tear me apart on its way out."

Chris brushed off Ender's last comment, "Not if you lubricate the glass…smooth the edges, so to speak."

"I'm listening."

"It's easy. Bioweaponeering 101. Let's put a shield on each and every nanite."

Ender sat up in his chair, "Alright, assuming Harry hasn't entered the holodeck, is that even possible? The nanites have already been injected."

"Of course it is. Shield energies can be emitted from any localized antenna. If Ops and Engineering can somehow allow us to interact with their environment from the outside, we should have no problem."

Ender frowned, "Ugh…Once again I'm bending over backwards to fix something that could have been completely avoided."

"You love it."

"I love it, but I'm not an enthusiastic cadet anymore. 'Don't do it', 'Listen to me' and 'I told you so', my three favorite things after those witches from Macbeth."

Chris grinned, "Good luck, Doc. If you need anythi—"

"Luck? You're comign with me. For once you might be useful."

Originally Posted by Javier Costala/01-25-2009 10:22:50 PM

::Holodeck 2::

Heavy steps alerted Javier to the return of his guards. He silently hoped it was Lady Shaini returning to familiarize herself with his form. Twould be good practice for her honeymoon, and I am anything if not helpful when it comes to helping maidens practice for their wedding night. the pirate thought. But he knew it could not be the Duchess. Not unless she has taken to walking about with the gait of a common yokel.

The door swung open and, by looking over his shoulder, Javier watched as three sailors entered the room. One was the pleasant marine who had bloodied his nose, the other was a common seadog of the type one might find in any number of disreputable ports of call. The man's face was sallow as if he were fever-ridden or cursed with scurvy. His less than savory features did not interest Black Javier as much as the whip the scurvy knave held. It was the cat 'o nine. A lash woven from nine strands of leather, each with bits of glass and bone tied into the strands. It tore the flesh from the back of any poor sod that received its bite.

"Lady Shaini ordered, with the captain's approval, that I was to be tried then lashed or hung," Javier told the men of the Chimera. "And I believe she was quite clear about the order of the proceedings. First trial, then lashing or hanging, as the case may be."

The third man, a short, round older individual with a pepper beard spoke: "The captain ain't well. He might change his mind and order a plum pudding instead of a trial, so I'm assuming command of the Chimera. And Lady Shaini doesn't give me orders on this ship, she might be the governor's next wife but that don't give her any authority here."

"So you intend to have me lashed then tried and hung?" Javier asked. He was thinking fast, wondering if Hellersby had a price or a weakness that he could exploit.

"Lashing and hanging sound about right," Hellersby concluded. "There's no need to have a trial to hang a bloody pirate."

"Or just hang me, why bother with the lashing?" Black Javier glanced from man to man. He was thinking about the odds and the chance of getting away once on deck.

"Because I told Tom he could have at you with the lash before we strung you up," Hellersby replied as he nodded towards the man holding the cat. The sallow-faced Tom grinned at Javier with a mouth full of broken and discolored teeth.

"Gentleman, I'd prefer to meet my Maker without stripes and wearing a pair of pants," the pirate said to the three men. Hellersby thought for a moment then nodded to the marine. The marine stepped forward and slugged Javier, knocking him senseless so that he hung loosely in the chains unable to protest or resist. His chains were unfastened from the bulkhead, a rough canvas shirt that fell to his knees was thrown over his head and then Javier was shoved towards the door that led to the main deck. There was a bright flash of light as the pirate was pushed into the open. On the main deck, the crew of the Chimera surrounded him with dark looks upon their faces.

"Black Javier is going to kiss the gunner's daughter for forty lashes..then we hang him!" Hellersby cried. His voice was drowned out by the roar of approval from the throats of the Chimera's crew.

*'kissing the gunner's daughter' - to be lashed to a cannon then whipped.

Originally Posted by Torrik Nils/01-26-2009 11:14:37 AM

:: USS Hawking ::
:: Holodeck 2 ::

T'Shaini ran up toward the deck, she had a feeling that her influence over the marines was going to be short lived at best and she needed to find Nils and see if there had been any progress on finding their way out of this malfunction, or at least if he was going to be able to stall the crew into holding a trial. In her rush she nearly bowled over a rather short, round, jolly looking little fellow…his appearance at odds with most of the rest of the crew, his jaunty little red cap and his blue striped shirt that rode up over his round little belly. "Oh my goodness, I am so sorry." The counselor apologized.

"Not at all my dear…" He patted her on the arm and quickly waddled away to finish whatever he was doing.

How odd…now where is Nils?

"This is mutiny," the Bajoran cried loudly from the upper deck. After a conversation with Hellersby and two other officers on board, Nils realized his attempts at diverting his crew from their murderous intent would be a near impossibility. At this point, the entire crew without exception refused to look him in the eye and even had the audacity to cast glances of pity in his direction. "Hellersby," he called out when he caught sight of the man making his way back up from below. "Hellersby, you have to get the crew to listen to me."

"Oh sir…" Another infuriating look of pity. "The hunt has finally gotten to you, it has." The elder gentleman rested his hand on the Captain's shoulder and moved off as called out, "Finish setting up the gallows! We'll string him up over the main sail…"

"No!" T'Shaini had overheard the last of the conversation. "I will not stand for it." She grabbed her skirts and sprinted to Nils and the argumentative first mate. "We will have law here, the Governor will not stand for such punishment to be meted out without a proper trial." The Vulcan had no idea what she was arguing, she was unfamiliar with the Terran laws of this time period, but she knew they had to stall until something could be done. I hope someone is working on this. She had seen the blood on his face, the wound on his shoulder…she shuddered to think what would happen without the saftey protocols if someone did not interrupt this program soon.

Hellersby visibly deflated at the Duchess' suggestion. Nils considered the distraction an opportunity. "I have not lost my wits, Hellersby. I am the same man who…" The one moment he wished the computer generated persona would manifest and he got nothing. "How many pirates have we hunted together? It's too numerous to name. But this time it's different. Because…" Quick. Think of something. "The Governor of Tortuga was explicit in his desire to see the man hanged." He glanced at T'Shaini, hoping she could pick up his story and make it sound more believable. "Right?"

"Exactly." Exactly what? "My fiance is most adamant that if someone has wronged him, as this pirate has, he must be present to preside over the administration of justice." She leaned forward, one thing on her side was the fact that clearly the men of this era were not tall so she had the power to loom. "I would not want to be the one to deprive him of that wish."

Hellersby glanced back and forth between the Captain and the Duchess Shaini. His gaze settle finally on Captain Torrik. "You sir? You've fallen to the politics of the main land? I never thought I'd see the day," he said his tone indicating disillusion with a Commander he'd once idolized. "'The ministrations of the sea are left to the sea…' Those are your words. 'Let them rule their land, but here we are the kings.' Also your words."

"And I am still the 'king' of this vessel! I will not stand for mutiny and I will see all of you hanged," said Nils giving in to his own anger and frustration. At just that moment the buzz of the holodeck stirred in the back of his mind and he questioned his own motives. It was good after all for the Black Pirate to be hanged at sea. The sea would reap her due. He faltered for just enough time that Hellersby, who'd seemed momentarily weakened, regained his own resolve.

"The Pirate hangs…" Then the short man turned and went on his way.

"Indeed… The pirate hangs," Nils echoed.

"NO!" She could not remind Nils of who he was, not in front of the crew, but he had clearly slipped back into the persona assigned by the program, she grasped his arm and began to pull him to the side when a shout from the front of the boat drew all of their attention. From beneath she saw the crew she had earlier dismissed dragging the unconscious form of Javier out of the hold, a cry she could not suppress slipped from her mouth as she watched them roughly drop him on top of a cannon and strap his arms and legs down. The man waiting several feet away smugly flicking the cat o nine tail made it obvious that the crew had decided to take his punishment into their own hands.

More from Nilshaini… It's not looking good for naked Javier…

Originally Posted by Harry Finn/01-26-2009 01:33:51 PM

::USS Hawking::
::Outside Holodeck 2 - Deck 5::

“Is there a problem?”

Harry, still concealed, risked peering around the corner to see Kyle Ellison joining McMennan, who did, indeed, have his mitts on… ahh, Pierce. The XO had no idea what had set the two to brewing but their timing was flawless. The trio were five meters away from the door Harry needed. Ellison and McMennan had their backs to Finn, but Pierce would be able to see…

Nothing for it. He’d lost over ten minutes of shield and who knew what was happening inside that holodeck? After three quick breaths, Harry dashed out and made for the holodeck entrance, which, thank the patron saint of idiots, opened as he neared. If anyone had thought to lock the door, he'd be stuck entering an override, which would have made the venture… tricky. Last thing Harry wanted to do, today, was shoot his crew.

He thought he heard a shout of protest as the doors slid shut behind him but it was soon drowned out by the bloodthirsty roar (and wicked stench) of the humanity in which he found himself surrounded. He was, he realized, on board a ship… crammed betwixt the foremast and a mosh pit of sailors. No one seemed to notice him in the confusion and he felt the need for a clearer view… taking hold of the nearest standing rigging, he started to pull himself up.

“NO!” the sudden cry of Wendy’s voice pulled Harry’s attention… he spotted her, incongruous in a rumpled gown and standing next to… whoa, Nils. And they were looking… he tracked back across the deck towards one of the cannons and… "Awww shit…" Harry winced as an obviously dazed Javier Costala's back made first and bloody acquaintance with a classic cat'o'nine'tails.

Blurred shapes listed around him as a fog of incomprehension clouded his thoughts and left Javier unable to navigate through the crush of sensations that assaulted his blunted senses. He could hear shouting but the words were unclear; he felt hot, smooth metal press against his face and realized his hands and feet were restrained. There was a throbbing pain in his head and he sluggishly fought against the lashings that held him fast to the gun's cradle. His movements were as feeble as a child's and as slow as a drunkard's. The sound of fabric tearing and the feel of the tightness of the shirt he wore coming loose were accompanied by the sensation of his skin being kissed by a sea breeze. Why would they take off my shirt? he asked himself.

The answer to his question was forthcoming. Nine ribbons of flame wrapped around his torso then tore away from his body almost as quickly as they struck him. A cry from the depths of hell rent the air. The cry died out as soon as the second application of the whip landed on his shoulders. This act was followed by a fully awakened yell of surprise and rage from Javier.


Peripherally, Harry was aware of a struggle taking place in the general vicinity of T'Shaini and Nils… which was good. The more confusion the better. But as the lash was pulled back for another blow, his vision went red and the roaring which rose in his ears had nothing to do with Gorsky's nanites. Without thinking what might follow, he linked an arm over the cordage and drew his phaser… even as the lash was approaching its target, the bruiser who held it fell to the deck… with a bullet hole in his sternum. "What?" Harry looked at his weapon… still a phaser… set to the max. "Huh." With a mental shrug, Finn targeted the lashing on the cannon… he got three bursts off, severing the ropes before a violent shaking almost knocked him from his precarious perch.

Cutting through the intense pain that consumed Javier, a loud noise, like a shot from a projectile weapon rang out. Then people started running around the deck. The sounds of people fighting were nearby. He moaned in a low tone and shifted his position. His arm was free, and then so were his legs but the left arm was not. It was caught and..footsteps on the deck, someone was running by. Javier stuck out his foot. The person's feet collided with his and the man went down with a curse. He punched the man with his right fist. It hurt, not so much the punch as the motion, it burned along his shoulders. The man had been carrying a knife and Javier used it to saw away at the last restraint. The blade was sharp, the rope old, and he was free quick enough.

"T'Shaini!" Javier cried as he stood up. That movement hurt too, but he tried to ignore the pain. The shirt he had been wearing fell to the deck. He realized he was naked. No, I'm not naked. I have this knife. the engineer thought as he found the woman he loved and began to fight his way towards her.

Above, in the rigging, Harry caught a glimpse of WAY too much Costala… and towards the bow Wendy was doing her namesake proud… separated from Torrik, the Vulcan had incapacitated one hostile and was measuring up another. Harry grinned and rose another couple 'rungs' before taking aim at the first of a trio of sailors who had decided to take out his sniper position. It would have worked, too but just as he pressed the trigger a shot from on high… crowsnest… bugger! knocked the weapon from his hand, leaving Harry weaponless and clinging to the rigging as three supremely pissed holopirates… sailors… whatever… closed in.

"Where's a damn ninja when you need one," he muttered, wincing as another bullet creased the air near his cheek.

JP with the Exhibitionist JC

Originally Posted by Matt Hudson/01-26-2009 09:25:31 PM

Main Computer Core

Belle breathed out with a puff, not realizing she had been holding her breath. "I thought you said there would not be any risk?" Her voice sounding nervous again.

"There wouldn't be… normally." Simba shook his head as he looked at the readout on the screen. The block of foreign code was well-camouflaged with the rest of the program, but it had obviously been added after the original file was created. "Somebody added this deliberately to cause an overload if the holodeck was shut down. Whoever they are, they just put us back to square one. What do you think, Matt?"

Matt rubbed the back of his neck with agitation. "Obviously not what we were expecting." He looked over at Belle. "Can you relay our new findings to Finn and Gorksy?"

Belle nodded and moved out into the corridor, leaving the two cadets to hash out their next step.

"So if we can't shut down the power to the holodeck, nor the program itself without the programmers access codes, we are a little limited with our options." Matt passed the tricorder back to Simba and began to pace a little, ironing out his own hectic thoughts. "Suggestions?"

"I think we need to take a different approach. If we can't shut down the holodeck, then at least take the danger out of the situation." Simba found himself grasping at straws. Essentially every normal approach to shutting down the holodeck had just been nullified by a string of errant code. "Can we modify the program bit by bit? At least turn on the holodeck safeties or disable the subharmonic wave to buy ourselves more time?"

"It's possible." Matt moved over towards the isolinear processor block and opened the side panel. "We can not change the inherent properties of the program without out the authorization code, but there are always safety clauses within the system." He stated more to himself than to answer Simba's question. "We could reinitialize the safety protocols by reordering the isolinear chips in the sub-processor to trigger a low-level memory dump which would reset the holodeck parameters to their fail safe defaults without disrupting the active program."

"Things just got more intense." Belle spoke up as she walked back in, interrupting Simba's response. "I relayed the information to Gorksy…least I think it was Gorsky." She wondered absently to herself. "It seems Commander Finn has entered the holodeck as well."

Simba and Matt exchanged a quick glance, each knowing the other was thinking the same thing. "Well, that's one more potential casualty if something goes wrong. But you're right, Matt, and I don't think we have a choice. As long as we don't do anything that directly disrupts the current program, we should be able to avoid tripping any of its booby traps. If we can restore the default holodeck parameters and get the safeties online, we can theoretically keep the program running indefinitely. As unpleasant as it might be for our shipmates in the holodeck, at least they wouldn't get hurt." He frowned, studying the seemingly infinite rows of isolinear chips. "The question is how we go about doing this without tipping off the program and zapping them all anyways."

"Well I suggest at least that I monitor the rogue code with the tricorder that we can be sure no uncertain surprises pop up unexpectedly."

Matt and Simba turned towards Belle, somewhat surprised by her suddenly suggestion. "Good idea." Matt responded, passing the tricorder over to the Petty Officer. "Well I guess we better get started."

Simba sighed. "We need to plan first before we start rearranging chips. We came way too close last time. I don't even know where to start with this… we move one wrong chip and it could trigger something. I think we also need to get back to your original idea and unbridge the transporter systems from the holomatrix. We couldn't even beam them out right now if it came to it. For that matter, we don't even have any way of monitoring the situation in there." The engineer shook his head. "I'd feel a lot better if we had more than one option to explore.

Matt nodded. "Then I suggest we get a little more help down here." He responded as he looked over at PO Marsters and tapped him comm.Badge. "Cadet Hudson to Chief Corin."

=/\= Corin here =/\=

"We have a bit of a situation down here that will require a couple more hands. Atwood said you could take care of it."

=/\= Understood. Corin out. =/\=

Matt sighed aloud. "We have to keep in touch with Gorsky on this and who ever else knows whats going on." He stated, wondering just how bad the situation really was.

A JP with the thankfully clothed Simba, Matt and Belle.

Originally Posted by Jenny Anderson/01-27-2009 10:21:12 AM

::USS Hawking::
::Auxiliary Tactical - Deck 14::

=/\=… Commander Finn’s in the holodeck,=/\= Ellison’s voice reported, sounding, for him, tense. =/\=He knocked Peress senseless, then took advantage of a momentary distraction to waltz right in. Tenanji wants an accurate report from Peress… as soon as he wakes up.=/\=

“Understood. And, Chief… that distraction… there will need to be a report on that, as well. Fehr out. Anderson,” he continued without even looking over his shoulder, “hold your position.”

She’d only just begun to shift in preparation to run. “Sir,” she settled back, stamping down on the urge to race to Harry’s aid, admitting as she did that, in truth, she’d no real hope of being useful to him. Duty first, duty first… Even if there was no notable activity anywhere on her scans… it seemed the entire ship was now focused on the three… now four… individuals locked in the holodeck.

“B’Naath,” the lieutenant continued, “Please see to Lt. Peress in sickbay… find out what he made of the Commander’s actions. And find out if there were any witnesses to the incident.” Recklessness was one thing. Open violence against a subordinate officer was… of some concern.

“Sir,” B’Naath’s reponse carried a hint of a growl. Spinning to depart he paused near Jenny, “I have learned some few Terran phrases,” he said quietly, “and at this moment, ‘keep the faith’ comes to mind.”

Jen’s serious eyes met his own, “Always.”

Featuring NPC's Lt. jg Fehr , PO2 B'Naath and CPO Kyle Ellison

T'Shaini 01-27-2009 01:36:03 PM
USS Hawking

She had to get to Javier, but she had not managed to get very far before one of the holo-marines grabbed her from behind. Her elbow slammed into his nose with a crack and once he was dazed she spun around to bring her knee up into his head, leaving him to drop to the deck she had to duck as a knife sliced across her face, dancing back a few steps she dodged a few more swipes then lifting her cumbersome skirts she swept her foot across to send the knife skittering across the deck. Hoping he would follow the knife she darted toward Javier only to feel arms wrap around her waist to drag her back. She stomped on his foot then flung her head backward to slam into his…owowowowow, she heard a cry of pain but the grip around her waist did not loosen. T'Shaini kicked backward,then stepped her her foot between his legs and dropped to one knee, using the momentum of her movement and his weight she dropped one shoulder and threw/let him fall to the deck in front of her. She scrambled to her feet and started down to the lower deck toward Javier again…who she now saw was, once again without clothes and fighting through the seemingly endless supply of marines, were there this many on board before now? She had hesitated a moment too long because she felt a hand snake around one ankle and try to drag her back to the deck. Falling to her hands and knees she tried to jerk her foot away from him, unsuccessful she flipped over and brought her other foot down onto his….oh dear. "I am terribly sorry…" she said to the now curled up, retching man as she stumbled away.

Where is Nils? When the fight broke out he had been subsumed by the program, T'Shaini looked around hoping he had come back to himself and backing up to get a wider view her foot brushed against something that skittered a few inches away…the knife. Scooping it up, T'Shaini held it in front of her. She appeared to be the center of a great deal of attention, granted, the poor man who she had stomped on would not be getting up for quite some time, but the first marine…who's nose was bleeding profusely and looked rather put out was advancing, she could also see the man who's knife she had appropriated pulling himself to his feet. Add in the two or three that seemed to be heading in her direction with decidedly unsavory leers and it looked like her situation was heading rapidly downhill. "Some help would be appreciated…" She called out in a vague hope that either Javier or Nils would be close enough to hear her.

Still Waters

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